Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1112

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Hogs’ skull.

black clothed Broken Sword of Marduk.

Shield of Red Pass.

Paladin Davy’s Holy Deeds.

These key props needed to complete the ceremony are all lingered by countless dead souls. When touching them, you can even feel the noisy soul sound straight into your mind, and there will be fierce battle scenes around your vision.

The whispers of countless dead souls, some belong to the heroes who died in battle, and some belong to the Undead natural disaster.

“If we fail, Daron County is over!”

“Cheers for Witch King!”

“Where is the silver hand? We need their help!”

“Our master wants your soul!”

“Red Pass Captain! How can you abandon us?”

“Darron County is bound to fall!”

These war dead heroes, even though the war has ended for many years, their souls have been fighting endlessly with the Undead Scourge and the betrayal. Even if they die, they will use the soul roar: for Daron! For the people behind! For Lordaeron! We must win!

The Horde squads of Zou Zhuo and Lin Xue returned to Long County again, but unlike when they first came, they had a very heavy mission this time.

Shuttle time through Kromi’s spell to wake up the souls of the spirits and save them.

The relics in the battlefield are attached to countless heroes who died in battle, wronged ghosts, and even the soul fragments of the ghoul king Hoggus and the black clothed Maduk. Relying on these battlefields that reproduced that year’s Dalong County, let These souls return to the moment they will never forget, and defeat the invasion of the natural disaster Legion, in order to truly put down the obsession in the heart and get a complete relief.

Several people came to the well, checked their equipment and filled it up, and then solemnly took out the relics in the package and placed them next to the well.

It seems to feel the environment here, the package emits a faint purple light, the souls are restless, and they start to experience the battle they will never forget…

Legion, the natural disaster in Dallon County, strikes again!


The alarm bells of the town hurriedly sounded. The Undead of the Scourge Legion surrounded the town from all directions like a tide, and the souls of the militia defenders in the town also took up weapons and greeted them with a cry.

“Stay to Dallon County! Fight against the natural disaster Legion!!”

Raging skeletons, raging bodies, Undead natural disasters flooded like tides, and the militia’s defenses appeared fragile. Although Zou Zhuo and Lin Xue are a team of five, they still feel their smallness. In front of the Undead Scourge hiding the sky and covering the earth, even though the axe could easily split the zombie and skeleton bodies, more Undead still engulfed the militias defenders of Dallon County.

Undead’s footsteps are still advancing step by step, watching Undead more and more, the militia’s blood volume is madly falling, a loud voice rang over Dallon County.

“Darron County! Don’t give up hope, we will not fail!”

It was the Knights of the Silver Hand, Paladin Davi Farrell. Clusters of holy light illuminate on the town’s defense line. It cuts off the steps of the natural disaster Legion like a barrier, injecting hope and vitality into everyone’s heart.

Plunderer Hoggs shouted: “Davi! Holy light illuminates your heart, I will dig it out!”

As the King of Ghouls joined the battle, the offensive of the Scourge Legion was intensified, and the defensive circle of holy light also showed signs of collapse.

Dawei without the slightest hesitation took a few Paladins to Hoggus and killed Zou Zhuo. They also wanted to help in the past, but the surrounding Undead natural disasters crept around like crazy, surrounded by ordinary mobs A large number of elite monsters, if rushed over desperately, I am afraid that even if there is a treatment profession, it is difficult to get up.

“Kill monsters, kill monsters!”

Zou Zhuo couldn’t help but watch Paladin Dawei’s blood volume drop rapidly. 5 people finally gritted their teeth and killed a bloody road. Hogus, the king of ghouls filled with black gas, exposed its sharp teeth and fangs, but under the siege of holy light and sword blades, it was grievous The head was still cut off, and the headless body fell to the ground.

The defender of Dalron shouted: “Horgus was killed! Cheer up, the guards of Dalron!”

Davi supported the ground with a warhammer, and the poison of the ghoul king had penetrated his body, corroding his soul, and even Holy Light Power could not save his corroded body.

David Farrell shouted: “My injuries are too serious… Warriors, I’m not going to fight anymore!”

With the death of Hogs, the natural disaster Legion showed obvious confusion, and the morale of Dalong County was also low because of Dawei’s death.

Zou Zhuo and the others are still waving their weapons mechanically. Unconsciously, the weak Undead has become a high rank elite bloodletter. Zou Zhuo remembers these are the elite Undead wandering around the broken sword These are the main forces that destroyed Dalong County.

It seems that this battle is finally coming to an end…

Redpath Captain shouted: “Guardians, Daron, cheer up! We must defeat them!”

Finally, Joseph Redpath appeared, and the spirit of all the survivors was inspired. They inspired the final potential and desperately maintained the battle circle. And Joseph himself continuously supported various weak defense areas and defeated Undead one after another.

In the eyes of all the survivors, the imitation of Buddha’s radiance is about to appear, and if you hold on for a while, Dalung County will be able to hold it!

But just then, a skeleton warhorse appeared on the battlefield. Death Knight Madduk, dressed in black armor, grinned and extended a long sword to Joseph Redpath Captain.

Joseph Redpath was instantly shrouded by a black gas. He struggled continuously, but to no avail. He fell down. Then he stood up and was the fallen Redpath Captain controlled by the Undead Scourge.

Evil magic spreads over Dallon County, not only Red Pass Captain, but many weak-willed soldiers have also eroded their souls by magic and become betrayers. Together with the fallen Captain, they throw their weapons to their teammates, Slash to the innocent residents of Dallon County.

For a time, screams and crying sounded together, and Dallon County fell into terrifying hell.

Yes, the history of Dallon County was destroyed within a few minutes, but now, history will not repeat itself.

Kromi’s spell was released on the team of Zou Zhuo. The scars they had left because of the battle were all recovered, and the tired body was full of strength.

Tauren warriors roared towards the fallen Redpath Captain, ice arrows, lightning arrows, concussive shooting…

Finally, the last axe cleared Redpas Captain’s blood volume, and everything around him suddenly became quiet.

All souls stopped fighting, silently watching the fallen Redpath falling to the ground. I don’t know who shouted ecstatically: “Undead Scourge is defeated! Dallon County is saved!”

Joy spreads like a wave of water, all souls have thrown away their weapons, their faces are filled with joy and relief, and the obsession is dispersed.

They never forget to defend Dalong County, and finally they are safe, and their souls can finally put down their grudges and return to heaven.

The souls around bowed to Zou Zhuo and the others one by one, and the souls of Paladin Davi and Rodpas stood in Dallon County and smiled at them.

Dawei: “The war is over and the people of Dallon County are saved! Thank you all for playing the piano to me and your friends, you are the heroes of Dallon County!”

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