Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1127

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Kratos burrowed into Nine Headed Snake’s throat and found the captain who was swallowed. However, he just snatched the key from the captain’s neck and kicked the captain into Nine Headed Snake’s stomach with one foot.

Kratos slammed into the cabin and saw the murdered ordinary person. He recalled the past that he had always wanted to forget…

He drifted on the ocean, sailing from one harbour to another harbour to serve the gods of Olympus. All his hope lies in the forgiveness of the gods.

However, no matter how much he drinks and how many women go to bed, he can’t get rid of the terrifying nightmare that has been torturing him…


“Ten years, Athena! I have been serving God for ten years! When are you willing to release my Nocturne!”

Kratos angrily asked the statue of Athena.

“We need you to complete the last mission, Kratos. Your biggest challenge is waiting for you in Athens. My brother God of War Ares is attacking Athens, and when we speak, Athens is on the verge of destruction… …”

Under the divine force of Athena, Kratos saw what was happening in faraway Athens, where the war was burning all over the city, and the sound of clashes and screams was everywhere, and the building was burning Collapse, everything is destroyed in the flames of war.

“Zeus forbids the gods to fight each other, that’s why I chose you, because only a mortal can have a chance to defeat Ares.”

“Complete this last task, all the crimes you committed in the past will be forgiven!”

“With faith, Kratos. The gods will not forget the mortals who have helped them…”

The camera gradually zoomed out, and in front of the huge sea boat, the burning city of Athens appeared, and Kratos embarked on his journey again.

Later, the surrounding illusion gradually disappeared, and Lin Xue found himself returning to the Seaside Mansion of “Oasis” again.


Lin Xue was completely ashamed. She was inexplicably panicked when she was caught by a huge ogre and thrown into a new game at first, but after killing the huge Nine Headed Snake, she was already inflated because of this Kratos, apparently an if a Person blocks, then kill the Person, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas game characters, completely the same as the previous fireless ashes or despicable foreigners who make players crazy and suffering different.

Especially the free combat plus QTE’s cool combination makes the game’s boss battle more visually impactful. The scene where Nine Headed Snake was pierced by the ship’s mast is still deeply engraved in Lin Xue’s mind. Kratos’ back could not be erased for a long time.

Moreover, a short period of game content also shows a lot of suspense, such as what kind of past Kratos has, why he has fought for Olympus for ten years, what is Nocturne that haunts him , Why is he so ruthless and even reluctant to save people…

With these suspense, with the prospect of being liberated, Kratos drove to the war-burning Athens, waiting for a decisive battle with the powerful God of War Ares…

However… the back is gone? !

Although I have experienced countless broken chapters, this broken chapter is obviously particularly unacceptable, because the previous broken chapter is anyway Chen Mo told everyone in advance that the game is still in the trial version, it may be cut off at any time, but this The second is to throw the player directly into the game without any psychological preparation…

Lin Xue said MMP, she glanced at her friends on Thunderbolt Studio pass, there are many people whose status is “in game”, but not in “World of Warcraft”, but in “God of War” Play version.

“So, this new game is called God of War? Well, it’s really appropriate, but Ares is God of War?”

Lin Xue noticed that there are still some friends whose game status is not the demo version of “God of War”, but “God of War”, which means that this game is already available for purchase.

“What’s special, buy buy buy, don’t buy or people?”

Although “World of Warcraft” is very good, but in “World of Warcraft” can not single out the boss, anger brush equipment, just the heart of the melting heart of the two door gods can make 2 players extinguish a week or two, if It may be a few QTEs to hand to Kratos.

Well, as long as there is QTE, any kind of god will kill you.

Lin Xue soon found the entrance to “God of War” outside the Seaside Mansion. It was an altar of war. The blade of chaos was inserted on the altar. As long as the chain of the blade of chaos was wrapped around his hands, he could be incarnation Kratos, enter the world of “God of War”.

“En? Was it bought in stages? And divided into 4 parts?”

Lin Xue came to the altar, and the purchase details of “God of War” appeared immediately, divided into “God of War 1” to “God of War 4”, and each part was purchased separately, and the cost of each one was The standard price of VR games, 980. And there are discounts for buying 4 parts together, 2980.

Lin Xue: “This is so special, it forced me to buy it together…”

I have to say that the discount is amazing, basically the equivalent to buying 3 get 1 free.

But think about it, the collection of the “Uncharted” series is basically at this price, and it is more expensive than this. I didn’t hesitate to buy it at that time…

“Buy it!” Lin Xue completed an impulsive consumption at the speed of light.


On the forum, Chen Mo’s “surprise” quickly aroused heated discussion among players.

Everyone’s reaction was basically the same as Lin Xue’s. At first, they all went into sleep mode and prepared to open up wasteland. As a result, they were all thrown away by the ogres that suddenly popped out, and then they were attached to Kratos. Experienced the pleasure of farming.

Then came the familiar chapter.

Chen Mo didn’t say it forced you to buy, even the advertisements were not played, so he put the war altar and the blade of chaos into “Oasis”, and you said you wouldn’t buy it…

The discussion of players is basically focused on two points, namely “Farming Game” and “new QTE gameplay”.

“This time…how do I have a hunch that this game is real Farming Game?”

“Chen Mo did not advertise that it is Farming Game in advance, it is probably true that Farming Game is correct…”

“To tell the truth, this seems to be Chen Mo’s only Farming Game after “Prototype”?”

“I don’t think it’s too optimistic. Before all the four parts are over, don’t make such a conclusion. Think about Heaven’s “Monster Abuse…”

“But I think this game is really cool! And this new QTE gameplay makes the battle method more varied. The scene where Nine Headed Snake was nailed to the mast is really handsome! And I have Premonition, this is definitely not the only one. The bosses in the future must be executed in a specific way. It is handsome to think about it!”

“Okay, okay, in short, I have bought it first! Is there any friends who eat soil together next month? Add a contact to each other?”

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