Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1110

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“No problem, no problem, no problem at all!”

Zou Zhuo agreed, and then dragged the others away.

After flipping through these three tasks, Zou Zhuo’s mouth twitched slightly.

“What’s so special… I also said how could there be such a kind NPC to treat guests to dinner, it turned out to invite us to eat maggots…I want to know if it’s chicken flavor, ka beng crispy?”

These three tasks, one is to kill natural disaster dogs, one is to kill natural disaster bats, and the other is to collect carrion-eating meat. As for what is scavenger? Everyone has seen a lot on the way here. It is a big yellow maggot with a head like a chrysanthemum. It creeps on the ground continuously, as much nausea as there is…

The other two tasks are okay, nothing more than killing monsters, but the task of scavengers really exceeds the acceptance limit of everyone…

I need to make up my mind to fight this kind of animal. There is a lot of disgusting juice on my body. I have to reach out and find the meat in the body…

“Okay, if he stays with us for dinner while he is handing in the task, let’s say goodbye…” Zou Zhuo thought in detail.

Old Pursley looked at the magic bread in the suitcase: “You said…I’ll take the magic bread for him now. Will our mission be completed…”

Lin Xue said it should not work: “If people’s maggot meat is bad, it’s meat. How can you do it if you just use bread to make people…”

Several people are doing tasks while pulling their skins, and the work is quite painful. Fortunately, many people have great strength, that is, it is more troublesome to find maggots. It took almost half an hour to finish it.

When Zou Zhuo handed the carrion meat to Fordring’s hands, Fordring looked at him with a smile: “You will get used to its taste slowly and play piano to me.”

Zou Zhuo: “…I don’t know how to explain it to you, I’m just a little calf.”

Old Fordring hehe smiled and did not force Zou Zhuo to eat with him. He just put all the meat he surrendered into the room and said, “Good job, friend. Take a break. If you don’t mind, you can sit down. , Listen to my self-introduction.”

Zou Zhuo and Old Pursley entered Fordring’s house and privately furnished a lot of surrounding furnishings.

The windows were torn and broken, not all the firewood was burning in the fireplace, and there were some Undead bones. There is a tattered table and 3 chairs in the room. Everyone sat down on the chair, Zou Zhuo was the biggest, sitting on the floor.

Old Fordring told everyone about his identity, he was exiled from Alliance for treason, came here to live in seclusion, and saw his son Tyran grow up, but he joined the Scarlet Crusade and became a Senior Commander…

He hoped that everyone could help his son Tyran remember nobleness and glory and reawaken the faith in his heart.


Zou Zhuo looked at the description of the mission text, while looking for the location of the graveyard on the map.

“It seems that this white-bearded old man used to be a storyteller who was kicked out of Alliance because of treason? And his son thought he was dead and buried his favorite toy in his father’s In front of the tomb.”

Zou Zhuo They found the cemetery in the south of the plague land, which has been occupied by various Undead monsters. Then they found Taelan’s hammer next to a tombstone deep in their cemetery. This is a small toy with exquisite workmanship and a small line engraved on it: “Give my dearest son Taelan”.

After getting Tyran’s hammer, the old Fordring seemed very moved, and then released the next task to everyone: go to the northeast of the plagueland and find the battle flag representing the lost glory.

North Valley is also full of various evil creatures, Banshee here will release fear and curses, and there are a lot of polluted Water Element in the river. The people almost turned the whole north valley upside down, and Much better could not easily find the completely faded battle flag from the bottom of the river-it belonged to the former Knight of the Silver Hand.

After handing over the battle flag to Fordring, Zou Zhuo received a new mission.

Fordring once took Tylan, who was still a child, to Keldalong for a vacation. An artist named Refred drew a picture of them strolling by the lake. Fordring hopes they can go to Keldalong Island to find clues about the painting.

Zou Zhuo and the others had to go south all the way, along the river bank to reach Longmir Lake, and then came to the central island. The former resort has been turned into a ruin, the soul of the painter Refre is in one of the houses, she has been cursed, and can only become a wandering unconscious soul continuously.

I learned from the painter’s mouth that the painting is now hanging on the wall of her studio, in Stratholme, in the area where the Scarlet Crusade is now used as a base. Find a picture with 2 moons on it, and shovel off the paint on it to find the picture: Love and Family.

“… Stratholme?” Zou Zhuo looked at the task description, his face dumbfounded.

Old Pursley said awkwardly: “I’m bothered.”

Everyone was very happy to do the task, and then they went to Stratholme at a glance, and they all said goodbye.

Stratholme is a copy of Level 60, and even if Level 60 is gone, it will be abused as a dog. The density of the monster inside is very large. If you don’t pay attention, you will be beaten by the sea of ​​skeletons, so so far, this task can only be hung on Everyone’s adventure manual, after a long time, after everyone has the ability to play Stratholme, can be completed.

“So… where are we going next?” Zou Zhuo flipped through the adventure manual.

Lin Xue looked at his task list: “It just happens to have a task to hand in here. It seems. Little Sister Pamela? Do you have this task?”

Zou Zhuo: “Really, when was this received…”

Old Pursley recalled: “Maybe it was when I went to Dongquan Valley? I can’t remember.”

Lin Xue rode on Kodo Beast: “That’s right, let’s do this task by the way.”

According to the mission description, Dalong County is just south of the Eastern Plaguelands, not far from where everyone is, and it will be east.

This is a small town, but it is already in a dilapidated state, without any breath of living people. According to the NPC’s description, she fled Lordaeron when the Undead natural disaster struck, but she was worried that her family had already died in the battle of Dallon County. So this NPC hopes that Zou Zhuo can go to Dalong County to find her family, especially her younger sister Pamela.

However, after arriving in Long County, everyone felt a chill in the back.

There are not many Undead monsters here, but at the entrance of the town there are two broken natural disaster Legion flags flying.

The deserted farmland has the bones of animals that do not know what it is, and the abandoned meat grinder can be seen at the foot of the mountain in the distance. The houses were all in dilapidated condition, and some even left only wreckage. At the well in the middle of Dallon County, a skeleton lay there alone holding a clay pot, as if silently telling about the tragic battle that had taken place in Dallon County.

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