Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1130

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Kratos fell to the ground, and everyone could clearly see the grim wound in his abdomen. The sword of Olympus pierced his abdomen, and the blood dyed turned red to the ground.

But in the last scene, Kratos was gone, the biggest blood stains on that beach spread all the way to the cliff, the last shot gave the distant sea of ​​lightning, thunder and hurricane, the end of All Gods turn to Dusk scene.

Lin Xue put out a long breath: “It turns out there is something behind, it seems that Kratos should not be dead, but… I want to know who is going to kill him in God of War 4? The Greek gods have already let him kill… …”

From “God of War 1” to “God of War 3”, Lin Xue felt hearty. The bigger and bigger battle scenes, the more and more exciting boss battles, with the revenge and the killing of the story throughout the story, these all put a very unique label on the game of “God of War”, which makes the players feel good. A handful.

“Ah, well, it is time to go to “World of Warcraft” to continue the wasteland. Our group is ready to open the wasteland of the Black Wings today…”

“Have you ever been able to fight it? Joke, I can’t beat it, otherwise how to call wasteland…”

“En? Why don’t you guys still do not want to be spared? You have watched God of War for several days. Are you too tired? Okay, let’s broadcast the beginning of “God of War 4″, The following content will be broadcast again.”

Lin Xue originally wanted to keep the content of “God of War 4” for tomorrow, but the result was that the barrage viewers did not want to look at it. There was no way but to come to the God of War altar again and started “God of War”. 4″ the plot.

Just after playing Zeus, the emotions of the players have reached a peak. In the end, Kratos died or not has become a big suspense. Strictly speaking, this can be considered a broken chapter, needless to say, it was definitely made by SILENT in order to promote game sales…

As a result, Lin Xue said that he wanted to continue Live Stream “God of War”, and some other viewers were unhappy.

“Replay “God of War”?”

“It’s been broadcasting for several days. Change another!”

“That’s because I’m tired of aesthetics. I just kill this and that all day. I don’t know what’s so good? I was shocked at the beginning. Don’t you feel tired of playing now?”

“To tell the truth, Farming Game is like this. Think about the “Prototype” made by Chen Mo. It is also a kind of brainless game with no meaning. Who still remembers it now?”

“That’s right, SILENT is degenerate. Think about “The Last of Us”, and then think about “Legend of Zelda”. That’s the imagination like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies. That’s art. Game classic!”

Lin Xue hasn’t spoken yet, the two-dial audience of the barrage has pinched each other.

In fact, this argument has not appeared on the first day, saying that there are many players who have no meaning in “God of War”, and the overwhelming majority of them are cloud players.

In fact, if the game of “God of War” is not a personal experience, it is difficult to see where the coolness is from watching the anchor player. Perhaps the first boss will feel very exciting, but from “God of War 1” From “God of War 3”, cloud players have watched so many boss battles, and they have long felt aesthetically fatigued with this mode. It is nothing more than killing monsters in a variety of ways. Anyway, they are planned actions in advance.

Of course, it is not ruled out that there are a small number of people who want to show their game taste through provocation…

Seeing that the rhythm of the barrage was about to be brought up, the experienced little machine spirit Lin Xue immediately said: “Okay, don’t lead the war, otherwise my housekeepers will start to work, I think you guys are now The player who criticizes God of War and wants to make a big news obviously doesn’t understand Chen Mo. You are acting black and black now. Would you not be beaten when the TGN score comes out?”

After entering “God of War 4”, there was a long black screen.

When the melodious background melody sounded, Lin Xue was stunned.

Obviously, “God of War 4” feels completely different from the previous three. From the emotion contained in the background music, you can feel a kind of restrained or desolate.

Soon, a picture appeared in Lin Xue’s field of vision. On the left was a thick tree trunk with a golden palm print on it. On the right side of the picture, Kratos, who was covered with full beard, had mourning in his eyes, holding an axe in his hand. To the tree.

Lin Xue was startled: “Oh my god, Kratos, what the hell happened? Why are you so old?”

Obviously, Kratos, who appeared at this time, is much older than the end of “God of War 3”. Although his body is still burly and powerful, his thick beard, fine lines in the corners of his eyes and has become calm, Perseverance in his eyes showed that he was no longer young.

He still has scars pierced by the Olympus sacred sword on his chest. Apparently the story of “God of War 4” happened after “God of War 3”.

“Oh my god, Kratos, what’s wrong with you, Kratos! Why are you so old? What about your Chaos Blade? What about your sword of Olympus?”

The style of painting has become too fast, and Lin Xue hasn’t turned the corner yet.

Players who had been expecting Kratos to continue to kill God also saw this scene as a group of faces. Everyone thought that in “God of War 4” Kratos would continue to maintain the image in the previous game, and the result was absolutely didn’t expect. Even the character modeling has changed!

Moreover, this story is clearly a long time away from the first three, Kratos has entered middle age, at least ten years later.

Kratos caressed the golden handprints on the tree and leaned against the tree, falling into deep memories.

Then he waved his axe and cut the tree fiercely.

When he wanted to bend over to pick up the tree trunk, Kratos’ left bandage was loose, which seemed to evoke memories of him a long time ago. He closed his eyes to take a deep breath before he began to wrap the bandage back. .

At this time, a Brat ran over and Kratos turned subconsciously, preventing the child from seeing his left hand.

“Get on board, child.”

Kratos threw the trunk into the water, tied it to the stern, and then rowed along the river to another pier.

Lin Xue was completely dumbfounded: “What the hell? Kratos has a child? Who was born with?”

Not only Lin Xue was stunned, but the barrage audience was also stunned.

What the hell? How did Kratos get so old? There are still children?

Look at this meaning, has it fallen into the world? This scene does not look like God World or Olympus.

Moreover, the biggest difference is the character of Kratos.

The previous Kratos have always been angry and violent, making people feel very reckless and kill your whole family if they don’t agree. However, this Kratos seemed very silent, as if he was desperately suppressing the anger in his heart, the previous Zhang Kuang became restrained.

I just wanted to see Lin Xue at the beginning and soon forgot to go to the “World of Warcraft” wasteland. This time “God of War” did not use big scenes and hormones to stimulate the players, but it was telling stories, either too fast nor too slow, whisper.

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