Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1120

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In the Barrens, two Horde smurf are leveling.

A Necromancer is rubbing a cold arrow at the prairie lion: “This game is so fun! If you knew it, you should have bought the Matrix game cabin!”

In the distance, the Orc warrior is wielding a battle axe to fight a chocobo: “I have asked you to buy it, you have to wait, if you play with me at that time, you are now full. The result I have to practice smurf with you now…”

Necromancer said on the team channel: “After all, aren’t you full size? Take me to upgrade!”

The Orc warrior shook his head violently: “How can I take you as a priest… But after all, the belt is not easy to use, and the experience is too much. I mostly take you to brush the copy to get a few pieces of equipment, Complete a few difficult copy tasks, and expect to take you to upgrade that is impossible.”

Necromancer curl one’s lip: “This game is too inhuman, it’s really inconvenient. It’s better to get a large size and take me straight to Level 60.”

Orc warrior said seriously: “This is what you don’t understand, “World of Warcraft” is not a fast-food game, you have to feel it. You now feel that the upgrade is boring, the task is boring, and the copy is boring, etc. These will become memories in the future. You see that although I have already done these tasks again, I still feel very nostalgic for practicing smurf. Moreover, this game is an absolutely fair game, of course, it requires everyone to practice the same level. If direct Is it not the same as buying a lot of money online games if you pay for it?”

Necromancer seems to understand: “Absolutely fair?”

“Yeah.” Orc warrior said, “I told you before, this game is a pure time charging model, the game is absolutely equal, all rely on their own hands to equip ah gold coins. These things. But gold coins This can be exchanged for money, but the gold coins have little improvement for yourself.”


Necromancer didn’t realize it, he made two more blame and asked, “Hey? What is this?”

The Orc warrior looked straight at the system information: “Fuck!!! Delicious Wind Snake Recipe!!!”

Necromancer looked confused: “Is this thing good? I don’t quite understand it.”

The Orc warrior is a real thump, because he changed the team’s allocation mode to free picking for the sake of saving trouble. If it is a team allocation, he can roll a hand…

“It’s not only good, it’s so good! Throw this thing at Auction House and sell it for at least 500 gold! You can almost change a point card!”

The Orc warriors looked at the delicious snake recipe in the system information with drooling.

Jealousy separates me, and jealousy divides me…

Think of your large pastor who hasn’t saved up to 1000 gold coins and bought 1000 gold horses. If you have this drawing, it will be 500 gold in a flash…

The VR version of “World of Warcraft” has a large card price of 200 yuan. When converted into gold coins, the situation of each service is different. Overall, the older the service, the more gold coins you brush out, the cheaper the gold price.

If it is an irrelevant smurf, the Orc warrior must have 1000 ways and 100 measures to fool him. He sold the delicious wind snake recipe to himself at a low price. For example, the price of 50 or 100 gold coins was bought from smurf and then changed hands. smurf did not I will go to Auction House and I don’t know the real price of this thing. Most of them are sold.

But this Necromancer is a friend of Orc Warriors in reality. If you really deceived this recipe, looking back, Necromancer learned the value of this thing in Auction House, maybe you will have to come to the door in reality…

So, is there any way? Orc warriors can only keep blood in their hearts and silently bless their good friends.

Necromancer asked reluctantly: “Really? How good is this drawing? Isn’t it just to eat it?”

Orc warriors don’t want to say a word now, but seeing Necromancer ask so sincerely, he still patiently explained the pain of the separation of the quality wall:

“This delicious wind snake can mainly change its appearance and become a human ninja or noble. There are many Orc, Troll, Tauren here on Horde. If you are not satisfied with your appearance, eat a delicious wind snake. You think, When you get this recipe, you are basically equivalent to getting a cash cow and making a few sets of delicious wind snakes on the Auction House, which will soon be sold out.”

“The key is that the explosion rate of this thing is low. Many people speculate that the drop rate of this thing may be only about 0.1%. My pastor specially brushed on the barren land for 3 hours last time, and I didn’t see one at all… …”

Necromancer said plausibly: “Oh.”

Orc warriors continue to explain: “And this thing can also be hung in the neutral Auction House, sold to Alliance players, the price is particularly high! Because Alliance there are few smurf in the barren land missions, if there are Dwarf or Goblin players want to take This recipe is much more difficult than Horde’s.”

Necromancer said happily: “So, I got this recipe now, and I have the horse money for Level 40, right?”

Orc warrior sighed: “Not only the horse money of Level 40, you can also buy some purple clothes, like the Jordan Staff…”

Necromancer originally thought it was nothing. After listening to Orc Warrior’s explanation, he was a little bit happier.

“Really, that’s great. Hmm? Why did I drop another one.”

The eyes of the Orc warrior are almost coming out. He flipped through the system information, isn’t he? This Necromancer hasn’t finished speaking yet.

Necromancer picked up this drawing, too: “This 1000 Golden Horse is here! Unfortunately, I am only at Level 16 now. Hey, when will I get to Level 60, so I look forward to it… Hey? How did you leave the team? Did you stop practicing smurf with me?”

Orc Warrior: “Well…Guild told me to play an event, I went to the big one.”

Necromancer glanced at the time: “No, it’s almost 4 a.m., how can there be activities now, hey, don’t go!”

The Orc warriors are almost full of cows, and they wish to fiercely pump their mouths.

I said before that this game is absolutely fair? !

Just a hammer!

Equalize a hammer!

My extra-large priest liver has lived to Level 60 for so long. I brushed my cloth and made bags to sell my money. I disassembled the enchanting materials to sell my money. I worked hard to get a copy of the liver. Not to mention 1000 golden horses, even a flattery stock can’t afford it.

As a result, this buddy played smurf ka ka and lost 2 delicious wind snake recipes? !

A resale is a thousand gold into the account? !

What kind of game can I play? ?

Spicy chicken game! !

Orc warriors silently changed their signature: “Unkillable European dog!!”

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