Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1109

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Horde players didn’t expect Alliance to suddenly rush out of the ice and snow fortress, and the unexpected formation was in chaos. Several players who had placed orders in front were quickly clicked out, and the entire formation collapsed on the first encounter.

It is the same script as before. After this wave of crucial team battles, the Ice Cemetery is taken by Alliance, and the captain of the Ice Fortress and Horde’s Tower 2 are also in jeopardy.

In the end, Alliance won the Alterac Valley victory with a slight gap of more than a dozen reinforcements.

At the moment of victory, Alliance’s battlefield channel was full of joy.

“Awesome, I really won!!”

“Didn’t expect can win even if it starts like that! It’s incredible!”

“Is this game so real? At the beginning, Horde was completely pressed and beaten with no strength to fight back. If you change the command, can you press Horde and fight it?”

“I think conductor is one thing, don’t you think I am also carry?”

“Alliance is 10000 years old! Another line up, I found myself falling in love with this battlefield!!”

Many Alliance players have been abused so much that they don’t want to fight Okuyama anymore. As a result, after this terrifying turnaround, everyone rekindled their passion for Okuyama.

In fact, everyone has been in contact with Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin before. The gameplay is different and the number of people is different. But overall, the gameplay on the battlefield is becoming more and more passionate. But the art of passion and command still depends on the battlefield.

In the 40VS40 battlefield like Okuyama, the roles of individuals and teams are brought to the extreme.

Although in a large-scale team battle, the skill of a single player will be seconded even if it is set on fire, but some powerful individuals can still play a key role. For example, a thief who can play can repeatedly steal flags and kill enemy players who have single orders, and High Rank hunter guarding the flag can ensure the safety of his rear; the professions with aoe such as wizards and warlocks can play a huge role in tough battles. A key bite of milk for a therapeutic occupation may also produce a butterfly effect…

Therefore, whether it is a small-scale battle or a large-scale team battle, as long as it is a player who can play, no matter what occupation is used, it can have a crucial impact on the battle situation.

In a large-scale team battle, all kinds of spells fly together, the enemy falls down one after another, and the glorious kill of the full screen floats out. The sense of refreshment and accomplishment is difficult to experience in the small battlefield.

Therefore, Alliance players felt their blood boiling and immediately started the next battle in Alterac Valley.

Ten minutes later, these Alliance players watched the gap in the number of reinforcements behind the bridge, a little suspicious of life.

What’s so special… Why didn’t the long-named human mage line up? ? ?



At this point, Zou Zhuo and Old Pursley and the others came to the Western Plaguelands and began to prepare for a shock to Level 60.

These players are actually very quick to level up. After all, after sleep mode, they can continue to play in normal mode during the day. The game time of these people is bumpy. The average office worker really has no contact with them. Fabby…

To put it bluntly, if “World of Warcraft” wants to advance, the technique is on the one hand, the most critical thing is time, after all, this game is a time-charged game.

Zou Zhuo looked at the map: “So… this river is called the Sodori River, how can I vaguely see a small farm far away in the north.”

Old Pursley also looked at the distance: “It seems that there is indeed a small farm, and there should be tasks.”

“Let’s go and see.” A few people chatted while riding to the north, “Old Pursley, this plagueland in your home is really too crazy and ridiculous. It’s really special to practice leveling in this place. Kind of torture…”

Old Pursley said: “What is this called the plagueland of our family? Is that ours? That’s Witch King… How many times have I learned from you? How can you distinguish us from the natural disaster Legion? . Besides, although I chose an Undead, am I also very depressed in such a place?”

The people walked north on the east bank of the Sodorier River, and they really found a hut in a very hidden place.

The house was very dilapidated, like the other houses in the Plaguelands. There was an unremarkable old fogey at the door, sitting on the threshold to repair his hammer.

Zou Zhuo glanced far away at Kodo Beast: “That seems like a human?”

Old Pursley: “But his name is green and friendly NPC.”

Zou Zhuo looked at the hammer in the NPC’s hand and said: “Look at the hammer head in his hand, it emits ice blue light. At first glance, this special effect is not an ordinary weapon. You said if we kill him, will it fall? …”

Lin Xue covered his face with black lines: “I don’t know if it will fall, I only know that a few of us will be hammered by him… Open your bull’s eye and see, Level 61 Elite…”

Old Pursley said silently: “Although I haven’t played too many Dark Souls, I know that NPCs will not generally have good results…”

Zou Zhuo came to him in front of him with a greedy look at the hammer of the NPC.

“Tirion · Fordring? How do I feel that the name is a bit familiar, as if I have heard it before?” Zou Zhuo scratched his Alisar.

Old Pursley: “I have no impression, I feel that this Old Master looks quite ordinary, and its shabby white beard, in short, let’s take the task first.”

Seeing the crowd coming, Fordring Lord greeted them very enthusiastically.

“Race does not mean honor, as long as you stay on my farm, please remember and respect this creed. I have seen some Orc, they are as respectable as the noble Knight; I have also seen some humans, They are as evil as the most cruel Undead Scourge.”

“Ah, I shouldn’t bother you with my young story. There are many things to do. If you are willing to stay here, I hope you can do something to prove your worth, such as… When the plague dog started, I couldn’t provide much compensation, but if you succeed, it’s good to come back and chat with me, and then have a full meal.”

Zou Zhuo pulled Old Pursley’s mage robe: “You look pretty good at Old Master, please invite us to dinner together.”

Old Pursley nodded, whispered: “Well, NPCs for dinner are still very rare. We asked him what tasks he has here.”

The old Fordring continued: “Even ordinary wild animals have turned into ferocious beasts and beasts. I beg you to kill those creatures that attack innocent people from the air, the plague bats.”

“Oh, by the way, my food reserves are very low. I have to admit that I don’t have any food to share with you now. Can you help me this old man? The only one nearby who has not been infected by the plague Creatures are scavengers. Although their taste is not good, their meat can be stored for several months. I will store several hundred pounds of meat for the coming winter!”

“Your face is not very good, is there any problem?”

Old Fordring looked at the petrified people with great concern.

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