Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1108

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The so-called “Turtle Team” actually stems from Alliance’s contempt for this style of play, which is also the “Turtle Team”, which mocks Horde players like coward.

As for why to be ridiculed… Of course it is because the Alliance National Team is crazily eating on the Horde Turtles, so it is not enough.

Because Horde’s field team has a particularly long queue time, it is often queued for thirty-forty minutes and finally entered the Okuyama battlefield. As a result, the Alliance National Team was pushed all the way down in the cemetery pit. After losing the speed of light, they couldn’t get much. Honor, this is really blood loss for many Horde players.

Therefore, these players began to think hard, as a wild team, without voice command, how to withstand Alliance National Team’s offensive.

It doesn’t matter if I play comfortably, but it must not make you comfortable.

And Horde players, after fully exerting their ingenuity, have developed this type of play specifically for Alliance National Team, and it really has a wonderful effect.

The so-called “turtle team” is to be coward.

Since Horde’s battlefield terrain is tight outside and loose inside, then make a fuss here at the intersection of ice and snow. Horde’s main force gathered at the intersection of ice and snow, occupying a favorable position, and then completely sealed the road with flares, traps and blizzards, and an alliance’s stealth profession could not be passed.

If Alliance players sprint hard, it is to send honor. If Alliance goes to fight the ice whistle tower and the captain, then when Alliance rushes into the whistle tower or the captain’s room is scattered, the main force directly presses on, keeping the formation and killing the fire. Order Alliance, thus forming a crush on the number.

Once the crisis between the captain and the sentry tower was lifted, he retreated back to the entrance and continued to defend.

Of course, playing like this means completely giving up the opportunity to charge ahead and burn the Alliance tower, but how about that? For Horde’s wild players, they don’t care.

Alliance’s volleyball games are all in seconds. Horde has to wait for thirty-forty minutes. For Horde players, after losing quickly, they go out and continue to queue for thirty-forty minutes. They won’t get much honor for the next game. Instead, they use this There are more ways to delay the battle by 20-30 minutes to win the honor.

For Alliance players, even if the speed is lost, going out to the battlefield still advances in seconds. The next dozen minutes to solve the battle, this honor can still be earned. If I dragged here for more than half an hour and finally lost, it was really blood loss.

Horde players can afford it, Alliance players can’t afford it.

So after a stalemate for more than ten minutes, Alliance’s National Team tends to be very anxious, either hurriedly rushing to the intersection to give people a head, or standing on the battle plain and staring at Horde.

But Horde is not afraid, anyway, I’m here to stay, and I must win in the end, because your reinforcements fall faster than me.

This tactic spread quickly in the Horde field team, and even the Horde National Team even adopted this style of play. Anyway, regardless of the Alliance battle strength on the opposite side, I will first block the ice and snow intersection for ten minutes. Respect, the Alliance on the other side, you get rid of it a little bit and you’re done.

So in the future, Alliance will not rush, just wait for Horde to come out, and Horde will not come out, just wait for Alliance to rush. Under this vicious circle, everyone should stop honouring.

Then there was the racing game of Alliance going to the left and Horde going to the right. If you didn’t defend on both sides, it would be faster to see who was faster. Of course, this is the latter.


Now Chen Mo is basically facing a situation similar to the Horde Turtles. The other party has retreated to the ice and snow intersection, apparently intending to consume it continuously like this.

The group was impossible. The last wave of the group was directly bloodshed. Although Horde didn’t know why the Alliance, who had been crushed before, suddenly became so fierce like a change, but they also knew When I was positive, I was just a pen.

Only enough defense at the intersection can maintain a life like this.

Chen Mo apparently did not plan to stand on Horde Plains with Horde big eyes staring at small eyes, but chose to go straight to the ice and snow fortress to kill Captain Horde.

The classic play of Alterac Valley is “peeling onions”, and there is a book dedicated to the game.

In order to win in the battlefield, the ultimate goal is to defeat the opponent’s general, but the general’s attributes will be related to the existing few outposts.

That is to say, if a tower is not burned, if you go directly to fight a general, 40 people will also be destroyed.

Therefore, “onion peeling tactics” means that players need to start from the outermost defense towers, destroy the opponent’s sentry tower, seize the cemetery, advance step by step, and finally kill the generals of the opponent’s camp.

This gameplay is similar to the MOBA game in pushing one or two towers and pushing up the Nexus.

And this is also the only correct way to play under the current Games Console system, like what is done by relying on the other’s reinforcements. This situation is originally a design flaw.

Therefore, this time Horde’s tactics of accidental play and misunderstanding have really become their optimal solution in this case.

If others are Alliance leaders, this battle may not really be necessary.

At this time, Chen Mo had brought Alliance players to the door of the Ice and Snow Fortress, and Horde also reacted and rushed out of the ice and snow intersection.

“Alliance must be about killing the captain and going to defend!”

Chen Mo took the Alliance’s main force directly to rush to the ice and snow fortress to fight Captain Horde. Although Horde did not rush over immediately, there were also many people who started to stir.

Seeing that the east and west towers in the rear had all been reoccupied, the Horde leader was relieved a lot, preparing to take the main force and wait for Alliance to fight halfway with the captain and rush into the pot.

But at this moment, the flag of the Outpost Heights was burnt!

The leader of Horde was also blinded. Didn’t the Sentry Heights just take back, did they arrange for the hunter to defend?

Only then did the hunter type on the battlefield channel: “There is a whole squad of Alliance here at Sentry Heights!”

This stealth team of guerrillas obviously caused great trouble to Horde. There were fewer people to defend, the flag was about to be stolen, more people went, and the front line would be empty again, which could not stop Alliance’s offensive. .

Horde’s main force is obviously hesitant. The Sentry Heights are actually not far from the Ice Cemetery. Many players who are a bit behind want to support subconsciously; At the same time, Alliance is playing the captain. Another part of the Horde players want to ignore the whistle first. Tower Heights, just ahead of Alliance.

Wanting to go, but hesitating, Horde’s formation was pulled apart. Several rare treasures came to the gate of the Ice Fortress very desperately to take a look. The result was instantly submerged in the torrent of Alliance.

Alliance just pretended to hit Captain Horde. After seeing Horde’s formation scattered, he rushed out directly to break up Horde at the intersection of ice and snow!

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