Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1122

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While “World of Warcraft” is popular all over the world, it also has a very broad impact on the entire game industry.

In fact, as long as “World of Warcraft” went online, there have been many VR games from gamers who have successively landed in the Matrix game cabin, and the sales are very good.

However, after the release of “World of Warcraft”, the sales of games released during the same period were all poor.

Because “World of Warcraft” is a time-paid game, it has a fixed investment every month. In addition to monthly cards, many players also have to buy gold to meet various expenses in the game, buy purple clothes, buy horses, buy materials… Money is needed everywhere.

More importantly, “World of Warcraft” is very serious about player time.

Although it is officially recommended that you use sleep mode to play at night, there will definitely be some hardcore players who will use the day time to play “World of Warcraft”.

After all, the content of this game is too rich, even if you go online 24 hours a day, you will always have something to do.

Therefore, after being double occupied by time and money, many players can’t divide their energy to play other games, and it is not surprising that the games released during the same period were cold.

And this is not quite the same as the games that Chen Mo developed before.

The previous games “The Last of Us”, “Legend of Zelda” and GTA, although they are also very good, but after all, it is a stand-alone game, everyone’s popularity is basically maintained at 2 3 months, when this time passes, players After we got through the plot, we turned to other games.

As long as other game providers stagger the time period when Chen Mo’s new games are released, and release games during the players’ gap period, they can also achieve good sales.

However, the popularity of “World of Warcraft” can last for more than 2 3 months, and it is nothing difficult for 2 3 years…

This makes other game players very entangled. MMORPG, which no one was optimistic about before, was not only a fire, but also a mess of fire.

The most important thing is that this makes many Designer’s ideas subverted.

Although Chen Mo’s previous 3A masterpieces have revolutionized the concepts of “movie-based games” and “open world”, they are still within a certain framework. However, the impact of “World of Warcraft” on the VR industry this time, It is more like the feeling of “League of Legends” and “PUBG” before.

This even caused a lot of discussion among Designers. What is the mainstream of the future development of next-generation VR?

“From Matrix shopping mall to “World of Warcraft”, Chen Mo’s thinking is clearly focused on the virtual world.”

“I have to admit that the social needs of players always occupy a very important position. The previous 3A masterpieces dominated, probably because our technical level was not reached, so it showed a special kind in a special historical stage. State. But with the emergence of sleep mode, players’ game time will be greatly extended, and the concept of next-generation VR+virtual world will become more and more mainstream.”

“And the current stand-alone game has a very fatal shortcoming, that is, the game content is limited, it is difficult to generate continuous income for a period of time, and most players will not consider the second experience after experiencing a plot. “World Of Warcraft’s popularity is very likely to represent the return of MMORPG.”

“This return is by no means a simple retrospective, it is more like a Renaissance, it is the old content that has rejuvenated after gaining a new Platform.”

However, there are many Designers who disagree.

“”World of Warcraft” is as hot as “League of Legends” and “PUBG”. When “League of Legends” appeared, how many Designers mistakenly thought that the MOBA game is the future?”

“However, until now, there is only one truly successful MOBA game in the world. That is, the follow-up MOBA games of “League of Legends” did not even splash. The games like “PUBG” are in a slightly better situation. But it’s not much better.”

“Facts have proved that the appearance of similar explosive games is the result of a combination of multiple factors, not to mention anything else, who is confident to make the next “World of Warcraft”? Not confident? But I believe that everyone can work hard Make the next “Uncharted” or “Dark Souls”, of course, even if the quality is not up to it, it is possible to make similar works.”

“So, it’s meaningless to be too entangled in the current “World of Warcraft” achievements. Even if the future belongs to MMORPG, most of our Designers can’t become the trend-leaders.”

The argument is fierce.

In fact, this kind of argument is not concentrated on the direction of game development, but more of a disappointment and loss of the traditional single-player game mode.

Although many people think that this kind of argument is meaningless, for the game industry, “how the game will develop in the future” is always a topic that makes people talk about it.

When Designers saw that the popularity of the 3A games released in the same period was completely crushed by “World of Warcraft”, it was difficult not to produce this kind of lost emotions, and even some Designers felt that their years of hard work and accumulation seemed to have been in vain Again, this is difficult for many people to accept.

Many Designers are struggling. Was the once-popular “movie game” really unable to continue their glory on the next-generation VR platform?

After all, the Matrix game cabin has been around for so long, and even Chen Mo himself has no plans to make a movie-like game.



The data of “World of Warcraft” has been rising, and the number of active people and cumulative registration has been continuously refreshing records.

However, the research and development of “World of Warcraft” has come to an end. Although there is still some follow-up work to be done, the workload is already very small.

Chen Mo is thinking about developing a new game during the gap period of “World of Warcraft”.

In fact, many things that Designer is considering now, Chen Mo has been thinking about it.

For the genre of cinematic games, Chen Mo has always been very partial. Just like “The Last of Us”, the cinematic game has a core advantage that other game types do not have, that is, the immersion and substitution of incomparable.

However, in the next-generation VR platform, the film-based game encountered a problem.

Instead, its core strengths become disadvantages.

The next generation of VR allows players to wear souls onto characters, whether it is actions, behaviors or feelings, they can get the feeling of “crossing”.

Movie-based games often impose strict restrictions on the player’s behavior. The player’s fighting actions and behaviors are planned, and the player can get an incomparable visual experience at the cost of reduced degrees of freedom. The most important thing is to use the third person. Following the perspective allows players to always see the handsome back and movement of the character.

However, the soul-worn experience of the next-generation VR has many inconsistencies with the classic gameplay of movie games.

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