Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1106

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The tactics of pit killing were carried forward together with the concept of “reinforcement”. In fact, strictly speaking, before the setting of “reinforcement”, pit killing tactics were also available, but the benefits were not as great as later, so it was not common.

As for whether the pit killing tactics have lowered the fun of the game, obviously it has been reduced. After all, this is a completely one-sided battle for the pitted party, and the individual has no power to fight back in this case.

But the key is that Chen Mo added a mechanism to this version of “World of Warcraft”: the battlefield leader can choose to close the resurrection mechanism of a certain cemetery.

In the original “Wrath of the Lich King” version, although Alterac Valley has a reinforcement mechanism, the players who were killed will be automatically assigned to the nearest own graveyard for resurrection. The only way to change the graveyard is to run the soul.

However, counting on forcibly running soul to another cemetery will definitely waste a lot of time, and most players are lazy and don’t know this operation, so many players hate the “pit kill” tactic.

After adding this mechanism, the “pit kill” is no longer so unsolvable tactics, and Chen Mo can’t count on relying on the pit kill to get enough reinforcements.

Therefore, this version of the Orsun pit kill tactic not at all is so invincible as many people think, it can only be used in situations where the strength of the two sides is very different.

In other words, only the National Team Jungle team can play this kind of operation.

To complete the killing, three conditions must be fulfilled at the same time:

First, when the opponents are crushed in frontal team battles, they can still maintain a disparate battle strength gap when pushed to the enemy cemetery, so that the mob that has just been resurrected in the cemetery can be blocked at the resurrection point.

Second, there are no white players on your side, 2 2 Aberdeen opened the flag in order to do battle missions.

Third, the enemy leader doesn’t care about the culprit.

One of these three conditions cannot be completed, and the operation of “pit kill” cannot be done.

Many players are pitted when they enter Okuyama. That’s because these players are often single-row players. Meeting the National Team pits will indeed explode. However, this is not a fair and equal battle in itself, and it does not actually reflect the real gameplay of the battlefield of Okuyama.

Therefore, the “pit kill” tactic is actually a very good tactic, including the concept of “reinforcement”, which highlights a design thinking that is “to kill the enemy’s living power.”

A decisive factor in war is the resources of both sides. These resources include strategic materials, equipment, soldiers, supply lines, etc. Some people say that “fighting is burning money” is the reason. In the battlefields such as Okuyama and the Island of Conquest, it is also necessary to restrict the resources of both parties, otherwise there will be endless situations.

In the actual battle, when one side hits the bullet and the food is exhausted, the victory or defeat will be divided; and because of the special nature of the game, the player will be resurrected after death, so once the “Bridge Defense War” occurs, it means the resources of both parties. All are unlimited, and the attacker with certain advantages cannot end the battle, which is an abnormal and unhealthy game for the game itself.

It’s like a MOBA game. If the attacker has broken the defender’s 3-way result and the two sides are still deadlocked, even if the fight is a few hours, then this is obviously a failure in Game Design.

The concept of “reinforcement” on the battlefield is equivalent to the materials of both sides. Alliance & Horde’s supplies (reinforcement) are limited, and whoever consumes first will lose, so destroying the enemy’s vital strength becomes one of the tactics.

If the Alliance Horde and the two sides are evenly matched, then the battle of Okuyama will not only have the “pit kill” this gameplay. Suppose Alliance wants to have a pit-killing tactic, and it’s definitely not the case to go to Horde’s graveyard. The Battlefield Commander of Alliance needs to make a series of pre-preparations, and these preparations are the tactics of “pit-killing” The essence is.

The “pit kill” itself is just the result of this series of preparations.

The battlefield commander needs to consider: Where should I choose to fight the main Horde battle? What kind of formation should be used to play head-on? Is there a separate harassment? Does the small force detour? Which graveyard should I choose to kill? Should Horde’s tower be pulled out? Should Captain Horde organize the manpower to fight?

Obviously, this series of operations requires very strict conditions, and the reason why Chen Mo can take these Alliances to complete the pit kill is because of the huge gap in the command capabilities of the two parties.

The 2 mines have added reinforcements to Alliance continuously, while the large troops of Horde in Thunderspike cemetery have been continuously pitted. The reinforcements gap between the two sides is continuously narrowing. Many Horde were surprised to find that Alliance’s reinforcements were slowly increasing.

But the Horde leader soon discovered his own dangerous situation. After being killed in the pit 2 or 3 times, he immediately and decisively ordered: “I shut down the resurrection point of the Thunderspike cemetery, everyone immediately gathers in the ice cemetery!”

Any kind of tactics is definitely not perfect. It is actually very simple to avoid being pitted, just change the cemetery.

At this time, the Stone Furnace Cemetery had been opened by Alliance. Horde chose to turn off the Thunderspoon Cemetery. The frontline people automatically returned to the Ice Cemetery to resurrect, but the gap between the two sides was still very large. The key point is that none of Horde’s sentry towers have fallen, and Alliance has lost 2 towers.

Seeing that the resurrected Horde at the Thunderspoon Cemetery was gone, Chen Mo said on the battlefield channel: “Okay, everyone is on board, ready to go.”

Alliance thieves in Horde’s family are still trying to harass and occupy towers continuously. After Horde players fight back and forth several times, the towers near the ice graveyard are finally guarded, but they also have to divide their troops to occupy, especially many high-level, Equipped hunters and mages are forced to stay at home.

Because there are very convenient squad voices, the Alliance’s stealth teams also try to communicate in the voice, plus the Druid has a certain healing ability, so Horde’s lack of people can’t fight.

Although Horde had taken back one tower, two towers, and the Ice Cemetery, the East and West Tower never recovered, and the countdown to destroy the East and West Tower still passed in one minute and one second.

Horde’s battle channel has been messed up, and several Horde hunters have been continuously typing: “Come here at home! There is at least one team of stealth professions here! It seems that it is 2 teams, we can’t get it!”

At this time, some of Horde’s large forces were preparing to gather near the Ice and Snow Cemetery, a small part of them were still pitted in the Thunderspoon Cemetery, and they were just preparing to move to the Ice and Snow Cemetery for resurrection. Nearby, I am afraid that there will be Alliance to steal the flag again.

However, Alliance’s stealth team has sneaked into Horde’s Frostwolf Fortress, and the two teams are holding together, determined to take the Frostwolf Outpost.

The thieves’ first-hand ability and single-battle strength cannot be underestimated, especially in the narrow terrain inside the tower, there is basically no probability of being kite. Several thieves can be stabbed one by one, even the plate armor profession can’t even carry it. how long.

Moreover, even if the hunter has a flare to take out the stealth thieves, the thieves can also rush directly to the group fight.

In this case, the only way is to fight in groups, Horde also finds a team full of staff to rush in, but now for Horde leaders, how many people are sent back to become a problem.

At this moment, someone pointed to the battle plain: “Alliance has come!”

Everyone took a look and found that Alliance’s main force had indeed assembled in the Battle Plains. After Horde, who had been killed in the past, changed cemeteries one after another, Alliances no longer guarded stupidly, opened the cemetery directly, and rushed to the battle plain.

The Horde leader thought for a moment: “Go back to the 2 teams, must get the thing back! Others, follow me outside the ice graveyard to defend.”

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