Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1126

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The chain blade pierced through the giant snake’s right eye, and then with Lin Xue’s wave, after drawing an arc with flames in the air, it fiercely smashed under the giant snake’s left eye.

Lin Xue clearly saw that his actual movement had a serious deviation from illusory shadow. According to the standard movement, the chain blade should hit the giant snake’s left eye exactly, but Lin Xue was distorted.

However, this effect is not large, the action is completed, this huge snake head was also fiercely hit on the deck, and temporarily lost consciousness; but Nine Headed Snake dropped a little blood and did not let it change Cheng was blind.

This heavy blow caused the snake’s blood volume to drop directly to about one third, and played a long coma effect.

Lin Xue madly responded to the head of the snake who fell to the ground, while recalling the handsome blow of the scene just now-that obviously does not exist in any known moves.

“Is this…QTE?”

Lin Xue recalled the previous scene. Isn’t this the gameplay that appeared a long time ago: QTE?

The so-called QTE is a relatively primitive battle mode, and its full name is “quick-reaction event”, which is a system that tests players’ immediate response. During the game, players should quickly respond to the buttons on the game screen, and press the corresponding button, the character will use gorgeous finishing skills.

For example, in the boss battle of many traditional games, when the boss is in a certain state, a very short bullet time and some specific key prompts will appear on the screen. At this time, as long as the player presses the corresponding key accurately, the game character will use A special set of combos hits the boss badly with many teeth knocked out. If you press the wrong button or press it slowly, you will miss the chance of this special attack and even be beaten by the boss in reverse.

QTE was also a widely used battle mode in the parallel world and in action games on PC. Its biggest advantage is that it can be used to express some special combat actions, making the battle more intense and exciting, and full of visual impact.

What Lin Xue encountered just now can be seen as a variant of the QTE gameplay, which is also the bullet time, and also the action guidance that appears in the field of vision. The difference is that the player is no longer pressing the button, but performs what he wants to do according to the action track. operating.

If you follow the normal play style, players easily think of the stun operation of swinging the chain blade and knocking the snake’s head 360 degrees at the moment of floating, but under this new QTE gameplay, players just have to follow the illusory Shadow trajectory performs the same operation, you can be strong and handsome.

Following this routine, Lin Xue found that the game was indeed too friendly for players.

There are several ways for the snake to attack, it can open its mouth to bite, it can throw its head, it can hit the ground violently, but Kratos has more ways to deal with it, it can quickly dodge and avoid, it can raise the chain edge of his hands Blocked, even if the snake is bitten into the mouth by the top of the snake, it can also hit the explosion damage through a wave of QTE operations.

It can be said that as long as the player does not do anything after being swallowed, and is left alone, there are 10000 ways to kill this Nine Headed Snake.

Not only that, Lin Xue can also see the heroic posture of Kratos fighting from the shoulder angle. When playing QTE, Kratos’ muscles swelled violently, turning gorgeously in the air, and the posture was picturesque.

“It’s so handsome. It’s really a game for pure men. Unfortunately, I’m not a pure man…”

Lin Xue killed Nine Headed Snake and only felt hearty. She hadn’t encountered such a cool fight in a long time.

Carefree operation, gorgeous special movements, perfect strike sense, plus background music mixed with War Drums sound and horn sound, make the battle experience of this game become incomparable.

Moving on, waiting for Lin Xue is more big scenes.

Kratos climbed the mast of the Shanghai ship, and the huge sea ship was covered with various enemies. The other heads of Nine Headed Snake were still continuously attacking the crew of the sea ship. The huge snake head was even higher than the ship’s mast. , The huge sea boat was firmly entangled by Nine Headed Snake, unable to move even a little bit.

Kratos moved forward continuously, and finally came to the largest head of Nine Headed Snake.

This boss battle is similar to the skull that was knocked out before, but the difference is that this time it is necessary to fight 3 skulls together, one big and two small. The big snake head will continuously resurrect 2 small snake heads, so every time you kill one, you will use the upper anchor to nail it to the deck.

After killing two little snake heads, Kratos climbed to the highest point of the mast and faced the huge sea monster Nine Headed Snake.

Lin Xue feels that he is so small, compared with the huge Nine Headed Snake, Kratos is not even as tall as one of his teeth.

Fortunately, Kratos has already got the magic of Poseidon’s fury. After a fierce fierce battle, Nine Headed Snake’s huge head fell heavily in front of Kratos, entering the bullet time again, ushering in this boss War-specific QTE.

Kratos threw 2 chain blades straight out, deep Spikeweed into the left face of Nine Headed Snake, and then he began to pull back desperately, slamming into the mast next to him!

Nine Headed Snake continuously struggled and exerted his force in the opposite direction, but Kratos’s power completely crushed it, and the huge snake head slammed into the mast. While the left face of Nine Headed Snake burst out with a lot of blood, it was hard The mast also made a deafening bang, and a wooden thorn protruded out, showing signs of damage.

The second QTE hit the mast from the other direction. After these two impacts, the mast has been completely deformed, and it will be broken immediately after another collision!

On the third impact, the mast was broken directly. This time the QTE is different from before. Kratos jumped onto his head while Nine Headed Snake was in a coma, and put the chain edge fiercely Spikeweed into its left eye!

The painful pain caused Nine Headed Snake to struggle violently. Kratos was directly thrown down, but at the moment of falling, Kratos directly threw out the chain edge and caught Nine Headed Snake’s chin, and then his feet died. Against the lower edge of the mast platform, began to pull down this huge snake head desperately!

“bang! !”

The sharp mast pierced directly from the lower jaw of the snake’s head and pierced out from its left eye, and this huge Nine Headed Snake was directly pierced by the broken mast!

The blood of Nine Headed Snake poured out like a fountain. It was still in Final Struggle, and there was a sharp, screaming sound in the throat, but it was meaningless, and soon it died of humiliation.

At the moment of death of the largest snake head, the other two small snake heads nailed to the deck quickly burst and died.

The lens zoomed out, giving an extremely handsome vision. Kratos was standing on the deck. In front of him was the nailed Nine Headed Snake. The bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl could even swallow one. Small sea boat.

“Help! Help!”

Nine Headed Snake’s throat faintly called for help.

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