Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1114

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The reason why the two maps of the Eastern and Western Plaguelands are so deeply rooted is that it condenses too much Azeroth’s history and feelings.

Many players have this emotion when they see the tomb of Uther: “Ah, Uther! I know him, isn’t that the Paladin in Warcraft”! I heard that he was killed by Arthas and buried near Andorhal , It was originally here!”

This feeling is the unique magic of “World of Warcraft”.


After a long struggle, finally, the first batch of liver emperors reached Level 60.

Looking back at the time I spent on this game, it’s really hard to say.

Many people think of it at the beginning, but they still want to buy some cards? ! What really is Shi Lezhi…

And, do you think this game is almost over when you reach full level? Hehe, it was simply too clear.

Players only reached Level 60 and realized that there are so many things to do…

Although everyone is at full level, the mission is not yet complete. There are still many missions waiting for you to complete in the places of the Eastern and Western Plaguelands, Winter Springs, Silithus. Reward the classic mission.

In addition, in order to improve their equipment, they have to brush various Level 60 copies, like what Stratholme, Psychic Academy, Blackstone Abyss, etc., many players have organized a fixed group to get together a blue T0 Brush copy, almost vomiting.

Money is also a big problem. Many players have to save money to buy a 1000 golden horse, which is also a big expense.

The main reason is that the game itself has not been open for too long. The first batch of talents has just risen to Level 60. Everyone is waiting to save money to buy a horse. Now, if you want to use money to buy gold, it is basically priceless. No one is really willing to be big. Amount sold. So these players started to think about making money, such as practicing professional skills, selling mines and selling herbs, making bags and equipment, etc.

The Warlock and Paladin are very happy, because they do not need to buy a horse, they can get their own exclusive 1000 golden horses directly through the mission. But the process was equally painful. For the warlock, I went to Burning Plains to pick up the mission, then went to Felwood and Winterspring to kill monsters, and finally went to the psychic Academy to talk to Les Frost, and finally to the Doomhammer. Only after this series of complex operations can we obtain our own exclusive mounts.

At this time, everyone playing Stratholme and Psychic Academy is still in a particularly difficult state. The players of the cream of the crop can brush, but it is very laborious. Many bosses must depend on luck. Maybe this After this time, the regiment will be destroyed next time.

And the psychic Academy is not the place to go, you need the key. This key is even more inexhaustible. You need to run from the Plaguelands to Gadgetzan, then go to Un’Goro Crater, and finally get the Skeletal Key by killing Alaki at the ruins of Andorhal.

No task is required, but there must be a 300 thief in the team…

Well, many players think about it, I still do the task…

The unlocking skills of thieves are also very difficult to practice, because at the beginning of leveling, basically no thieves will deliberately practice unlocking, they are all busy rushing to level. When the reaction comes, you need to unlock the skills to practice, then you have to run Azeroth everywhere.

Run from the lakeside town to the western wilderness, then to the Temple of Taharqa, to Zul’Farrak, to the Blackstone Tower…

Some thieves are troublesome, so they buy boxes from the players who study engineering. This is another expensive expense. Even for players who are particularly able to play, it takes 5 to 6 hours to practice unlocking skills.

However, thieves who have really trained their unlocking skills to 300, wherever they go, because in the 60s, advanced copies of overwhelming majority required keys to enter, regardless of the previous Stratholme and psychic. Academy, Doom, or the later Black Dragon Princess, Blackwing Nest, considering the complexity of the psychic Academy’s mission, most players are lazy to get around.

At this time, as long as there is a thief with an unlocked 300, you can basically access the overwhelming majority of the locked door copy, which improves the convenience of several grades at once, and for the thieves players, they work hard Practicing unlocking skills also pays off, which is great.

This is also one of the best elements of “World of Warcraft” in the 60s, which is the differentiation of occupations.

This differentiation is not only reflected in the skills of the profession, but also in the irreplaceability of some professions.

Such as unlocking thieves, epic bow missions for hunters, epic staff missions for priests, 1000 golden horse missions for warlocks and Paladin, etc.

Even the shamans at that time studied Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire Totem still need to do tasks. The tasks of Water Totem need to cross 3 maps and go to the sea, which is really miserable. Of course, after this mission, the player’s sense of identity for his profession has also skyrocketed. They will think that my profession is unique and unmatched, and other professions cannot be replaced.


At this time, Qian Kun was frantically brushing mobs in the Blackrock Depths.

“I said, how could this task be disabled to make head or tail of it? If it weren’t for secretly looking at Zheng Hongxi’s task list, this task might really have been missed…”

In fact, Qian Kun has already brushed the Blackrock Abyss several times, and the required equipment is not much, but why did he run back…

Speaking of which is a long story.

Although Qian Kun is in charge of the battle and level parts of the game, she knows nothing about the plot and missions. Because Zheng Hongxi is responsible for the entire task system, and it is also strictly confidential, Qian Kun does not know how each task line develops and what rewards are given.

When he was leveling in the Burning Plains, he accidentally went to a mission to let him kill the Black Dragon, and after the completion of this NPC began to make him run errands crazy. From the lakeside town to Stormwind City, from Stormwind City back to the lakeside town, and back to the burning plain…

Qian Kun almost vomited for running. If this task seemed complicated, there might be good rewards, and he would not run around so much.

To put it simply, the Burning Plain is threatened by the dragon and the black iron Dwarf, which may endanger the safety of Redridge Mountain, so the mayor of the lakeside town asked him to send a letter to Stormwind City for help. As a result, Earl, a Stormwind City woman, gave him a roll and the Duke said that since the Earl was not happy, you should solve it yourself.

After much trouble, Qian Kun’s legs broke, and finally locked a key person, Marshal Windsor. As a result, Fei Dajin tried to find him in the prison of Blackrock Depths, but found that he seemed to be crazy, and the task was broken.

Qian Kun is stunned, why is this special gone?

Qian Kun said that this is unacceptable. My legs all ran out. You didn’t give me any task, and then the task line broke. ?

He didn’t believe in evil, and secretly went through Zheng Hongxi’s task list, and found that there were still follow-up tasks behind, but he needed to kill the mobs in the Blackrock Depths and drop them randomly…

Qian Kun said that MMP had no choice but to call a team from the meeting and enter the Blackrock Abyss again.

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