Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1123

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Chen Mo is experiencing… a very special feeling.

In real life, if someone accidentally walks and hits someone, they will be scolded: “Where are you looking? Are your eyes on the back of your head?!”

Now, Chen Mo feels that his eyes are really growing on the back of his head.

In front of him, there was a shiny bald head, and a bright red tattoo on the back of the head.

Knotted muscles, burly figure, and a sharp axe.

This is a very classic game image, Kratos in “God of War”.

Chen Mo tried to raise his hand, the muscle robust man in front of him also made the same action as him.

Turn around and hold the handle of the axe, and swing it 2 times at will. The texture and weight of the handle of the axe in hand are exactly the same as in the hand.

The mode is next-generation VR. Players completely share the actions and feelings with the game characters. The only difference is that the perspective becomes an over-the-shoulder perspective.

Chen Mo pondered for a moment: “Um… much better than expected.”

In fact, in traditional VR games, Chen Mo has used the third person follower perspective many times, such as “The Last of Us”, but it has never been tried on the next-generation VR such as Matrix game cabin.

Because the traditional VR Game Cabin reads the player’s consciousness signal to complete certain specific operations, for example, the player wants to “attack”, and the game character will complete the attack action by itself. However, in the Matrix game cabin, players can control the characters more accurately, and even allow their characters to move a specific finger.

Therefore, whether this over-the-shoulder perspective is suitable for next-generation VR has always been questionable.

Chen Mo found after experimenting that using this perspective in the Matrix game cabin is much better than he thought.

How to describe this feeling…strictly speaking seems to be playing with marionettes.

That is to say, there is a puppet (game character) standing in front of you. Whatever action you take, he will do what action, and all the sensory feedback he receives will appear on your body simultaneously.

Or you can imagine that there is a pair of eyeballs on the back of your head. You can use this pair of eyeballs to observe the whole world at will.

At the beginning, Chen Mo felt very uncomfortable, because this perspective violated human biological instincts, but after adjusting to it, it felt very cool, because the horizon became much wider.

Why Chen Mo must use the shoulder angle to make this game…

Because if you discard the use of the lens and the protagonist’s action, the game’s viewing will be greatly reduced.

Imagine if the player is manipulating a ruthless character in the settings if a Person blocks, then kill the Person, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas, possesses exquisite fighting skills, possesses the powerful power of incomparable, and is proficient in various weapons, Overcome various enemies…

As a result, when fighting, she shouted like a girl while Xia Ji 8 waved her axe. The fighting action was completely an ordinary person without any training in movement. It should be difficult to produce a substitute for “I am a God of War” sense.

Therefore, how to make players feel “I am a God of War” is the most urgent problem to be solved for this game.

Consciousness implantation is a method, just like teaching the player how to shoot before: when the player is aiming and shooting, he will correct his gun movement by implanting consciousness unnoticeable influence, and then slowly make his movements toward the standard.

After the problem of movement is resolved, there is still an ornamental problem. Many actions of Kratos are picturesque, but under the First Person Perspective, players can feel “My actions are very handsome”, but can’t see “How handsome my actions are.”

And in many specific boss battles, cool executions must be displayed in specific camera language in order to maximize the beauty of this action.

Therefore, the “God of War” developed by Chen Mo hopes to retain the essence of the original language in the lens to the greatest extent, while continuing the consistent advantages of the movie game.

Of course, the game will support the switch of the dual perspective mode. If some players cannot accept this over-the-shoulder perspective, they can also experience the game in full accordance with the First Person Perspective.


In fact, Chen Mo is also paying attention to other Designers’ discussions on the future development trend of the game industry, but as a 10000-year diving party, he has basically no longer participated in such discussions.

Mainly because with his current influence, every sentence that he says may have to be repeatedly interpreted by other Designers and players, and may even be seriously misinterpreted, so Chen Mo is too lazy to say so much, even various interviews Basically no longer.

In the distant future, what will the ultimate form of the game look like?

No one knows, but it must be an infinitely colorful era. With the continuous innovation of technology and the continuous development of human imagination, various game types are likely to show a splendid situation, just like “World of Warcraft” It seems that the MMORPG, which has been almost eliminated, will also become a dominant game type again a lot later a year later, taking advantage of the next generation of VR.

Obviously, it is too early to assert that a certain game type has been eliminated.

As many Designers suspect, the cinematic game may no longer be suitable for the next generation of VR, but Chen Mo is about to prove this kind of wrong view to everyone with such a special work.

“What does the future of the game look like?”

“Maybe, the game is the future itself.”

Chen Mo looked at the technology tree of the virtual bracelet and said thoughtfully.



Lin Xue got out of the Matrix game cabin and yawned.

This is Seaside Mansion. Although Lin Xue has to come here once every day when he logs in to “World of Warcraft”, it is also limited to the entrance from the bedroom to “World of Warcraft”. The other fun things have not been around for a long time. I touched it.

I have to say that “World of Warcraft” is really poisonous when I play it in. Lin Xue has also become a leader in Guild’s 100 calls. Everyday all regularly organizes events online, which is more punctual than her Live Stream.

3 days 2 pigeon’s Little Fatty is also developing in the direction of Guild’s main tank, many viewers vomiting game addiction can effectively treat the anchor’s salted fish symptoms…

Although it is quite sleepy during the day, but after entering sleep mode, you will feel a significant improvement in mental state. Lin Xue stretched out. If it wasn’t for her that she had just laid down in the Matrix game cabin, she might think it was a normal morning.

“Clear a few tasks today, pay some money, then it’s time to prepare for Guild activities…”

Lin Xue was thinking about it while walking towards the entrance of “World of Warcraft” Beyond the Dark Portal, but when she had no psychological preparation, a thick stone pillar suddenly slammed in front of Lin Xue!

“bang! !”

This is like a big stone pillar that crashed down like a hill, and even made Lin Xue feel the ground shake.

Lin Xue lifts the head in panic, and finds an ogre nearly eight-nine meters tall, who is opening a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, exposing her fangs to her.

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