Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1121

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More and more novice players enter “World of Warcraft” and begin to experience the unique charm of Azeroth.

In fact, when it comes to the most precious memories in “World of Warcraft”, everyone will have different answers.

Maybe it was the friend who was fighting side by side with himself in the novice area;

Perhaps in the copy, the teammate who smiled and handed over a piece of bread;

Perhaps it was the passers-by who helped each other when they were guarded by the hostile camp;

Maybe this passer-by was also kept dead, you two chatting lively with laughter, and fighting with the players of several hostile camps;

Maybe you will always remember the large mage who passed by and solved the scarlet monster and killed you and stuffed you with a few bags;

I will remember the pastor who passed you a buff;

I still remember that when I finally bought the horse after a long time, I drove it happily in the main city and ran east and west, and I was very entangled why he couldn’t swim;

Or it may be counting the copper plates to live, obviously there are few grids in the package, but they are reluctant to throw away any piece of garbage, and must return it to the city and sell it to the merchant;

Panic when strayed into the Twilight Forest for the first time;

The excitement when stepping on the Wailing Cave for the first time;

Countless PVP madmen struggled on the battlefield, fighting all night long for the title of High Warlord Great Marshal;

In order to compete for the wild boss, Alliance & Horde gathered several regiments, hitting the dead bones in the wild map, spreading from one end of the map to the other;

In order to complete the professional mission and get epic weapons, hunters and priests desperately hone their skills.

The first orange weapon “Flags, the Hand of Ragnaros” appeared, as well as the rumored “Thunderbolt’s Wrath, the Blessing Sword of the Wind Chaser”, which made countless warriors and Knight bloody.

When opening the Blackwing Nest, there was a saying that “brother sword comes out, there is no brother”;

All players in the full service worked together to open the door of Ahn’Qiraj and made this opening event the most memorable world event in the history of “World of Warcraft”;

Naxxramas went online, and the necropolis of Scourge Legion spread over Azeroth. The shadow of Scourge Legion came to every player;

After that, there is the burning expedition, Wrath of the Lich King…

At that time, the mage’s bread and water needed to be rubbed in groups;

Turtle books can be sold at high prices;

Materials are needed for the disappearance and blindness of thieves;

The hunter can forcibly kite the tyrannosaurus to Orgrimmar;

There are a lot of soul fragments in the warlock’s bag;

Knight and shaman appear in the same team;

Alliance & Horde will fight when they meet, the only time they don’t fight is when Ahn Qi pulls the door open;

Large-scale battles often occur in Stranglethorn Vale and Nanhai Township;

Black stone mountain was dubbed Peak Work of PVP;

Countless people carry sand in Silithus, working as hard as a miner;


“World of Warcraft” has also appeared many touching true stories.

The last guardian of the king;

songnide, yubiediu;

Hero, may you have an unrepentant love;

World of Warcraft not at all turns people into Warcraft;

The most precious equipment “Scarlet Crusade Set”;

Boss, I had no chance to add blood to you before, now let me add one to you;

How many WOWers have we lost in the Wenchuan earthquake? None of them, they just dropped the line.


The reason why a game is immortal is that it carries beautiful memories of countless players.

For the players of parallel world, they are very lucky.

Because they can travel to a more perfect “World of Warcraft” to experience the Azeroth world created by the next generation of VR, and continue to write their own Legendary in this World.

They can chat casually with NPCs in the wild, or visit the legendary heroes in the main city, and they can experience each Underground City and each adventure in an immersive way.

In the vast Continent of Azeroth, countless smurf ran from east to west. They ran from the crossroads to Ratchet City, and from Ash Valley to the wetlands; the large men hurried on the 1000 golden horses, burning the plains, Healy Sus and Dust Marsh gather to challenge giant dragons and ancient gods like heroes; on the battlefield, the warriors of Alliance & Horde fight tirelessly and rush towards the vast number of enemies without turning back.

Maybe every player has a different understanding of Warcraft, just like 1000 readers have 1000 Hamlet.

However, what people miss more is probably that special feeling.

Although the time shift is changing, everything has not returned to that beautiful time, at least the players still have the best memories, right?


With the popularity of “World of Warcraft”, Matrix game cabin sales also climbed again.

The biggest difference between online games and stand-alone games is that the lifespan of the game itself is extremely long.

In Chen Mo’s previous life, there were countless MMORPG games with “surpass Warcraft” as the gimmick at the beginning of the launch. However, a game appeared and disappeared. In the field of MMORPG, there is no other game that can reach the “World of” The height of Warcraft.

In fact, from the classic Old World to Wrath of the Lich King, the existing content of “World of Warcraft” is sufficient to operate for 2 to 3 years. During this time, “World of Warcraft” is like a cash cow and can be continuously regarded as Chen Mo contribution point card income.

Once a large number of players flood into this game, it seems to have its own life. As long as the Designer gently pushes behind it, it will continue to run continuously like a perpetual motion machine.

However, for players of parallel world, they have to experience a lot of things in order to truly complete their long-cherished wish to defeat Witch King.

However, Chen Mo is not in a hurry, let the players realize it slowly.



Heart of Molten Fire, a Horde team.

The two door gods crashed to the ground. The huge body made everyone feel that the ground beneath their feet shook. There were also several players who couldn’t dodge their heads and lay dead.

“Fuck! How can you be killed by a corpse? Where have your eyes grown? Hurry up and save.”

“It’s really a nightmare, it’s been a nightmare for these two bosses. We have been wasteland for more than a week, and finally it was completely destroyed. It’s not easy. This team’s boss is different.”

The head of the group was a rough man, foul-mouthed speaking, and touching the body.

The rest of the team members sat down to eat and eat he he. After a week of wasteland, they finally won the two door gods. Everyone was relieved, and they were very happy.

“These two big things are finally destroyed! Head Awesome!”

“Hey, I just don’t know what will fall, so I look forward to it.”

“I hope you can drop a purple outfit? We have been fighting hard for a week!”

The members were still discussing, and they saw that the leader’s expression was a bit wrong.

The head of carefree has become very quiet. He touched the bodies of the two lava giants and kept his squatting position without saying a word.

The members suddenly became nervous and discussed spiritedly in private.

“What do you mean? Is it because the good equipment is lost and the leader is going to be hacked?”

“Impossible, how could the leader be that kind of person?”

“Why didn’t the leader still stand up?”

I saw the head of the lava giant’s body touch left and right. After several strokes, he finally broke the mouth and cursed: “Fuck motherfucker, why didn’t you drop the equipment? What’s going on!!!”

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