Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1115

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Speaking of the Blackrock Abyss, this is also a copy that makes people feel that the dog is getting older. Just looking for the entrance of the copy makes people find life in doubt.

That is, Qian Kun had seen the design of this copy, otherwise he would never have thought of stepping on such a thick iron chain 7 turn 8 around and finally found the copy entrance.

The first time I walked the big iron chain, Qian Kun jio was almost softening, and I had to force myself not to look down. Every time I walked, I had to prepare 2 quick-acting rescue pills.

As for the dark furnace key of the copy, it is even more a dog. It must be in a state of soul to talk to the NPC to receive the task. After that, you need to perform a one-stop service to fight monsters and run roads, almost brushing the outer part of the Blackrock Abyss. Only then can we finally get the key.

Of course, compared to the key task later, this is already very kind.

Perhaps the only difficulty is that the Blackrock Abyss is too big. Most people die not from bosses but from lost…


Everyone looked at the lava under the platform and asked with some doubt: “Captain, are you sure we want to jump from here?”

Qian Kun forcibly suppressed his urge to roll his eyes. Every time he led the team to the Blackrock Abyss, he had to explain to these little white men what the correct route was.

“Yes, I’m sure and sure, jump.”

Qian Kun pointed to the lava that was rolling underneath. There was a floating island in the distant lava: “After jumping into lava, you desperately go forward, and it is safe to swim on that floating island.”

A few teammates were afraid that they didn’t see well enough, and they deliberately went down to take a good look at the route. Indeed, there is a floating island at every distance under lava, but…these floating islands are all Fire Element, and they are all elite monsters.

Qian Kun took a direct step and jumped first.

The other players seemed to be able to keep up, and the pastor on the team was the most timid and almost jumped down with his teeth closed.

“pu pass!”

After jumping into the hot lava, everyone’s first reaction is hot!

Although the Matrix game cabin has strict restrictions on the players’ feelings, but the amplitude has been reduced, and the feelings have not changed. Although the body temperature brought by lava is not high, at most it is like a bath, but this burning pain still exists faintly.

Qian Qian’s teammates were so hot that they yelled and swam to the floating island.

Qian Kun is quite calm, he is not the first time to jump, before he wanted to vomit, deliberately designed a way to travel lava to pass, this is definitely the evil taste of Chen Mo……

“I feel like I’m going to be cooked, but I don’t know if grilling Dwarf is delicious…” Pastor Dwarf in the team swims while giving each team a shield.

“I feel like my eyes are going to be blind, too dazzling, red lava everywhere, Fuck, it seems that I accidentally splashed into my mouth a moment ago…” The soldiers in the team closed their mouths quickly after half of the words.

The elf druid switched to the aquatic form and swam very comfortably: “You warrior? As for the breaststroke, even if the head is still so much out of the water, don’t you think you are swimming slowly? If you swim early, you’ll be less hot… …You look at Captain, you have a freestyle, and you don’t know how many lavas you drink…

Pastor Dwarf has recovered from his teammates one by one: “Why wouldn’t I say that Chairman is calm, I can only dare to go backstroke, he even swims freely in lava, and he doesn’t know what lava tastes when he drinks it… puff, pei pei pei, well, I am understood now…”

Several people swim all the way to clear the blame. Although there is a floating island at every distance in this section of the road, it is still difficult to do. Because blood will continue to shed in lava, it is necessary to fight monsters as soon as you go ashore. Once the tank is not pulled well or the milk is not well treated, it will be troublesome if the person dies. Fortunately, the treatment in the team is a priest, with the two skills of shield and recovery, so everyone still swims ashore in a panic.

Well, everything went smoothly except for a few sips of lava.

After clearing the monster on the shore, the soldier looked at the copy entrance on the right with great curiosity: “The Bridge of Molten Fire? What is this place?”

Qian Kun said while eating and drinking: “It’s a place we can’t go now.”

“Really? Then I must go in and have a look!”

As soon as the soldier heard that he couldn’t get in now, he ran in eagerly.

After 30 seconds, the soldier came out.

Pastor Dwarf asked curiously, “How are you doing?”

Warrior: “hehe, 2 janitor mobs, 129000 HP…”

Qian Kun said that this situation has become accustomed to, and anyway, every time you bring a group of new people into this copy, you have to explain some precautions in various ways.

For example, the blame of the lecture hall is inexhaustible, and it must be cleared all the way to get the shadow casting torch to light the 2 brazier gates before opening; the fire-spraying organ in the steel hall must be avoided, otherwise it will die and look hard; The little moust must not bother to clear them all in groups, otherwise they will teach you to be a man when you open the boss…

Yes, like Dao Academy.

Finally, Emperor Sorisen was killed, and several teammates happily ran to the throne, taking pictures in turn.

“Wow, look at me handsome or not! It’s a pity that the Ironforge Princess standing next to it is not pretty.”

“Can this throne move home?”

Several teammates took turns taking the throne to take pictures. Pastor Dwarf said that after finishing brushing, I was leaving the team. Only Qian Kun felt like something was wrong.

What are you doing?

Yes, it’s for the task…

But how did you kill Emperor Thorison, but there are no mission items?

Qian Kun took out the adventure manual and took a closer look at the mission description.

“Kill… General Angelfo and puppet commander Agmanci??”

Qian Kun spit out old blood on the spot, these two bosses are also in the first half!

This mission just wrote information to get Marshal Windsor back. Qian Kun didn’t take a closer look at who the information was. He subconsciously followed the quick brush route, and now he found that he had drunk so much. Lava, but from the very beginning went the wrong way…

If you want to brush these two bosses, you have to take another route!

Qian Kun: “Everyone…”

He hadn’t finished talking yet, the players had already withdrawn from the team, Hearthstone.

Qian Kun: “…MMP.”


I brushed the Blackrock Abyss again, and finally got the information of the mission item.

Qian Kun feels that he now has a special chemical reaction to the Blackrock Abyss, specifically…

As soon as I saw black iron and lava, I wanted to throw up…

After receiving the information, Qian Kun returned to Marshal Windsor. The Marshal wearing only one underwear asked Qian Kun to escort him to help recapture his equipment, and then left.

Not to mention that the Marshal is naked, he even waved his fists and tried to help, which also moved Qian Kun very much.

“Okay, Thunderbolt Studio Chairman, thank you for your help! Go back to Marshal Maxwell, tell him about the situation here, and then we will meet at the gate of Stormwind City to expose the Black Dragon conspiracy!”

After Marshal Windsor finished speaking, he turned and walked out of the copy.

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