Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1111

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Zou Zhuo They wanted to enter Dalong County to explore, and soon encountered resistance.

Many ghosts began to attack them, all of them have the appearance of humans, but it is clear that they have completely lost their minds.

In the end, Zou Zhuo found Pamela Redpath in the ruins of a house. She wore a beautiful pair of ponytails, dressed in a dress, and was bouncing around. It’s just that she was surrounded by pale blue rays of light, and her body was translucent. Obviously she was dead and turned into a ghost.

“Where is my elder sister Jessica? She left when I was a little girl, I don’t know why she cried when she left. We often play games together, dance together, together Gathering flowers around the house, we often hide and scare father! I hope Jessica will come back soon. If she comes back, father should come back, and we can play together as before…”

“Aunt told me to stay at home because father went out to fight. Father is the bravest warrior! After dark, I can only play with my doll, but I seem to have left it in the town. Can you help Did I get the doll back?”

Zou Zhuo tried to talk to the little girl, but the little girl didn’t seem to know the fact that she was dead and turned into a ghost. She still happily recalled the beautiful bits and pieces.

Obviously, the little girl Pamela has no memory of what happened. She is now just a ghost, living in the past.

After traversing the entire Dallon County, it finally helped the little girl find the parts of the doll. After putting the doll’s head, right body, and left body together, Zou Zhuo hands the doll to Pamela’s hand.

Pamela is very happy, and then hope that Zou Zhuo will help her find her aunt and Carlin Uncle.

Pamela’s aunt was in a solitary house in Andorhal, Western Plaguelands. In a lonely house, Zou Zhuo found Marian Redpath, who had become a ghost.

Aunt Marion was very worried about Pamela, but she dared not tell her the truth about her father Joseph. It turned out that Pamela’s father Joseph had died in battle against the Undead Scourge and had become a monster. However, Aunt Marlene hopes to change his destiny. Just find Joseph’s tombstone, find the ring buried under the monument and give it to Master Kromi, maybe it can change all that.

After finding the ring in the cemetery outside the house, the people broke through all the way to Northwest in Andorhal and found this quirky Goblin mage Kromi in the second floor of an abandoned hotel. Cromi told the crowd that the situation is irreversible, but perhaps it can be returned to save the soldier’s soul in the past.

First, you need to go to the town center of Andorhal and find a book called “History of Dallon County”.

Moldy books were everywhere in the abandoned municipal center of Andorhal. Several people sat among the corpses of the floor and the smashed tables and chairs and started a local rummage.

“This is not.”

“This…Fuck, how could a ghoul be summoned out!”

“Fuck, I seem to have found it. Help me kill this monster!”

“Okay, it’s solved. Take a look at what is said in this book.”

Everyone sat on the floor in the town center, Lin Xue began to read the content of this book for everyone.

The book details the origin and history of the name Dallon, where many heroes have been born. In Middle-Stage of the Second Demon War, Dallon’s ties with Alliance’s main force were cut off, and the town’s garrison had a team of silver-handed Paladins, as well as a militia led by Joseph Redpath.

They fought valiantly, smashing the time and time of the attacks of the Scourge Legion, but Joseph was controlled by the dark magic of The Dark Knight Maduk, and the fallen Joseph Captain spread this evil power to the defenders of Dalron County and was infected. Soldiers turned around and eventually extended their butcher knives to the people hiding in Dallon County.

In the end, Dallon County was destroyed, and Undead Legion and Joseph Captain left the ruins and entered the battlefield of Lordaeron.

Cromi completed the book and hoped that Zou Zhuo would take it to the Holy Light Hope Chapel and hand it to Joseph’s younger brother, Pamela’s Uncle Carlin.

Zou Zhuo and the others came to the holy light wish chapel and found Carlin Redpath, who had become Argent Dawn. Carlin hopes that Zou Zhuo can hunt the ghouls and release the souls of the residents of Dallon County.

After Zou Zhuo showed Kromi’s “The History of Dallon County” to him, Carlin was shocked because it told the whereabouts of several natural disaster legion leaders. The king of ghouls, Plunderer Horgus and Death Knight Marduk, they were once defeated, now whereabouts unknown. Carlin hoped that everyone could retrieve Hougus’s emblem and Madduk’s sword, to prove that the history written by Kromi was true.

In addition, Carlin also hoped that Zou Zhuo and the others would find Paladin Dawi’s Holy Deed in Dallon County and Joseph Captain’s shield.

Everyone ran across the plague, finally collecting all these things. The hero of Dallon County, the defender of Dalron County, the demon of Dalron County, all the props related to the incident were collected and handed over to Carlin.

One of the most difficult items to take is Paladin Davie’s Holy Deed. It is in the Hearth Valley, the base of the Scarlet Crusade. Zou Zhuo and the other squads killed them all the way to get this Holy Deed. .

According to Kromy, these relics are cast with the materials necessary for a powerful spell, but apart from this also requires the Scourge Legion emblem to participate in the Battle of Dallon County.

After collecting these things, the crowd returned to the ruins of Andorhal to find Goblin Master Kromi.

Cromi told Zou Zhuo that as long as the relics were put in the square of Long County, the souls of the residents of Dalong County could be awakened. They will once again participate in the battle of Dallon County.

But in this process, two things must be guaranteed:

After Hogs’ death, Paladin Davi must survive.

Moreover, Joseph Redpath Captain must also survive until he is corrupted and fallen, and then defeat him again, his soul can be redeemed.

When the purification is completed, the soul of Joseph Redpath Captain will appear in the square. At this time, talk to his soul, and then find the little girl Pamela, you can restore the tranquility of the dead souls of Dallon County.

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