Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1119

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Some players may be very curious. Was the team in the 60s really that difficult?

Is not this nonsensical……

Of course, to be fair, the original team’s difficulties in the 60s in “World of Warcraft” were caused by a variety of factors.

The first is that there were very few plug-ins at the time. Many players did no plug-ins when doing tasks. The official tasks did not have any location or area hints. They were all searched by the limited task text naked eye, which was too hidden for many. Deep missions, players simply gave up on their own.

A group of 40 people, few with plug-ins, even the earliest pioneering wasteland, and the team did not have voice software, all rely on command typing, this efficiency is really conceivable. Later, almost everyone who participated in the wasteland development had a team plug-in, and a brainwashing voice prompt “fire wall fire wall fire wall”, this efficiency improvement is not a little bit.

Secondly, there are many people, 40 people are very difficult to command. By the time of the 80s when the Witch King was being reclaimed, 25 people were able to make the commander bigger, and they had to put up the power of feeding to avoid a black liquid.

Moreover, players’ tactical literacy and professional understanding are not high, because without plug-ins, many players do not understand how to play the output loop, nor do they know how to use innate talent and equipment to maximize their output. Many heads do not open Injury statistics do not know who is rowing, which is difficult to guarantee the efficiency of wasteland development.

Of course, another important reason is that the network is not good, and it is normal to play this game. Especially when Level 60 Naxxramas starts a wasteland electricity man, many groups wait for the network to stabilize after 2 am. .

In order to allow new players to experience the classic experience of the team in the 60s, Blizzard specially arranged 10 Level 0 40 people to melt the heart on the tenth anniversary of “World of Warcraft” to evoke everyone’s old memories…

Many players clicked into the random team book in order to get the Molten Evil Dog mount, and the results were taken in for a look. This is also very original.

The door god mobs went out one night, but now it’s still a night…

Many players find themselves using the DPS schedule to turn in seconds, and it feels very incredible, because other teams are originally tanks and treatments. The DPS career has to wait 5 to 10 minutes to line up. After all, the first 2 roles are more Scarce.

As soon as I entered, I understood what was going on. The door god of Molten Heart passed away, but half of the group of people were just resurrected…

In other words, this random team used the cost of destroying the team to smooth out the goalkeeper. Many players were unable to bear the pit and left the team directly. There were too many people running, so there was a strangeness that DPS could enter second. view.

Then when the boss hit, the tragedy came.

Old players know that the 5 dogs of Molten Core have a special mechanism, that is, the boss patrols with a lot of followers, but these molten dogs must die together within a limited time, otherwise they will keep Resurrection, but many newcomers have never experienced the heart of melting fire, of course, they do not know this mechanism at all.

So you can see that the entire team is continuously in and out, and a group of people can’t stand this grievance, and a group of new people come in and continue to pick up the blood-thirsty molten dog, and then watch the molten dog resurrected again and again. , Players go in and out one after another…

In this way, a 5 dog with a melting heart just beat for 5 6 hours. If he didn’t know how much to dial, he didn’t get it.

At that time, although the members of the random group were also cooked, they were more likely to play than the players who had just entered the team in the 60s, and it was destroyed like that. Then in the 60s, when everyone first opened the heart of the wasteland and melted fire, it was ok I want to see you.

But the player at that time was a little bit better, and was very persistent.

Whether it is a copy of 5 people or a team book, from the wailing cave of the lowest to the high-level melting heart and the black wing nest, everyone is proud of persevering in fighting and ashamed of slipping along the way. Many seemingly simple small copies have been destroyed, and everyone will not complain about each other. They are trying to do their own things, encourage each other, and persist for several hours until they get through.

The melting heart of 40 people, the Blackwing Nest, and sometimes the wasteland monsters have to be extinguished overnight, until the main tank has been repaired many times and the equipment has been repaired, but at that time, there was no complaint. Many substitute players go online on time together with the main group players, and stand by at the door of the copy. They stand by for several hours a day, for a week or two, or if they encounter something from an individual member, they can get the chance to enter the copy.

Later, more and more fast food games were played, and the patience of the players became worse and worse. Many copies of 5 people could run 2 or 3 people at a time, and the players’ mentality became more and more impetuous. Therefore, many old players will especially miss the day when everyone to never leave each other and work together to clear the copy.


The Alliance & Horde of the major regional services have begun to enter the tense and exciting land reclamation stage, because at this point in time, the first batch of players have basically rushed to the full level, and the five-player copy is almost the same, with scattered time to take Come to do tasks, brush small copies, make money, and spend a lot of time playing team books and organizing Guild activities.

However, a large number of newly entered smurf are also continuously supplementing “World of Warcraft” with fresh blood.

Many people think that the preparation of “World of Warcraft” will be a peak for Matrix game cabin sales, but they soon find themselves wrong, this is not a peak at all, just the beginning.

“World of Warcraft” is a game that is even more powerful than any previous method for the promotion of Matrix game cabin sales.

In the final analysis, the difference between online games and stand-alone games.

People, in the final analysis, are still social animals.

When “World of Warcraft” became popular all over the world and became a trend, it was really difficult for people to refuse this temptation.

On the Internet, no matter the major forums or websites, all are full of discussion and evaluation of “World of Warcraft”, and everyone is very generous with this epoch-making game work, and even many people have used “immortality” “Deity” to describe.

Yes, almost all the elements in “World of Warcraft” are commendable.

Sophisticated CG.

The grand view of the world.

Diversified and unique occupations.

Complex and highly storyline mission planning.

Changeable gameplay design.

Faction opposing gameplay.

Rich battlefield and PVP gameplay.

If summed up in one sentence, “World of Warcraft” has created a brand new world, so that all players are immersed in it, want to stop.

Even more how, this game is an absolutely fair time charging game, the sleep mode allows most players to get enough game time, so for all players, it is equivalent to the second life, and everyone stands On the same starting line.

In front of such a masterpiece, those hesitant players can no longer resist the temptation of Matrix game cabin.

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