Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1113

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After fighting for a long time, Zou Zhuo and the others marched toward Dawei. Although they belong to different camps, the yearning for good things and the hatred for the natural disaster Legion are the same.

Zou Zhuo came to Pamela and the little girl jumped happily: “The battle is over! I heard father talking to me, he scared away all the ghosts, and he said he was going home On the way! I’m so happy! So I made the tea, I hope you like tea with added polysaccharides.”

Pamela put the tea with good polysaccharides in the hands of everyone.

Lin Xue looked at the tea cup in his hand and had the urge to cry.

Poor little girl, probably she thinks that sweetened tea is the best thing in the world, right?

Everyone didn’t drink it, but put this cup of tea in their magic bag to prepare for permanent storage.

Pamela gave everyone a key, which could open the treasure chest at the back of the room.

Zou Zhuo opened it and said: “My God, 3 pieces in blue! A necklace, a ring, a deputy item! Ah, unfortunately only this ring is suitable for me.”

Lin Xue angrily knocked on Zou Zhuo’s head: “It’s an atmosphere Obsidian Destroyer! It’s a matter of fact that the little girl’s soul is free. It’s still a matter of equipment, you are scum!”

Old Pursley looked at the deputy item in his hand: “It’s really, these pieces of equipment are of good quality, especially this necklace.”

“Is it? I have a look too.” Lin Xue elatedly put the necklace and ring on.

At this moment, a silhouette came to this side.

“Father?” Pamela froze, then rushed out happily.

Joseph Redpath: “Pamela? Honey, are you there?”

Pamela Redpath: “father! You are back!”

“Father, let’s go play! I’ll tell a story! No, let’s go pick flowers and drink tea. I found my doll…”

“I really miss you…father…”

Joseph Redpath: “I miss you too, my dear, I’m finally home…”

The father and daughter hugged tightly, and the soul gradually disappeared.

Lin Xue feels sore nose, if this is not in the game world but in the real world, she may have been crying in a mess.

“So, father no longer bears the sin karma, and the daughter is no longer lonely… that’s good. I hope they can live happily in heaven…”

Lin Xue looked at his adventure manual: “So, let’s upgrade quickly! We have to go to Stratholme to help Elderly Fordring get the picture back!”



Many players’ first reaction to the Eastern and Western Plaguelands is that they hate it.

Indeed, these 2 maps are really difficult for players to like. Here is more annoying than Tirisfal Glades, scorched earth eroded by the Undead Scourge, broken towns, Undead creatures everywhere, the plague cauldron on the farm, except Undead are hell dogs, bats And annoying maggots.

Moreover, the monsters here gather together and have a strong desire to attack. Andohar in the Western Plaguelands has many missions, but here is occupied by a Lich called Alaki. The players passing by will also be attacked indiscriminately. Will die here.

At the crossing of Cowlin in the Eastern Plaguelands, many people must go to the Argent Dawn, but here are also full of various Undead monsters. In the past, they had to be trembling with fear. If they are accidentally knocked down, they will run. The corpse, and resurrection in a group of monsters are also very painful things, dragging the corpse to resurrection is common.

It can be said that this picture of the Eastern Plaguelands maximizes the unfriendliness of the player. On this picture, the player has to face the powerful Undead natural disaster, and must endure discomfort to complete various tasks, and often Encountering hostile camps with harboring malicious intentions, the game experience is extremely poor.

However, this is also like a reminder to the player: you are already Level 55, you are about to become an adult, you have to try to be strong.

This “growth” is more of a change of mindset. Doing tasks and upgrades without pressure. This experience is only a childhood. When the plague land and Silithus, the player really grows.

But after an in-depth experience, overwhelming majority players will still remember the mission of the Plaguelands.

Because the plot of the Plaguelands and Lordaeron Kingdom can be said to run through the Witch King story, this is more than just a map that can be used to upgrade.

In the Eastern and Western Plaguelands, players can see many elements related to the plot, and the whole place is closely related to the history of Azeroth.

In the south of the Western Plaguelands, on the west side of Lake Dallon, is the famous town of Andorhal. It was one of the earliest human settlements in the Kingdom of Lordaeron infected with the Undead plague. It used to be a grain trading center, but it has now become a gathering place for the Undead natural disaster.

In the third war, Arthas fought desperately to save the town from the threat of Undead, but after Arthas became a Death Knight, he personally destroyed it here. Uther Lightbringer was killed here by Arthas. Arthas snatched King Terenas’ ashes and used it to resurrect Lich Kel’Thuzad.

The elite monster of Level 61: Lich Alaki is entrenched in this town. Players will receive a mission called “Ah, Andorhal”. The mission goal is to defeat Alaki and seize his talisman.

To the north of the Western Plaguelands is Fireplace Valley, which is now the military headquarters of the Western Scarlet Crusade. They frantically attacked anyone believed to have carried the plague. The son of the old Fordring, Tyran Fordring, nominally controlled Here, but the prosecutor Ethan Lien is the actual controller of the Scarlet Crusade.

In Keldalong, this old Fordring often brought children to the resort, the Barov family signed a contract with Kel’Thuzad in order to protect their treasure, so their mansion became a psychic Academy, dirty The monster roams in the manor, and the dark believers are performing the ceremony day and night. The dark dean Gading will let its graduates go to Stratholme to play for the Undead natural disaster.

In the south of Regret Ridge, there is a place blessed by holy light. The tomb of Uther, Uther, the founder of the first Paladin and the Knights of Silver, sleeps here, and there is a high-level priest Serdenis guarding day and night. With him, once the Horde members approached, they would attack desperately.

The location on the Eastern Plaguelands is even more familiar, here is the Renowned Stratholme, where Arthas raised his butcher knife to his people, and decided to expedite Northrend, and finally stepped on the Road step by step of No Return.

Around Stratholme, there are various psychic towers stand in great numbers. The trees here have been severely eroded, so it is called a diseased forest. Dallon County, the Tomb of the Unknown, the Mark of the Magic Blade, the intersection of Cowlin, the Hand of Tyre, the hall of wish of Holy Light… Each place has a unique history, which can be traced back to the time when the Undead natural disaster ravaged Lordaeron.

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