Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1116

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At the entrance of Stormwind City, Marshal Windsor was already waiting.

“As you have confirmed, the Earl Katrana is Onyxia, a member of the Deathwing the Destroyer family, the Nefarian sister in the Blackrock Tower.”

“He has been manipulating our kingdom for a long time, and even the Duke of Boval Fortagan has been turned around by her. Today all this will be over and her magic will be broken.”

“Don’t be afraid, we will win!”

Qian Kun is more and more shocked. What do you mean? The Earl of Stormwind City turned out to be a Black Dragon? Sure enough it is 2 5 Aberdeen!

Because this woman Earl was standing next to the little king Anduin from the very beginning. At the beginning, everyone felt that this woman Earl was like a Regent King, a positive character coaxed by Awesome, and many people even suspected Regent King There was no doubt about the conspiracy of the woman Earl.

In other words, it’s because of the high face value…

In the end, such a big boss is hidden by the little king? !

Qian Kun had an urge to discover a big news in an instant, and hurriedly shouted on the Guild channel and Stormwind City integrated channel: “Come to Stormwind City door, there is a good show!”

Marshal Windsor walked towards Stormwind City without turning back, loudly shouted: “As was doomed a long time ago in Karazhan, monster, I’m here, come with a fair verdict!!”

The female Earl shouted loudly and asked the guards to stop him, but the words of Marshal Windsor convinced the guard General Marcus Jonas to dismiss all the guards.

More and more players, all surrounded by Marshal Windsor, followed him to the storm fortress.

The guards along the way saluted each other and paid the highest respect to this Alliance hero.

“You are an incentive to all of us, sir.”

“A living legend…”

“May holy light be with you, sir!”

The Stormwind City guards next to 2 saluted as they passed the long passage through the storm stronghold, and the players who followed Qian Kun all looked around curiously.

“What’s the situation? Who is this big brother NPC, so well-branded…”

“Who took the task? This is an epic task! Where did you take it?”

Coming to the storm stronghold, Marshal Windsor and female Earl Catrana faced each other, took out the cipher stone slab and began to recite the incantation, the female Earl gave out a painful gasp, and then a burst of smoke passed, and the huge Black Dragon appeared in the storm The lobby of the fortress!

“Fuck, what happened?!!!”

The players of Alliance are all dumbfounded. This is a real giant dragon!

No one has seen this kind of giant dragon before. Although many dragons have been seen in temples and burning plains before, they are small and medium-sized dragons. For the first time, such a giant dragon See you.

This giant dragon has a sharp claw that is bigger than a person, leaving the guards all around in a state of chaos.

“roar! !”

Onyxia issued angry roar, apparently she was in a state of extreme anger, her sharp claw snapped to Marshal Windsor, then flapped her wings and flew past the heads of everyone.

The players all exclaimed, they could feel the shadow of the overwhelming sun flew away from their heads, and even a player saw Onyxia’s sharp claw passing by in front of him, scared There was a cold sweat.

Duke Bolvar yelled, “Dragon! Guard, grab this monster, don’t let her run!!”

However, the guards who had been around the female Earl all turned into dragons and started to rush towards Duke Bolvar. Players quickly reached out and helped these elite dragons.

A little mage at Level 40 happened to pass by, and was shocked to see this scene: “What’s the situation? Stormwind City was thief?”

He tried to throw a snowstorm, and as a result, a dragon turned his head and slapped him on the ground with a paw.

The little mage said MMP, then released the soul and ran the body away.

The battle strength of these dragons is very strong. The players of Stormwind City all rushed over. More and more players gathered in the storm stronghold. Finally, the dragons fell to the ground one after another.

The players were busy touching the body and peeling skin, but Qian Kun noticed that Marshal Windsor had fallen to the ground, the armor on his chest was crushed by Onyxia, and the blood dyed red shirt.

Duke Bolvar Fortagan knelt beside Marshal Windsor, with tears in his eyes: “Reginald…I…sorry.”

There was a smile on Marshal Windsor’s face: “I have seen my fate in Karazhan…Bovar, this medal, use it…”

Marshal Windsor fell to Duke Bolvar’s arms and died. All of the surrounding Stormwind City guards kneel on the ground and salute the Alliance hero.

Qian Kun has had a hunch, maybe this time to Stormwind City is a Road of No Return for Marshal Windsor, he is facing the female Earl who has controlled most of the Stormwind City forces, and is facing a The real giant dragon Onyxia. His years of hard work were misunderstood. He was struggling to support the Burning Plain but could not wait for reinforcements. He was imprisoned by Thrown Into Prison by the black iron Dwarf, but this did not change his courage and belief.

He had long known that he would die under the dragon claw, but he came to Stormwind City without any hesitation, debunking Onyxia’s conspiracy in front of everyone.

All players are surrounded by Qian Kun.

“Fuck, this task is Fucking Awesome! Is there any follow-up?”

“It’s a Guild Leader of the Thunderbolt Studio World of Warcraft R&D team. What awesome follow-up for this task?”

Qian Kun flipped through the mission log. It said that using Marshal Windsor’s medal to find a dragon that turned into a humanoid, he could cast keys and find Onyxia’s lair in the giant dragon swamp.

But in the end where to look, but did not say clearly.

“What’s so special… Looking for a full map? Didn’t even have a hint? Well, wait for me.”

Qian Kun withdrew from the game cabin, and then secretly flipped through the task list.

“Well, in Dongquan Valley.”

Qian Kun was clueless and had to take out the back-end data Dafa, and it turned out that half of it felt like something was wrong.

“Wait, Onyxia…can’t beat it with the current equipment…”

Qian Kun wanted to retreat at the time. Although he didn’t know what abnormal requirements were behind this mission line, what he knew was that even if the key was really made, Onyxia could not beat it…

This product is off T2. Now that the best equipped people are wearing a T0, there are not many purple outfits. Isn’t it trouble to play Onyxia?

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