Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1125

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Although Chen Mo has developed a lot of “Farming Game”, but the real Farming Game is very few, most of them are monsters to cut the player as grass.

But “God of War” is really a pure Farming Game.

At this time, Lin Xue is experiencing the opening in “God of War 1”, and the gameplay of “God of War 1” to “God of War 3” is of common origins, and the whole is still based on coolness. Regardless of whether it is a ghost or a demon, Kratos will show you everything without saying anything.

After the initial tutorial was completed, Lin Xue took control of Kratos and started fighting in the way he wanted.

In the past, Lin Xue has been familiar with Kratos’ battle method repeatedly, mainly the attack moves derived from 2 chain blades, swinging, vertical splitting, soaring, air attack, heavy smashing, etc. Lin Xue is feeling the battle At the same time, consciousness implantation technology also continuously strengthens this sense of battle in her mind. To get started now, you only need to reproduce the previous battle method.

Of course, players are completely free to do what they want. For example, it is no problem to use a chain edge pedicure, but in order to clean up the vast number of monsters, Kratos’s standard battle method is obviously the most efficient choice.

Therefore, Lin Xue soon became familiar with this wide-open and closed battle method, wielding the chain edge to relentlessly reap the lives of these monsters.

Lin Xue felt that her whole body was full of power, and her speed, reaction, bounce, etc. were all improved by super blessings, and she could even jump in the air for 2 segments and stay in the air briefly, not just in name only, but also in reality superman.

“My God… if I remember correctly, Chen Mo was so generous for the first time… well, Iron Man didn’t count that time.”

No wonder Lin Xue is so excited, Chen Mo is not so generous when he is…

Players who are accustomed to the “SILENT conspiracy” have long had no confidence in the morality and compassion of this product.

In fact, with the technical level of Matrix game cabin, an ordinary person can be turned into a superman in the game world, or even a god. Because in the Matrix game cabin, not only can all physical attributes be changed, but even the flow rate of time can be changed.

As long as the sleep mode came out, many industry insiders have discussed that this mode can even make different Time Flow Speed ​​between players.

The difference in Time Flow Speed ​​between the player and the NPC is easy to do, as long as the surrounding flow rate is slowed down, just like the “bullet time” that exists in many games. When the NPC bullets are fired at the player, the bullet flow time is turned on, and the flow rate of the entire game becomes slower, and the player’s reaction speed remains unchanged, allowing the player to calmly avoid the bullets.

Just like in Chen Mo’s previous life, The Matrix.

However, the difference in flow rate between the player and the player cannot be achieved before, because the time in the game is also the time in reality. Two players PK, who responds 2 seconds slower, may lose directly.

But with the sleep mode, the system can control the Time Flow Speed ​​of different players. For example, the flow rate of the entire game world, including other players, becomes the standard Time Flow Speed. Only a certain player’s Time Flow Speed ​​becomes the sleep mode Time Flow Speed. Speed, which is 1:2, then the equivalent to is that the system specifically opened the bullet time for this player.

Of course, it is only said that the current Matrix game cabin supports this mode, but Chen Mo does not at all really do this. After all, this is very unfair to players, and the equivalent to is some kind of “official shift gear”.

This example is just to say that in terms of the current Matrix game cabin mechanism, ordinary person can become a god in the game, and even can say that the law is easy and the stars are falling. These are nothing difficult.

Of course, the premise is that Chen Mo, who is a Designer, has to design this game content for players to experience.

However, Chen Mo has always been very cautious in game production. For the next generation of VR works, players basically experience an ordinary person.

GTA, Bloodborne, Iron Man, World of Warcraft, the protagonist is at most a human with some special functions, and there is no special metamorphosis. Perhaps the coolest thing is “Iron Man”, but Iron Man is mainly Awesome on the body of the battle clothes, off the battle clothes is still an ordinary person.

There is such Awesome Physics Engine and next-generation VR technology, but it is very good for the players to suffer.

However, this time Lin Xue and other players finally waited for a game that truly made people a god. This is also the first time Chen Mo has so generously made players really appreciate the omnipotent pleasure in the game.

After clearing the mobs on the deck, Lin Xue just wanted to take a breath, and saw a huge head slammed through the deck of the sea boat, and Kratos was directly shocked and flew out, falling aside.

“This is the boss I want to kill?”

Although Lin Xue has also seen many large bosses, it is clear that in “God of War”, the size of the monster is only bigger and not the largest.

This huge head is one of the heads of Nine Headed Snake Hydera, its body is covered with layers of scales, 2 gills and fins, and the mouth is suddenly opened, biting towards Kratos!

The moment the snake bite, the Time Flow Speed ​​around Lin Xue instantly slowed down, triggering the bullet time. Lin Xue can completely rely on this time to roll over to avoid the boss’s attack, but monster’s bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and dagger-like sharp teeth made her panic, and she didn’t even avoid it for a while.

The bullet time passed quickly.

Nine Headed Snake roar, slammed Kratos into the sky, then opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and swallowed him!

“It’s finished, it’s cold.”

Lin Xue is ready to start again, but finds that the game is not over yet.

Kratos swallowed by Nine Headed Snake not only was not crushed and swallowed, but instead he held Nine Headed Snake’s upper jaw with both hands and forcibly withstood it!

Lin Xue felt that his hands, feet, and even his whole body were being squeezed by a powerful force. Nine Headed Snake Hydera was one of the legendary sea monsters. It was no problem to bite a hard sea boat into a hole in one bite. How amazing is its bite force, but at this time it can’t help but a little human.

Not only that, Lin Xue also felt that her strength was getting stronger and stronger. She clenched the teeth and even opened the mouth of the Nine Headed Snake directly and jumped out!

When Kratos was in midair, he actually triggered the bullet time again.

Lin Xue clearly saw a movement track, a illusory shadow of Kratos put the chain edge fiercely Spikeweed into the Nine Headed Snake’s right eye, then waved fiercely 360 degrees, and then directly hit the Nine Headed Snake’s left eye from the right side .

This time the bullet time is about 2 to 3 seconds, Lin Xue is almost subconsciously operating according to the movement track.

“This… is it…QTE?”

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