Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1107

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On the vast expeditionary plain, Alliance players gathered together, and nearly 30 players stood together, crowded, and it seemed quite powerful.

However, Horde players are not overwhelming. On the narrow road next to the ice and snow tower, Horde players are also waiting in line. Various traps and flares have blocked this narrow intersection strictly and neatly.

Chen Mo not at all In Alliance’s main force, he was standing with Li Jingsi on the hill near the snowfall cemetery, looking out to the Horde defense line in the distance.

The expedition plain is a large depression, where the field of vision is severely restricted, and it is basically impossible to see the Horde armament near the ice and snow tower and the ice and snow fortress. But here in the Xueluo cemetery, the entire middle of the battlefield including the expedition plain can be seen from a glance.

Li Jingsi looked at Horde’s main force in the distance, and brows slightly wrinkle: “Horde seems to be dying? I thought they would kill it again.”

Chen Mo had no expression on his face, but now he doesn’t want to see it.

Although I had fought a perfect team fight on the bridge before, not only defeated Horde’s main force but also pitted them all in the Thunder Spear Cemetery, but that victory had many factors. Horde’s general idea is one thing, and the special terrain is also one thing.

Last time, Horde didn’t have any preparation at all, and he didn’t even put a few traps, but now, Horde who has already suffered a big loss will be as negligent as last time?

Alliance’s main force is still gathering on the battle plain, looking at the mages and hunters on the mountain in the distance.

Although some people bored in circles or jumped boringly, hoping to rush up to fight Horde now, but everyone still waited very quietly, and no one rushed in.

Because in the previous battle, everyone has been convinced by this new leader of the battlefield and sincerely trusted his command.

Chen Mo observed for two minutes and saw a thief typing on the battlefield channel: “There are a lot of Horde coming from the East and West Tower, which may be untenable!”

The stealth team ahead also has a clear division of labor, leaving a special thief to monitor the situation outside, and seeing a large number of Horde rushing back, this thief immediately reported on the battlefield channel.

Chen Mo immediately said: “Keep your life, the East and West Tower will return to them, you immediately go back and prepare for the sneak attack sentry tower highland. Others, prepare to rush with me! Let’s go.”

The last sentence is obviously to Li Jingsi.

2 people leaped down from the high mountain on a horse, and then flew far away as feathers, and fell into the Alliance’s large army.

At the same time as the two of them landed, Alliance players rushed towards the ice and snow fortress!


Whether the terrain of Alterac Valley is beneficial to Alliance or Horde is controversial from the first day of the battlefield.

Although the key elements (tower, cemetery, NPC) of both sides are the same, the specific terrain and layout are different. This kind of controversy has not only caused the tearing of Alliance & Horde, they all think that they have suffered.

In general, the terrain of both sides has its own advantages. Alliance is outside loose and inside tight, while Horde is outside tight and inside loose.

Except for the most central expeditionary plain and Xueluo cemetery, the defense lines of the two sides can basically be regarded as 3 lines, namely a 2 tower + captain’s room, cemetery + mine hole, inner tower + emergency station.

The second defense line has no special buildings other than mines, and has no defensive value, so the key is to look at the first and third defense lines.

Alliance’s first line of defense, namely the stone furnace bunker, the stone furnace outpost, the stone furnace cemetery, and the ice wing bunker are vertically distributed, and the distance is far away. The stone furnace bunker is lonely outside, making it difficult to obtain support. Moreover, the road here is tangled and complicated. Horde has at least 3 routes that can go straight to the cemetery, 2 towers, or attack the captain. Therefore, Alliance’s first line of defense is basically nothing, and the defense is very difficult.

Alliance’s third line of defense, the bridge, is a perfect line of defense. Even if Alliance players will not, as long as they stay on the bridge, Horde is very difficult to attack.

Horde’s defense is the opposite.

Horde’s third line of defense is 3 sores and 1000 holes. Although it also has a certain rugged terrain, it is much simpler to flush slopes than to flush bridges. There is even a small path next to the west tower, you can sneak in if you are not careful.

However, Horde’s first line of defense completely blasted Alliance’s stone furnace bunker.

The distance between the Ice Cemetery and the Ice Sentry Tower is very close. They are on a horizontal line with the Ice and Snow Fortress, and they are horned with each other, and the support is very fast. The most important thing is that if you want to rush to the ice cemetery, there is only one road to walk. There are mountains on both sides, and there are roadblocks in the middle of the road. As long as Horde stays at this intersection, it will be almost invincible.

Alliance wants to fight the captain and burn the snow and whistle tower, Horde’s main force immediately rushes out to fight you head-on, and the dead are okay, because Horde’s cemetery is closer and too close. With the same number of people on both sides, Alliance almost impossible took down the Ice and Snow Tower, let alone killed Captain Horde.

As for wanting to break the Horde defense line to open the cemetery, it was a fool’s dream. At such a narrow intersection, no matter how many people rush up, it will only become an honor.

It is precisely because of this difference in terrain that in the history of the Okuyama battlefield, something called the “Horde Turtle Team” was born, and once the Alliance National Team was desperate.

It must be said that the wisdom of players is endless.

There was a time in Chen Mo’s previous life. With the appearance of Blood Elves, the number of Horde surged, and the queue time on the battlefield also doubled. Many Alliance players began to organize the YY team and National Team, and took advantage of their faster queue to enter the battlefield to glory.

Of course, Horde also has such things as the YY team and the National Team, but after all, Alliance players are in the second row, and Horde needs to wait more than half an hour, so in addition to the situation where the National Team meets the National Team, there are many times Horde The wild team collided with Alliance’s National Team.

The consequences of this collision are very tragic, because the National Team means that there are many PVP players who specialize in fighting the battlefield. They have good operations and equipment, and they also have professional commanders to use voice to dispatch each team, so they often play very hard. The result of pressure.

During the battlefield preparation, Alliance National Team directly screened information on the battlefield channel and split the team. The 1234 team went straight to the ice and snow fortress to kill Captain Horde. The 56 team defended the stone furnace sentry tower and the cemetery. The 78 team directly stealth to Horde’s house to open the east and west tower, etc. 1234 After the team killed Captain Horde, they opened the Ice and Snow Watch Tower and the Watch Tower Heights.

Even if the Horde players resist, they will basically be directly scattered by the Alliance team, and may even be repeatedly pitted and killed in the Frostwolf Cemetery. After all, the players of the wild team fight each other, and the front team fight is very good compared with the National Team. Hard to compare.

So during that time, many Horde players’ Aoshan experience was very uncomfortable, especially for players who were single-rowed and did not want to talk to Horde National Team, there was no game experience at all.

But with the emergence of the “Turtle Team”, all this has changed.

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