Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1129

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At this time, in Lin Xue’s Live Stream Room, players are watching the battle between Kratos and Kronos.

Cronus is the father of Zeus and the king of the second generation of gods, strictly speaking, this product should be regarded as the grandfather of Kratos. He is a huge Titan. In the opening of “God of War 2”, Gaia and Kratos went to Mount Olympus. As a result, Gaia fell and Kronos angered Kratos because of it, so When Kratos came to the abyss of hell again to obtain the stone navel, he ushered in a boss battle with Titan without any surprises.

In the previous plot, the audience has seen Kratos kill a lot of gods, including Poseidon, the opening sea king. In this boss battle, Kratos will continue to climb and shift positions on Gaia. In order to fight with the Titan and kill Poseidon’s Seaman Leviathan and his deity in order, he can finally pull out his deity and successfully kill him.

The battle with Poseidon is the highlight of “God of War 3” at first. This boss battle is far more intense and complex than the previous two parts, and the scene is magnificent and the action is domineering. It can be said that it is To grab a head start, arranged the best opening for this All Gods turn to Dusk.

However, this is obviously not the maximum level of the boss battle. God of War has been continuously arranging bigger enemies for Kratos, and finally reached Peak in Kronos.

The battle with Kronos was unprepared, and the ground under Kratos suddenly shook, only then he realized that he was standing on the hand where Gaia fell. Kronos put Gaia’s hand together with Kratos and put it in front of him. He asked angrily: “Did the murderer who killed Gaia dare to enter my grave?”

With great anger, the Titan grabbed Kratos with his left hand and pinched him fiercely with his index finger and thumb!

This time, the size difference between the two sides of the battle reached the extreme, Kratos’ size is not even as good as Kronos’ fingernails, just like the battle between humans and ants.

However, Kronos not at all pinched Kratos to death, but instead Kratos forcibly supported Kronos’ fingers with both hands.

Kratos shone with Sun God’s head, then hooked Kronos’ body with the blade of chaos and jumped onto his arm. The monster parasitic on Kronos began to appear, Kratos solved them with no difficulty, and then began to move forward towards the abscess on Kronos.

Kronos wanted to shoot Kratos to death like a mosquito, but Kratos flashed out smartly, and then the Chaos Blade desperately attacked Kronos with a broken nail, and directly gave the whole nail Unplug it!

Kratos is like a ghost of soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed, climbing back and forth on Kronos. Kronos is dealing with Kratos like mosquitoes: pat, dust, throw, he The pustules on the body continuously produced skulls covered with pus and blood, but these monsters were all easily killed by Kratos like farming.

Not only that, Kratos is continuously attacking the abscesses and wounds on Kronos. Each and everyone’s abscess keeps exploding, and even Kronos’ body begins to appear one after another huge wound.

Kronos grabbed Kratos and swallowed him into his stomach, but Kratos directly used Olympus Divine Sword to open Kronos.

With a sword of blue rays of light piercing Kronos’ belly, he covered his wounds with his hands in despair and begged Kratos for mercy, but Kratos ignored it, but directly put Kronos on his waist. The blue spar was interrupted and penetrated his chin.

Finally, Kratos came to the top of Cronus, Cronus was still cursing frantically, but Cratos directly held Olympus Divine Sword, and spikeweed into Cronus’s head.

In the painful wailing, the huge Titan fell in despair, his body filled the entire valley, and turned into a mountain range that stretched for 1000 miles.

The audience in the Live Stream Room has been shocked by this battle, and various 6666 brushes filled the screen.

“Oh my god, I found that my imagination is really too lacking, even this battle method?”

“Really Awesome, the previous game was nothing more than a dragon and a large sea monster, and it was basically pedicure, no ornamental, but this game is so cool!”

“True Awesome, Kratos flew around the Titan like a fly, and the sword was so handsome in the end!”

“Really, did you find that every boss battle in “God of War” is carefully designed? It’s not that the boss’s skills are mainly movements. When you see Kratos playing Poseidon, kill him first Digging his breastplate before pulling out his deity for a beating; when he hit Hades, he ripped off the carrion piece by piece, and then grabbed his hook claws, Then pull his soul out and absorb it…Although it is a set QTE, but the visual effect looks really explosive, just a handsome!”

“Indeed, every battle in this game is challenging my imagination. In fact, think carefully, Kratos as God of War not only has brute force, he also has a high combat IQ, knowing how to use the enemy’s Weaknesses, even use surrounding environmental factors to help yourself win.”

“I also think that in fact, these gods should be close to Kratos in terms of setting, but Kratos can always use the most correct battle method, so these gods are all killed…”

“I have an unpredictable hunch, Kratos will not really kill this way all right? The gods of Greece are about to be killed by him, and they are close to Zeus and Athena in the state of soul…”

“It feels like this plot…it seems that you can’t stick to “God of War 4″…”

Lin Xue’s plot is advancing quickly. Under this intense and stimulating battle, few players can hold back the fight. The story of “God of War 3” has come to an end. Kratos and Zeus are fighting with Olympus Divine Sword. Zeus exhausted the last divine force to grab Kratos. This God of War’s Life is exhausted in an instant, and even the blood bar UI in the upper left corner of the field of vision is completely cracked!

In the darkness, Kratos continued to run along the blood stains. He saw his wife and daughter who had died, heard Pandora’s call, illuminated the road in the darkness with the life of hope, and finally broke free from the restraint of Zeus.

Kratos punched Zeus in the face with a punch, Lin Xue waved her fist according to the system hint continuously, her vision was already full of blood, and I didn’t know how long before she finally stopped and watched The divine force of Zeus went straight into the sky like a beam of blue light. The earth was cracking and the sky was wailing. The Temple of Olympus no longer existed, leaving only a ruin.

Kratos was not fooled by Athena. He raised Olympus Divine Sword and spikeweed into his chest, spilling the hope in Pandora’s Box into the world.

“Is this… dead?!”

Lin Xue was a little bit dumbfounded. She thought Kratos would directly wield the sword and cut Athena. However, not at all, Kratos finally completed his revenge. He put down his hatred and he was unwilling to be a pawn of the gods. I chose my own destiny.

But… Kratos is dead. Where else is “God of War 4”? ?

Lin Xue suddenly felt something bad: “I… wouldn’t I have been cheated by Chen Mo?”

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