Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1118

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“It’s lucky, usually I need to get out of the cave in order to find food!”

The moment the footstepped on Onyxia’s lair, the huge Black Dragon woke up, and a deep roar between her throats made everyone feel their eardrums buzzing.

“dong!” “dong!” “dong!”

The huge dragon claw stepped on the ground, and everyone seemed to feel that the earth was trembling slightly, and even a little lava was stepped out of the cracks in the ground.

“I’m on, milk is good to me!”

Despise the region as the leader, after all, as the main tank he needs to immediately build up the hatred of the boss. The crowd at the back swarmed up and followed behind the entire region, and the faces of various ice arrows, shadow arrows, Fireball Technique moved towards Onyxia passed away.

As a result, the boss just cut the boss2 knife and saw the boss shook his head, “dong dong dong” moved towards the crowd behind the butt.

“Worri!” Before the whole region was proud to pull Onyxia back, they saw a sudden death in the crowd.

After 5 minutes, the crowd came to Onyxia again.

“Okay, last time I shot several DPS in advance, I won’t pursue it. It’s also blamed that I didn’t say it in advance. This time, remember, wait for me to play one minute first, establish hatred, and then start playing. The buffs are all done. ?OK, I’m on!”

Despising the whole region once again took the lead and rushed towards the boss.

This time everyone was well-behaved, quietly waiting for the main tank to pull for a while before starting.

Onyxia’s own ordinary attack damage is not too high, and the attack frequency is not fast, so it doesn’t matter if you let the main tank carry it for a while. There are so many treatments staring at his bloodline, it is unlikely that he will be attacked for a second by ordinary attacks.

As a result, everyone was standing in a silly way, and saw Onyxia slightly raise his head.

“hu !!”

The blazing cone-shaped flame spewed out of her mouth and swept across the crowd instantly.

There was a scream in the crowd, these remote occupations had no psychological preparation at all, they saw the flames assaults the senses hiding the sky and covering the earth, and the flames baptism 180 degrees without dead angles on the whole body up and down, followed by washing with hot water Like a shower, many people have not understood what happened, and people are already lying on the ground…

“Worri, what happened?”

“This dragon will breathe fire!”

“Isn’t it reasonable for the dragon to breathe fire…”

After 5 minutes, everyone came again.

Despise the whole district while eating and thinking about bread: “In this way, do not stand next to the remote output profession, you just stand… well, just stand at the hole on the 2nd side, what do you think!”

“Exactly, I’m pulling the faucet in the front, you output on the 2 side, just near the two small holes, it is easy to identify. Well, everyone is ready to go!”


Qian Kun is watching the progress of the Guild Regiment.

In the VR version of “World of Warcraft”, Chen Mo specifically made a new function in the Guild module, which is to watch the battle. Of course, not all members have the right to watch the battle. The level at which the members can watch the battle is determined by the Guild Leader. To some extent, it can avoid other smurf spies who compete with Guild to peep.

The function of watching the battle is very simple. When the team in Guild organizes wasteland activities, members with authority can wear God’s perspective to watch the progress of the wasteland, and can also hear the real-time voice command of the leader.

This function is mainly to allow most players to experience the team-based gameplay.

The team in the 60s was very harsh. In addition to the substitutes, there are many players who are not even qualified for the substitute because of insufficient level and equipment. For these people, they may not have the opportunity to enter some senior team books for several months. The bosses who are coaxed by Awesome let alone challenges, and it is very difficult to meet each other.

In fact, the team experience of the 60s was only available to a very few hardcore players, and overwhelming majority players could not experience these things.

Therefore, in the previous life of Chen Mo, Blizzard considered changing the 40-person group to a 10-person or 25-person group in a subsequent version, and distinguished between ordinary difficulty and heroic difficulty, so as to allow most players to get a team-based game experience. .

After all, for the game of “World of Warcraft”, the team copy is the real essence, and it is also the part that spends the most time and energy for the designer. If only a small number of people can always experience it, then It is too wasteful.

Therefore, it is not just the team members who are facing the baptism of the Onyxia flame. Many people in Guild are also paying attention to this wasteland.

“His… This tail is stunned as soon as it pulls, and it hurts when it looks…”

“This fire flame instantly burned a piece! Fortunately, this dragon’s IQ does not look very high, otherwise it is really impossible to fight…”

“Standing at these two holes? The leader is really a genius. After being struck by Onyxia, he stepped on the dragon egg, and a bunch of small dragons came out instantly, and the group was extinguished…distressed.”

“I feel that I can’t see any hope at all. How many hours is this going to fight?”

Everyone watched this wasteland group being abused by Onyxia hovered between life and death, let alone killed, even the second stage couldn’t get in…

Because at this time, there is no boss strategy for everyone, they are really starting from scratch. Like MT pulling the boss directly against the wall, other output professional teams, the most basic positions of the left and right sides must be explored by themselves. Onyxia breathes casually. It’s a mass extinction.

Like “Onyxia took a deep breath”, it can’t get into the second stage, so I can’t see it at all.

And the most embarrassing thing is that there is no hope of winning at all. At the beginning, everyone basically will not control blue, when the boss’s blood volume is still 70-80%, there is already a treatment occupation that has given himself blue to the milk, and can only stand awkwardly and throw the wand, playing alive. fps game.

strictly speaking In fact, Onyxia’s 1st Stage is not too difficult, the key is that the equipment of these players is simply not available, the treatment is not milk, and the output is not enough. After the skill, you will find, um… still can not beat.

However, everyone is still in a frenzy. Although the corpse will be run once every few minutes on average, and all kinds of materials are also consumed to fly, but everyone has no complaints. Instead, they are very excited to hit the boss 5% more blood each time.

Qian Kun withdrew from the battle very embarrassedly, thinking, whether he should tell them to brush the heart of melting fire first…


The players on Horde are already preparing to open the heart of the wasteland.

The past few days, the most livery people are basically in Stratholme, Psychic Academy and Black Stone Tower, trying to get T0 to be even. The major Guilds have basically made similar progress and are preparing for the wasteland development team.

I have to say that the players in the parallel world have experienced so many games of baptism, the IQ of the game is quite high, and it is quick to get started.

However, many Guilds were deeply suspicious of themselves after extinguishing for 7-8 hours at the lava giant at the entrance to the Heart of Molten Fire.

Especially the tanks, they thought they were stiff, but the giant stepped on it and felt that his plate armor was just like paper…

What a special… can this game be played? ?

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