Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1124

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“What’s the situation? Help!”

My name is Lin Xue, and I’m in a panic now.

This huge ogre has a calf that is thicker than Lin Xue himself, and the battle strength is not a level at all.

Lin Xue now looked down at her clothes, or the casual outfit she just came out of from the Seaside Mansion. She really misses Javier Battle Armor in “Dark Souls”, or even just an exile. Dadao, she will feel a lot more at ease.

There are many ways to get rid of this huge ogre in Lin Xue’s games, but now she is just an ordinary person with no power.

At Seaside Mansion, the player’s perception ability, strength, speed and other data are no different from ordinary person, so Lin Xue now has no other choice but to turn around and run.

“I just want to spread the fire now, you have to give me an element bottle first, right?”

Lin Xue ran away, but how could her short leg run past the ogre, this huge creature caught up with her in one step, and then lifted her in the palm of her hand with a big wave.

Lin Xue was terrified. She tried to beat the big hands of the ogre, but tapping on the ogre’s skin was like tapping the marble.

Lin Xue has no doubt, even if she is given a blade now, it is difficult to make a wound on the ogre’s skin.

The ogre made a slightly sarcastic laugh, it not at all pinned Lin Xue to death, but flicked it.


Lin Xue let out a scream, her ears were roaring winds, showed a parabola, and flew out far away.

Free fall is not the biggest fear. Lin Xue watched the world around him changing rapidly.

It was originally an island, a beach, and Seaside Mansion, but it was violently changing. The sea around the island quickly collapsed. It was originally an island, but it became a mountain.

Lin Xue looked down, where there were clouds and fog, and the sky was full of red clouds.

She looked back and saw that the place where she had fallen had become a towering mountain peak, standing 1000 square feet into the cloud.

The strong weightlessness made Lin Xue feel that blood was coming to her head. She wanted to scream, but she could not make a sound when she opened her mouth. Just when she struggled like a drowning man, she suddenly found her next to her. There are still people falling.

Unlike Lin Xue, this naked bald muscular man fell head down, and he did not have any panic at all. Instead, he was full of calm, just like he was dying.

At this moment, Lin Xue found that his figure was gradually fading away, and the angle of view was gradually drawing closer to the bald muscular man, even his tattoos and scars on his face could be clearly seen.

A female voice narration sounded: “Kratos fell from the highest mountain in Greece, the suffering of ten years, the lingering nightmare of ten years are finally over.”

“Death will be his last relief from all this.”

Although falling faster and faster, Lin Xue felt no fear, but instead had an inexplicable calm, as if his own mental state had also been infected by the robust man.

“Big brother, even if you bought Croatia last night, you don’t have to jump off the cliff from such a high place, just jump on your rooftop…”

Lin Xue hadn’t had time to vomit, the muscular robust man had fallen into the sea at the foot of the mountain, and his vision instantly became dark.

A line of words appeared in the field of vision: “3 weeks ago, Aegean Sea.”

The narration continues to tell: “But he was not like that in the past.”

“Kratos was a warrior who assisted the gods…”

A thunder burst in the air, Lin Xue’s vision recovered, she found that she still had no entity, but in front of the vision was the muscle robust man with a red tattoo on his body.

He was holding two chain blades burning with flames, and his muscles were almost completely bulged out: “A group of hybrids, see me send you back to the abyss of the underworld!”

Well, the voices of pure men are full of breath.

At this time Kratos was standing on a dilapidated sea ship, on the other side of the ship, the monster holding a long knife was emerging continuously. They uttered a terrifying roar, apparently just a group of wandering souls who were unconscious and wanted to choose people.

Lin Xue put out a long breath: “I was scared to death. It turned out to be a new game! It is true that Chen Mo is also true. Can’t the new game be used in a gentler way? It must be so scary… I thought I was Seaside Mansion. Now…”

Obviously, the horror scene at the beginning was not the gameplay of “Ogre Invasion”, but the opening of a new game.

But because Chen Mo hadn’t released any wind before, the people addicted to World of Warcraft were not at all ready to prepare for a new game, so the moment this huge ogre appeared, including Lin Xue Overwhelming majority players have received big surprises.

Or maybe… startled.

The vast monster began to rush towards Kratos, and Kratos directly waved the chain edge in his hand and greeted him.

Kratos growled, chainsaws fluttered, and relentlessly harvested the lives of these monsters. Monsters were cut off, torn by hands, smashed, and thrown into the sea. Pieces of red soul exploded from the monster and gathered into Kratos’ body.

This feeling of fighting reminded Lin Xue involuntarily of the Spartan Warriors.

Lin Xue not at all controls Kratos, but at this time she can clearly feel every movement of Kratos.

This kind of feeling is like Kratos is Lin Xue’s marionette, but now the situation is not that people are controlling the marionette, but that the marionette is moving on its own, which in turn controls the person.

“This mode is so strange, the over-shoulder perspective of next-generation VR? Oh, fortunately there is the mode called Number One Person.”

Lin Xue tried to change to the First Person Perspective mode, this time she was equivalent to being attached to Kratos, watching him slaver all sides.

The immersion of the First Person Perspective is indeed stronger. Lin Xue can even feel the irritability and anger in Kratos. Now he is like a never-ending killing machine, cold and efficient.

But Lin Xue, who switched to the First Person Perspective, felt uncomfortable because she was able to see Kratos’ body and the monsters around Kratos. After switching to the Number One Person title, Lin Xue equivalent to turned into a bald man, and it was a little uncomfortable to see the back.

“Is Matrix’s new perspective mode in the game cabin? Hmm… it seems pretty good.” Lin Xue switched back to the shoulder perspective again, trying to get used to this “puppet puppet” mode.

Kratos is still on the slaughter all sides, and he still uses a variety of different battle methods continuously.

Swing lightly, smash heavily, pick empty, pull with chain blade, grab hand tear, fall to the ground to make up the knife…

Kratos is performing fancy monster abuse, and the feeling of these movements is constantly being strengthened in Lin Xue’s mind.

“This is…operational teaching?” Lin Xue began to concentrate on Kratos’s battle method, experiencing this farming pleasure.

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