Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1104

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Horde players feel that the winning ticket is in hand. Although Alliance put up a desperate struggle to defend the bridge, but according to the speed at which the reinforcements fall, even if Horde takes the head to the hard pile, then Horde wins.

Once again, the strong charge of the bridge assembled, Alliance’s resistance was still very firm, still blocked. However, the number of Alliance’s reinforcements has dropped by 100 at this time, and the situation is getting worse.

However, as Horde continued to gather at the cemetery on the east side of the bridge to prepare for the next charge, they were surprised to find that Alliance had voluntarily rushed out? !

And Alliance’s rushing out this time is obviously organized and premeditated. They all rushed across the bridge quickly on horseback, and then the soldiers immediately charged + broke the roar. Knight, some hunters and healing professions also followed closely from behind, led by Two Alliances with particularly long names are particularly eye-catching. One mage and one hunter are all very good at their skills. The remote skills that were moved towards these two individuals were largely avoided.

Horde was a little flustered for a while, because they had been on the defensive side of the bridge, so they did not wait as tightly as Alliance. The mages, hunters, and warlocks stared at the people on the bridge all the time, and were caught off guard.

But if you look closely, Horde players can’t help but laugh, because in terms of the number of people, there are only a dozen people, that is, 2 teams.

Although the charge of the soldiers and the two well-operated Alliances caused some confusion to the assembled Horde players, they were quickly wiped out. Obviously, this Alliance team did not plan to go back. There were 2 or 2 Knights who even drove the Holy Shield directly to Horde’s people, attracting a lot of firepower.

When the last player of this Alliance squad fell, the leader of the Horde battlefield breathed out: “Frightened me, I thought Alliance was about to counterattack suddenly. Everyone assembled, ready to rush to the next wave!”

Horde players thought that Alliance had just lost a group of people, and the defense would definitely be empty. As a result, when they rushed to the bridge, it was not quite the case. A variety of AOE skills such as frost traps, snowstorms, and fire rain were still greeted crazy. Several Horde players successfully dashed across the bridge this time, but they quickly died of fire.

Horde’s battlefield leaders realized that although the previous two teams had more than a dozen people, they were basically composed of occupations such as warriors and Knights. Alliance retained at least three teams to continue to stand on the north and south towers. Guarding the bridge, and basically based on mage, warlock, hunter, and priest, the defensive strength has not weakened too much.

However, after these two waves of battle, Alliance took the initiative to send more than a dozen heads, and borne a wave of Horde’s impact. The population has once again dropped, leaving only about 2.

Horde’s battlefield leaders are confident: “After a few more waves, the battle is over!”


Chen Mo watched Alliance’s reinforcements fall and fall, but he didn’t panic.

“The stealth class of the 78th team now rushes Horde’s ice cemetery and a 2 tower directly from the battle plain. It’s enough to go to a thief in each place. After the flag is opened, it’s guarded. When Horde comes back to guard the flag, it’s sultry , Maintain life, try not to die. The druid continued to touch in, went directly to Horde’s home, and opened Horde’s east-west tower and emergency station.”

“You are also the same, with life as the first goal, in the vicinity of the good location, found Horde single, can kill, kill, run after killing. If you can not fight, just wait for him to go, and then open the flag . In addition, who is closer to the Horde mine, to grab the mine.”

“Others gathered at the bridgehead of the bridge. This time they included everyone from the 123456 team. After listening to my orders, they still followed the previous style of play. The 56th team of soldiers rushed first. This time, the 1234 team of mages and hunters also gave me. Keep up. Each squad has at least one healing profession, shrink back to stare at the blood volume of your squad members, and throw me hard if you have any big blood skills in a team fight.”

“Okay, now open the flag.”

Team 78’s stealth career crossed the Horde’s line at the time he rushed out before he mounted the horse and ran directly to Horde’s ice and graveyard and a tower. Because Horde is already under pressure, the overwhelming majority of players are concentrated here on the bridge, so these stealth professions not at all encountered a few Horde on the road.

According to Chen Mo’s request, these thieves alone occupied a tower and cemetery, while the druids continued to go inside.

[Snow Tower is under attack! If you don’t act quickly, Alliance will destroy it! 】

[The Ice Cemetery was attacked! If you don’t act quickly, Alliance will take it! 】

[Sentinel Heights was attacked! If you don’t act quickly, Alliance will destroy it! 】

Three eye-catching messages instantly refreshed the screen, and Horde’s battlefield leaders were instantly forced, what happened? !

Horde players have already blocked Alliance players all at home, and in such a wide gap in reinforcements, there is no need to leave a large number of people to stay at home. But in the current situation, it is clear that a part of Alliance has passed through, and there are still a lot of people. Otherwise, three strongholds will be opened together.

Horde hadn’t responded yet. The Frostwolf Cemetery, East-West Tower, and Frostwolf First Aid Station were opened. Even the cold tooth mine in Horde’s house was attacked by Alliance.

The leader of the Horde battlefield was a little flustered: “The home must be thieves mixed in Alliance, and there are still a lot of them. There may be more than one team. Otherwise, six strongholds will be opened at almost the same time. The hunters in the team go back to a few housekeepers and put Twitch at home catches it, the flag must be back!”

Several High Rank hunters immediately rode back and hurried back.

Some Horde players are still unwilling to move, and their minds are like this. Alliance Final Struggle is still useful?

Of course useful.

If you burn a sentry tower, the reinforcements will be deducted 80. Alliance now although the captain and one and two towers are gone, but the north and south towers at home are fine. If Horde is left unattended, the moment the four towers are burned, the 2 reinforcements will be gone. When the time comes, the two sides will immediately return to the same starting line, and even Alliance’s situation will be more advantageous.

After all, no matter how Horde rushes, it is difficult to rush down the Alliance defending the bridge.

Therefore, the Horde leader chooses to return to defense is a very correct choice, if a few thieves stolen the house clean, then this command is too failed.

This mentality spreads very fast. For Horde, they are now almost invincible. As long as they go back a few more people to catch the Alliance thieves at home, guard the tower, and turn their heads to continue to plug the bridge happily. Alliance blocked to death. So in order to be safe, many Horde have mounted horses and rushed home.

Chen Mo was staring at the movement of Horde across the bridge. When Horde was almost gone, he ordered: “Everyone gets on the horse and prepares to rush to the bridge to fight Horde at close quarters!”

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