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Qian Kun doesn't want to do this task anymore, but he can't stand Guild. The others are very interested.

Now that everyone is still in a state of rare treasure, at first glance this is a proper epic mission. How can this be given up halfway?

Qian Kun would like to tell everyone not to waste this useless work, but how to explain it?

"Your current equipment can't fight this boss, at least you have to graduate with Heart of Molten to fight."

But the problem is, not to say that someone believes or not, where does this source come from...

I can't tell you, in fact, the value of "World of Warcraft" I designed, I know the attribute of Onyxia...

And looking at everyone's rapturous looks, Qian Kun also fundamentally sweeps everyone's interest, thinking about Onyxia's door mission anyway. Sooner or later, then do it...

Not only Guild players of "Thunderbolt Studio World of Warcraft R&D team" are doing Onyxia missions, but other Alliance players are also spreading and doing it.

Qian Kun would like to shout out loud: You go to T0 first, after finishing T0 to open the wasteland and melt the heart, after finishing the heart of the melt, you can only play Onyxia!

But think about it, as a Designer, you should not interfere with everyone's choices. Since everyone wants to play Onyxia now, let's play...

Anyway... Everyone always has to go through the process of team destruction.

So Qian Kun said on the Guild channel: "cough cough, willing to organize to fight against Onyxia players spontaneously team up, I will not participate, I will cheer you up outside the copy!"

Guild members were very touched and said: "It's okay, anyway Guild Leader, you are a Knight. It's useless except to add a buff, so you can wait at the door with peace of mind."

Qian Kun: "...I suddenly wanted to curse people."

The reason why Qian Kun chose Knight is of course, there is a reason.

The reason is... As the person who directly designed the numerical system of "World of Warcraft", he knew very well that Paladin would become a walk unhindered after the 70 version was opened, so he chose this profession without hesitation.

However, the profession of Knight had a problem in the 60s, that is... it was relatively weak.

At this stage, Paladin is not easy to be used as a T, and is not easy to be used as a milk. Only when DPS paddling can maintain life.

However, when DPS is still a melee DPS, it belongs to the situation that father does not love mom and does not love.

This group of people in Guild is also very active. A large group of people do the Onyxia task together in a frenzy, and they finished it in one night.

In the Guild built by Qian Kun, there are actually a lot of Thunderbolt Studio employees, but they did not plan to take this Guild to the first kill or the like. Those honors are left to the players.

Many internal employees have been dispersed to various district services to experience the game as players.

After all, "World of Warcraft" is not like some Handheld Game, but also has to arrange special support.

After all, this is a good name. Although this Guild name is a bit spoof, many Alliance players will smile when they see the name and join it. As a result, this Guild is getting bigger and bigger, and it is almost Deathwing the Destroyer. Alliance Guild, the largest server, is now.

As soon as there are more people, all kinds of talents will spontaneously emerge. Without Qian Kun organization, players themselves have begun to think about the team foundation of pioneering many people.

Not only Qian Kun's Guild, but other Alliance Guilds are also doing all kinds of door tasks with enthusiasm, ready to challenge Onyxia.

I have to say that this was all taken away by Qian Kun...

However, this kind of detour is inevitable. Everyone has just reached Level 60. Who can say so clearly about the copy? This kind of wasteland development is a process of trial and error...

Soon, the "Thunderbolt Studio World of Warcraft R&D team" Onyxia raid was established, Guild members were very enthusiastic to sign up, and soon gathered 40 people, and a bunch of people were on the bench.

Fortunately, after training with so many copies of 5 people, everyone also knows the difference and division of labor of each profession. The tanks, treatment professions, melee, and remote DPS in the team are all available. It looks quite like that. of.

The provisionally selected leader ID is a bit ridiculous. It is called "Despise the whole region", and it is a personal warrior. Because of this ID, Horde has not given it to the corpse...

However, if you think about it carefully, this ID is indeed more in line with the urinary nature of the profession of warrior. As long as this ID goes to that station, you don’t need to release the group mocking skills, it is enough for group mocking itself...

"At 4pm on Monday, 1th, the members who participated in the event went online on time! Prepare your own bandages and potions. The mage sent them before entering the copy, and you must not be late!"

Guild's information is also so concise. After all, everyone has just started to copy the wasteland, and there is no concept of the difficulty of the copy. According to the idea of ​​arrogant to the whole area, let everyone bring their own bandages and potions. Is this already quite formal?

On the evening of Monday 4th, all members of the conspiracy group went online on time.

VR mode of "World of Warcraft" basically has no absence. After all, everyone is going to sleep at night, and the hard work of overtime to 1 o'clock at night is still very rare.

After all, the whole region is also one of the liver emperors, otherwise it will not be elected as a team leader. He wears a half-length courage suit and shoulders are prison prison armor. Let's not talk about being handsome or handsome, anyway, it is to highlight a rich and imposing.

The door of Onyxia's lair was packed with Alliance, and the whole region began to roll its names.

Not bad, not only the main members are here, but even the substitutes are here.

The only thing that makes the whole area look a little pity is that the few people in Guild who are particularly able to fight are brushing the battlefield, and said that they are not interested in this land reclamation activity, such as the two particularly long-named mages and hunters.

But it doesn't affect. Anyway, there are many people who can play. My big Alliance talents are great, and I am afraid that a Black Dragon will not succeed?

In fact, the concept of "difficult" is currently only at the level of Stratholme and Blackrock Tower. What is the difficulty of the team? No idea.

In the past, a 5-person squad played a group of monsters. Now the number has reached 40 directly. Isn't this person going straight?

"Okay, start!"

Pointing forward, the long sword of the whole region pointed forward, and the people grandiose to the Onyxia's lair.

At the door were a few wandering dragons, arrogant to take the lead in the whole area. Although they felt quite painful in carrying, but the problem was not big.

Despising the whole area is also very confident in its own operations, not only defending with shields, but also often flickering away from monster attacks, and even if the injury is not a problem, so many treatment professions give blood instantly Lifted up.

The only minor episode in the middle is that 2 or 3 thieves standing in front of the dragon were affected and were killed on the spot. The whole region scorned them, and they all played so many copies. Didn’t they want to output it behind the boss chrysanthemum? !

Finally, everyone came to Onyxia.

In the lava-filled lair, Onyxia was lying on the ground and taking a nap. From a distance, she looked like a hill.

"Head, are we really going to fight this kind of monster?" Someone swallowed and spit, apparently already a little bit back.

The whole region looked at him with contempt: "Look at your point, the Warrior is of course going to slaughter the dragon! Come, everyone brushes the buff, the blood blue is full, ready to dry her!"

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