Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1131

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Lin Xue rowed the boat while sharing with the audience some of his views on the opening of “God of War 4”.

“A lot of foreshadoes were buried at the beginning. I don’t know why father and son had to run so old to cut down a tree. But I feel that the relationship between father and son is very problematic. Father called his son’boy’, The son said’yessir’ to his father, this is not a normal relationship between father and son?!”

“Okay, it’s reasonable to think about it. After all, Kratos’ father killed his grandfather, and Kratos killed his father, grandma, brother, sister 3, aunt 6 and relatives, so it seems to avoid letting his son manage Calling yourself dad is a way of dealing with a very strong desire to survive…”

If “God of War 4” impressed Lin Xue the most, it was that the rhythm slowed down completely.

The previous “God of War 1” to “God of War 3” were either killing God or on the way to killing God. The scenes passed by were all very cool mythological scenes, such as the Underworld, such as the Olympics. Temple of Limpice.

But at the beginning of “God of War 4,” Kratos and his son were like hunter families who were living in seclusion in the snowy field, chopping wood, rowing boats, chopping wood, burning their mothers…

Cough cough, in short, the life is very comfortable and calm, it seems to be hiding in the hidden land of peace and prosperity, away from those who kill and kill.

Having said that, Lin Xue didn’t even see what Kratos’ wife looked like because she had passed away and was wrapped tightly. After a few minutes, she was cremated and turned into a pile of ashes.

But think about it carefully. This is not the first time Kratos has lost his loved ones. Last time he lost his wife and daughter. Their ashes are always attached to Kratos’ body, making his skin pale like this.

Another deep impression is the use of the lens.

This time the lens defaults to an over-the-shoulder perspective, and the whole process at the beginning is a mirror, which gives Lin Xue an illusion, as if playing the Nordic cold weapon version of “The Last of Us”.

“So I have to help Kratos with the child? Ha? excuseme? I dignified God of War, and I want to teach this Brat to hunt?”

Lin Xue is very dissatisfied with the plot at the beginning, what is this stuff?

I want to enter this game to be cool, please brush out a bunch of mobs for me farming, or brush out a big guy to make me happy QTE?

What am I doing now? Follow a Brat to watch him hunt? Moreover, Brat did not have any accurate head for archery, and he bluffed when he met his prey. This is what Kratos has now, and if Kratos used to be, he might have kicked him.

As a result, Kratos now has to stop even when he speaks loudly to suppress his anger first, and can only say that the pure masters of Awesome must be tortured by their Brat to become sheep…

Lin Xue watched Brat scaring the deer away with an arrow, and Kratos snatched the bow in Brat’s hand and reprimanded him.

“Kratos is so strict… But why does Brat seem to have no inheritance of fighting father’s innate talent? Your father is God of War, hey, it’s really a crab is not as good as a crab.” Lin Xue saw Brat a little bit when he was reprimanded by Kratos It hurts, but when I think about it, I think Brat deserves it. Are you worthy of your father’s fighting innate talent?

Soon Lin Xue encountered the first battle, and the Undead soldiers who did not know where to get out swooped in. Kratos did not return the bow to his son Atreus, but he waved the Leviathan’s axe, Kill all these mobs.

“It’s so uncomfortable, so short…”

Lin Xue, who is accustomed to the blade of chaos, obviously has a lot of words about Leviathan’s axe, because this weapon is really not very easy to use compared to the blade of chaos.

Chaos Blade is one of the best weapons that Lin Xue has played in so many games. It has a fast attack speed, a wide attack range, and can also complete a series of special operations, such as hooking the anchor on the wall. Use the rope. However, the attack range of the axe in his hand is too close, and Lin Xue does not know whether it is his illusion. It seems that the axe’s attack power is not very high, and it is not pleasant to cut a few mobs.

The only advantage is that it can be thrown out and then flew back by itself, but for Lin Xue, this still cannot change the reality that she is not used to this weapon.

“It seems that this game should have a long time to fight with this Brat, hey, it’s annoying. A good God of War has to bring a drag oil bottle.”

“Forget it, who will let this be my son, you just call 666 on the side, take a good look at how your father and I as a God of War carry you.”

Although at first I thought that Atreus, Brat, was quite outrageous, and even worried about whether this drag oil bottle would affect my killing, but as the plot moved forward, Lin Xue slowly added more to this Brat. Good feelings, especially when killing deer, the interaction between Kratos and his son is very moving.

This makes the game of “God of War” more unprecedentedly humanized. Kratos is no longer the ruthless killing machine. It can be seen that he actually has a deep feeling for his son, but he does not Understand how to express it.

While father and son 2 were still mourning for the deer, a big hand suddenly came out from under the cliff and grabbed the deer’s body!

“Ah! God, it finally appeared, my old enemy!”

Lin Xue was too impressed with this product. Wasn’t this the ogren who grabbed himself and dropped it off the cliff when “God of War” first came out?

It is not until now that Lin Xue has figured out that the official name of this thing is “Monster”, and this monster has not appeared in “God of War 1” to “God of War 3”.

Kratos handed his bow and arrow to his son. Looking at this posture, they wanted the father and son to work with a common purpose against the monster.

“Brat watched carefully to see how your God of War father dealt with this big man! Well, just stand here and don’t move around. I’ll buy you some oranges.”

Lin Xue was refreshed in an instant. What are the little monsters in front of me? This big guy is Kratos’s dish!

As for the few miscellaneous soldiers I played before, I didn’t even give Kratos a gap between my teeth.

As a result, Lin Xue felt a bit wrong. How did you feel that the combat system has changed completely…

In fact, the VR version of the “God of War” combat system has not changed much, it is all next-generation VR, but the key is that the weapons are different. In the past, it was a chain edge, but now it is an axe. Can it be the same?

In the past, I was a few meters away from the monster and waved the chain blade directly to be a combo. Now I have to hold the axe to face and slowly output my pedicure. And Kratos now has no divine force, and the bloodline of the big guy drops slowly. Lin Xue looked uncomfortable.

The monster’s blood volume finally bottomed out, and Lin Xue once again entered bullet time, using his familiar QTE.

Kratos jumped directly on the monster’s back and hit his big bald head with a punch, then grabbed its broken corner and smashed his head to the ground, forcibly twisting his neck.

“Hu, fortunately I can still QTE, otherwise I really have to panic.” Lin Xue put out a long breath.

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