Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1105

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The Alliance on the side of the bridge has already been ready to go. After hearing Chen Mo’s order, they immediately assembled and rushed to Horde’s camp opposite the bridge in the order Chen Chen explained!

Because of the fire in the house, many High Rank hunters and mages on the front line rushed home, and the strength comparison between the two sides on the front line has gradually tilted toward Alliance. Horde had been on the offensive before, and the last wave of Alliance’s suicide attack was quickly extinguished by them, so most of Horde was still in a very lazy state, simply not prepared for battle, and failed to build the bridge’s defense line immediately.

The frost trap was not dropped, the flare was not thrown, and not many mages responded to the blizzard.

Seeing Alliance all rushing over quickly on horseback, Horde’s battlefield leaders are commanding loudly, but in this chaotic situation, it is difficult to ensure collaboration if not arranged in advance. When the fronts of the two sides are in contact, they still watch Don’t come out, after a few seconds, Horde’s momentary decline appeared here!

Alliance is clearly well-prepared and has a very complete set of tactics. The warriors and Knight rushed to the front to disrupt Horde’s formation, the wizards and warlocks released AOE skills, hunters and other long-range occupations selected the key professional kills marked by Chen Mo, and a lot of honor kills quickly floated in the players’ horizons. In fact, Horde’s few treatment professions were focused on care and died quickly.

Alliance’s healing profession is hiding behind it in a very meagre manner. All kinds of healing skills are desperately thrown out, and it is as crazy as not using money. I saw Alliance players’ bloodline falling like a roller coaster and then being hit again. Lifted up instantly, it looked thrilling, but actually few people died at all.

Once the balance of power between the two parties is out of balance, it will grow like an avalanche.

Alliance players have been blocked by Horde at the gate of the bridge, and they have been holding their breath for a long time. This wave of sight is about to win, all of them are the same as the chicken blood, even those players who were waiting to die before. The show started.

At this time, Chen Mo began to swipe the screen on the battlefield channel: “Don’t open for me Thunder Spear Cemetery, don’t stay near the flag of the cemetery, don’t touch it!”

Chen Mo not only swiped the screen frantically on the channel, but also shouted repeatedly on the voice channel, and he rushed to the forefront of the team to remind Alliance players over and over again.

Alliance players are puzzled, what does this mean?

It was easy to win. Now is a good time to recover the lost ground and take back the graveyard. Why not let the flag open? ?

Although everyone didn’t understand, Chen Mo also played a very key role in the previous command. Everyone already trusted the leader of the battlefield, so everyone followed Chen Mo very sensibly and did not cross. his.

The Horde players have been resurrected one after another in the Spear Cemetery. Chen Mo rushed directly to the Thunder Spear Cemetery with the Alliance’s large forces. These Horde players did not run far and were killed again.

“Hunters put frost traps, flares, and other people’s AOE skills shot me at the Thunder Spear Cemetery!”

With Chen Mo’s order, Alliance players immediately executed.

At the same time, Horde’s hunters and some long-distance professions have rushed back to a 2 tower, but their division of labor is not clear. 3 4 people rushed directly to a tower, 2 people went to the cemetery, 2 towers only went to one person , Others rushed directly to the house and wanted to guard the East and West Tower.

Chen Mo repeatedly emphasized on the battlefield channel, so the thief in a tower saw a large group of Alliance and slipped away, hiding in the corner under the tower and waiting; the thieves in tower 2 were hiding on the side, waiting for the hunter to open The flag is a sap, and two people are fighting.

“The flag can’t be kept, what should I do?” an Alliance thief asked on the battlefield channel.

Chen Mo: “Don’t worry, you lie in ambush. If Horde keeps the hunter to keep the flag and you can’t beat it, go to other strongholds. Which one will fight less? Which frontier flag is okay even if you lose all the flags, your mission is Harassment.”

In fact, Chen Mo is very clear, relying on the stealth career of the two teams, it was impossible to take down the flag of Horde’s family. The tasks of these two teams are actually disgusting Horde players. The real winner is still the frontal battlefield.

At this time, Horde’s battlefield channel was already wailing.

At the beginning, Horde not at all took the frontline losses seriously. Because they have been stalemate with Alliance on the bridge all the time, they can’t go any further. This wave of defeats is nothing more than throwing the Thunderspoon cemetery, and the same resurrection from the stone furnace cemetery.

However, they absolutely didn’t expect Alliance even did not open the flag of the Thunder Spear cemetery, but directly blocked in the cemetery to kill!

Chen Mo’s division of labor is very clear. The occupation with aoe is blocked at the mouth of Earth Sect. There is a treatment occupation to add blood to them. There are 2 soldiers who can’t help to grab the mine on the Alliance side. The main force will be Blocked in the mouth of Earth Sect at the Thunder Spear Tomb, pitting Horde.

How have Horde players seen this gameplay? It’s all completely utterly intimidating.

“What stuff?? Alliance is blocking our cemetery?”

“Let’s charge ahead together! We are more than 20 people!”

“If you come out and die, how can you rush?”

Many players don’t know how terrifying the “pit kill” tactics are, and think that the battlefield is the total fight. In fact, as long as the operation of “pit kill” is completed, no matter how many people there are in the cemetery, it will all become the mobile honor of the other party.

For the pit-killed party, they had no buffs and no targets when they were resurrected, and they were opposite enemies occupying favorable terrain, and the moment they were resurrected, they would be hit by continuous snowstorms on their heads. Slowed by the frost trap on the ground, under the damage of many AOE stacks, their blood volume is reduced as fast as a roller coaster. Even if they have a healing profession, they don’t even know who to throw their healing skills to.

As for the party that pits and kills the enemy, they are full of buffs, the team configuration is reasonable, they occupy favorable terrain and first-mover advantage, as long as the other party is resurrected, they will smash the damage skills directly into the crowd. Even if individual enemies can temporarily survive and rush into the crowd, they will soon be destroyed by fire.

This is not a question of operation and cooperation at all. Once this situation is encountered, the culprit has only one choice, that is, to resurrect the graveyard.

Chen Mo was also prepared for this, and asked in advance: “The soldiers do not need to stay here, you go to open the stone furnace cemetery, and then keep it. Once you find that there are fewer than 10 people resurrected in the Thundermaus cemetery, Open this flag directly, everyone gathers in the plains.”

Under constant pit kills, Horde’s reinforcements also fell rapidly, and the most critical issue was not reinforcements, but morale.

Originally blocked the door to kill Alliance. As a result, not only was the wave hit back, but the main force was also blocked in the cemetery pit, which was a devastating blow to morale. Many Horde even lost the fighting intent in an instant, and immediately exited the battlefield.

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