Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1128

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Those who only bought “God of War 1” soon regretted it.

Because from the point of view of the plot or gameplay, the four parts of “God of War” are more and more exciting and exciting.

Moreover, the first three parts of “God of War” have a strong continuation relationship. This is a very continuous story in itself. It is only due to the length of the game. It is forcibly divided into 3 parts.

As long as you play a little deeper, you will find that it is not only the consistent plot that attracts players, but also colorful boss battles.

From the plot point of view, “God of War 1” gradually revealed Kratos’s life. He was originally a powerful commander who led the Spartan army, but failed in the battle with the Barbarians army. Kratos Pleading for God of War Ares’s help and presenting his soul to God of War.

God of War Ares binds the blade of Chaos to Kratos’ body, and the chain is roasting Kratos’ flesh. This is the price the user must pay, and it is also a permanent reminder that Kratos has A very powerful force.

God of War Ares’s anger burned within Kratos’s within the body. After becoming a servant of God of War, Kratos’ human nature was buried and turned into a wild beast that only knew about killing. Kratos began an endless conquest, but in a temple, Kratos was blinded by the killing and killed his wife and daughter-he always thought his wife and daughter were in Sparta.

In order to let Kratos put everything down and become a ruthless killing machine, Ares designed to kill his wife and daughter, so under the guidance of Athena, Kratos began to search for the power of Pandora’s Box, Continuously get help from the gods. He crawled back from the underworld and finally defeated Ares.

Kratos hopes that the gods can help him reinvent his soul and forget those painful memories. However, Athena deceived him, and the gods did not want to erase his nightmares, but only pardoned his sins. Kratos jumped from the top of Olympus with despair, but he did not die. After the death of God of War, God of War was vacated, and the gods needed a new God of War.

In the end, Kratos set foot on Mount Olympus, and finally took the position of God of War.

However, the use and deception of Kratos by the gods have planted the seeds of hatred in his heart. He was rejected by the gods at Olympus, and his Spartan Legion launched a battle after another. Field war. In a war, Kratos came to the battlefield, but was taken against by the gods, taking away all the divine force.

Kratos, killed by Zeus with Olympus Divine Sword, climbed out of the underworld with hatred, but his divine force has been taken away by the Olympus sacred sword. Gaia tells Kratos that he can only regain his divine force and change all this when he finds Sister Destiny 3 and returns to Zeus to betray Kratos.

So Kratos and Titan defeated by Zeus temporarily formed an alliance, and gained power from the great Thai tank Lonos. At the end of “God of War 2,” Kratos killed the sisters of Destiny 3, and successfully returned to the time period where Zeus calculated his own time, but when he finally wanted to kill Zeus, Athena blocked this for Zeus. A sword.

Athena told the truth before she died. Kratos was the son of Zeus. Zeus was afraid that Kratos would follow his father’s old path like him, so he had to design and kill Kratos. But Athena’s death not at all made Kratos give up his revenge. He decided to attack Mount Olympus with the help of the Titans and end the rule of the gods.

At the end of “God of War 2” and the beginning of “God of War 3”, the gods gathered in Olympus, ready to solve the threat of Kratos, Titan Gaia climbed Mount Olympus, Kui Toss held up Divine Sword Olympus and shouted: “Zeus! Your son is back! I will bring Olympus to destruction!”


From “God of War 1” to “God of War 3”, the whole story continues to develop towards an epic that is increasingly surging forward with great momentum. In “God of War 1,” Kratos has just ascended to the God of War and completed the great cause of killing God with a mortal body.

The further he develops, the more powerful his enemies will be, from ordinary sea monsters to powerful Titans, to the prestigious Olympus gods, each boss battle has its own characteristics, and the battle will make full use of the surrounding Environment, for example, in the battle with Ares, Kratos removed a bridge from the battlefield as his weapon. The rich QTE and combat design make every boss battle so exciting.

The places where he fights are also all over the world, the underworld and the tops of the gods. These scenes are vast and ambitious, and some of the puzzle-solving elements are also done just right, not too cumbersome or too simple. In addition to solving various mysteries in the scene levels, it is also necessary to make good use of the surrounding environment to fight the enemy.

In addition to the Blade of Chaos, Kratos also began to get a variety of Divine Item, such as Sun Shield, Medusa Head, Apollo Bow, Icarus Wings, Hades Hook Claw…

“God of War 1” to “God of War 3” are based on Greek mythology, telling the adventure of the killing of God after mortal became a god, and in the plot of “God of War 3”, this The battle is coming to an end. This is the real All Gods turn to Dusk. Kratos will face the gods of aloof and remote directly and pull them off the throne one after another.

For players, such a brilliant plot design is mainly reflected in everyone’s wallet.

After trying out the fierce battle with Nine Headed Snake at the beginning, don’t you buy “God of War 1”?

Bought “God of War 1” and you don’t want to buy “God of War 2”?

“God of War 2” was calculated, “God of War 3” is about to kill Olympus to avenge the gods, don’t you buy it?

Hmm… “God of War 123” has already been bought, the price is basically the same as the collection, are you sure not to buy a collection directly?

Many players use their fingers to count around, it seems… still Chen Mo fine…

However, those players who bought the “God of War” series of works soon discovered that their money was not wrong.

It’s so fun!

When was SILENT so generous and so generous, did it really make a Farming Game to keep players pure?

Many players are reminded to play boldly, fearing that “God of War” is also the same as “Monster Abuse”. At the beginning, it is good to play Horned Dragon, and the result is “God of War” here. It does not exist, at least until “God of War 3” here, players can easily farming on low difficulty.

Moreover, the boss battle of this game can be called like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies, especially in the state of over-the-shoulder viewing angle, the camera will continuously switch, and the distant and close scenes alternate, showing the whole big scene. vividly and thoroughly.

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