Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1132

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The hunting of father and son ended in a stiff way. After the monster fell, his son took a knife to output and coughed himself. Apparently this product is the same as Kratos. It is not only imposing and impulsive, but also Go crazy and fight even myself.

This kind of player is really not suitable for killing God…

On the way home, father and son met more mobs. This time the combat system added the “execution bar” setting, as long as the bar is full, you can directly use QTE to kill the mobs, which makes Lin Xue recovered a little of God of War.

At least when the mobs are executed, the visual impact of tearing them into two halves is still very strong.

However, when the father and son returned home, unexpected things happened. A guy with tattoos and a full beard started knocking on the door wildly, and was provocative to Kratos 100.

Even a slap in the face of Kratos.

Lin Xue was shocked, who was the last one who dared to beat Kratos like this?

Grave head grass is 3 zhang high now, right?

However, when Lin Xue thought that Kratos would beat this little man, this goods even flew a punch and beat Kratos? !

In VR mode, Lin Xue could clearly feel the force coming out of his abdomen. Kratos’ body was beaten and flew over the roof of the wood house, and then fell heavily on the ground.

Lin Xue and Kratos were forced together, what happened?

Kratos was beaten? ?

The first boss battle came like this unexpectedly, as soon as I saw the blood bar Lin Xue, I exclaimed: “This is not an ordinary person! Absolutely not!”

The next battle can be said to be Battle of Gods. This battle reminds Lin Xue of the feeling of “God of War 3”. Although it is not very refreshing to play, it can be seen that this battle is the original Authentic “God of War” style.

The free-to-play combat + specific QTE allows the combat system of this game to highlight the ultimate big scene to the maximum, ranging from a tree to a landslide, to a canyon directly from the ground, and 2 people use almost all the elements around The battle, including the big trees and hill-like rocks, all shattered into scum during the battle.

However, what makes Lin Xue very uncomfortable is that farming is sour? How to play like a black soul?

The first 3 parts of “God of War” also have some more difficult boss battles, which are also time-consuming. For example, when playing Hades, Kratos must first peel off his carrion, grab his hook, and then To get rid of it. However no matter how complicated the battle is, Kratos himself is always full of energy and never shows any fatigue.

But when you get to “God of War 4”, you can clearly see that Kratos is tired.

At the end of the fight, he even lay on the ground covered with blood, gasped for more than ten seconds before struggling to get up, and stumbled towards the small wood house.

So far, “God of War 4” can be considered as the theme.

“So… all Kratos has to do is take this Brat to the highest mountain and sprinkle his ashes?” Lin Xue accurately summarized what she would do in the next few dozen hours.

The barrage said one after another: “Anchor please pay attention to the quality, and then swear, we want station C to warn!”

The father and son who embarked on the journey reminded Lin Xue of “The Last of Us”. The relationship between these two people is indeed a bit like Joel and Alice. Even the feeling of awkwardness at the beginning is quite similar, but only one is a belt. Daughter, one is to take the son.

“Anyone who has cleared “The Last of Us” already has rich experience of bringing baby? Don’t be afraid of the little boy, Kratos will let you see what is the real God of War, you just follow the side and call 666, good Just call me Support, and let Dad tell you what is carry the audience!”

Lin Xue suddenly felt that the setting of this son was quite good, because he had killed so many gods before, and he didn’t even have a bystander. After a cool operation, no one shouted 666. This feeling is really too lonely, too lonely.

Xiang Yu once said, “Wealth does not return home like Jinyi night trip”, which means that if you are wealthy and you don’t return to your hometown, you walk the night road like wearing good-looking clothes. In layman’s terms, it is no different from salting fish.

Obviously Kratos is so Diao, killed so many gods, but now obscured, which is indeed too bad, at least the players are difficult to accept emotionally.

Thinking about the role of the son is reflected in this way. After Kratos successfully kills a god through a god-level operation, the son must shout 666 in shock. At this time, as a Kratos player, he can touch his son calmly. Head: “Basic operation, sit down, don’t to make a fuss about nothing, and brush 6 in the future, I will not be your son. I think your old son was in Olympus…”

Well, it makes a lot more sense to think so.

Lin Xue thinks more and more beautiful, thinking that Chen Mo really deserves to be a professional user. Too much research has been done on this kind of thing, and the resulting game is naturally marked with such a deep brand.

This equivalent to is to encourage players to equip 360-degree without dead angles, intimate, so intimate!

Lin Xue thought more and more beautiful, and almost laughed out loud.

With this in mind, “God of War 4” has a serious drop in refreshment, but there is one more salted fish shouting 666 behind the buttocks. This can be considered an epic enhancement to Kratos.

Of course, the uncomfortable thing is that this Brat really does not make people worry, it is simply an ancestral pit father, for example, this product collapsed on a bridge, watch a strange life, it is simply a mobile trap trigger.

Of course, the son also has some irreplaceable functions, such as recognizing words.

Kratos can’t understand Scandinavian, so when he sees various runes or institutions, he has to rely on his son to translate. Kratos is just like an illiterate and can only keep asking: “child, what does this mean? child, that is What do you mean?”

“Okay, this little boy is still a bit of an egg.” Lin Xue also had to admit this.


As the game progresses, the plot becomes richer and richer, and the battle scenes become more and more magnificent.

Sure enough, the goal set at the beginning of the game was not so easy to achieve. Father and son 2’s way up the mountain was blocked by the black breath. They must go to the kingdom of elves in Alfheim to find special light to penetrate. Lin Xue watched Kratos set foot on Nine Realms again.

Well, this is a dangerous signal for the gods here.

If you think about it, why did the Greek gods die? It seems that everything originated from Kratos’ departure to Athens…

However, as the story unfolded, the game really became more and more beautiful. Later Kratos also began to encounter many large monsters, gaining new combat capabilities, execution actions, etc., the shock of the first sight of “God of War” is now Lin Xue’s heart slowly recovered.

But what surprised Lin Xue the most is that this Brat seems to be more and more useful?

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