Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1133

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“Hu, this beam of light should be the light of the world? After entering, you can restore the magic of Rainbow Bridge.”

Lin Xue put out a long breath.

The battles in Yalfheim have become difficult, and these battles are not too closely related to “Shuang”.

Of course, it is not difficult to say that it is difficult. Lin Xue chose low difficulty. The current battle can only be said to be not good enough, but it is still no problem to fight in the past.

The problem is that the difficulty is not related to “farming”. The dark elves here can fly, have heavy armor, and can be self-destruction. If they don’t pay attention, they will be pressed on the ground by the mobs. friction.

Obviously, when you start to mind the types of monsters in the game, this game can no longer be considered farming.

Fortunately, Atreus is getting more and more powerful, and Lin Xue is surprised to find that the goods are not only capable of long-range attacks. She watched a dark elf being laid down by her son on the spot and never stood up again. The son’s crazy output of 5 times per second directly hit the execution effect from full blood to half blood…

As for how to do all of this, Lin Xue was not very clear. When he saw Atreus waving his bow and banging, the dark elf kept lying on the ground and could not stand up…

Lin Xue was shocked, is this special science?

Kratos holding the Leviathan’s axe to cut monsters is also impossible. The knife is stiff, otherwise, is it not a cheat? As a result, this son used a bow as a melee weapon that was easier to use than Leviathan’s axe.

is it possible that son’s unremarkable bow, what is the Divine Item coaxed by Awesome?

“Long-range weapon: axe, melee weapon: bow. Why is there something wrong?” Lin Xue looked awkward, “Forget it, when you upgrade the weapon next time, upgrade your son’s bow. I feel that this product will soon follow. I’m the same as what the hell.”

After a fierce battle, the 2 people finally came to the front of the world light. According to the witch, you must walk in to restore the magic of Rainbow Bridge.

The battle along the way was really not easy. Lin Xue finally came to rely on Sparta’s fury.

“Hey, the title of this game is getting more and more ill-named, and it’s almost exhausting to split, so I am sorry to call myself God of War…” Lin Xue spit out.

Kratos thought about 3 again and handed Leviathan’s axe to his son.

“Don’t use it unless you go to as a last resort.”

Brat, who got the axe of Leviathan, happily ran aside to play. Kratos endured the burning pain and forcibly stepped into the beam of light.

Kratos heard the conversation between Atreus and his mother. He seemed to have returned to his home, and he seemed to have come to a boat, shuttled back and forth in many scenes. Finally, he seemed to see Atreus’ mother, but at this time, he had a pair of hands. But suddenly appeared behind him and pulled him out!

“No! Don’t!” Kratos shouted loudly, he was about to send Thunderbolt to Atreus, but saw the mountain of corpses behind Brat.

A pile, 2 piles, 3 piles…

The bodies of those dark elves are everywhere. Lin Xue roughly counted, um, it is estimated that there are 100 more…

“What’s special…” Lin Xue felt his 3 views were shocked.

What do you mean? I haven’t just been in for 5 minutes, has it actually been a whole day outside?

And what do these monster bodies mean? I tried to kill dozens of them with my breastfeeding energy, but how many times did Brat kill me alone? ?

Lin Xue was completely speechless: “I rely, is this Brat actually so Awesome? It’s the same axe, how can I play it as hard as farming? You said that you are so Awesome, my axe has been given If you use it well, I will just call 666…”

Lin Xue’s opinion on this game is too big. What about God of War?

Did the good son call 666 to himself?

Why does the son seem to be the real God of War?

See what Kratos is doing, huh?

When climbing the wall, he used his son as a mount, carrying Nexus as a waterman, and the most annoying thing was that he didn’t know the ligatures, and he relied on his son to translate.

The result is not as good as his son?

Take a look at the shameful blood bar of Kratos, it is too short, it was accidentally hung under siege, and then look at his son… There is no blood bar at all!

Are you scared without a blood bar? Was caught by the ogre and thrown on the ground unscathed. Are you afraid?

Kratos is also often beaten up and down, but the son is outputting in the remote or close combat? ?

Are you God of War or am I God of War? ? ?


Soon, a big discussion about “God of War 4” began on the Internet. The core question of the discussion is: Who is God of War?

Others made a picture specifically, which caused a crazy spread among the player group.

“The distinction between true and false God of War will effectively increase your chance of survival.”

“Fake God of War (Kratos): Unclear black history, faded cheap tattoos, slightly tired eyes, sm costumes of unknown significance, and shameful upper limit of blood.”

“True God of War (Atreus): Noble Divine Race bloodline with no black history, 4 arrows per second shooting speed, perseverance, hard-earning leather armor, good at chatting and proficient in 8 languages, no blood bars.”

This picture quickly caused a warm response in the player group. Players generally reflected that Atreus is too strong in the game! It can be suppressed, it can output, and even the blood bar will not die at all. On the other hand, Kratos is brittle and weak. Unable to withstand a single blow, who is God of War is simply at a glance.

And this situation is especially obvious in the high difficulty. The high difficulty Kratos is simply a knife. Many players can only let their son output the blame when playing the highest difficulty. They can only shiver coldly on one side. Occasionally throwing an ax to find a chance Go up for a meal and take the time to roll back and continue to throw an axe…

Alive to play himself as a remote occupation.

Some players said that “God of War 4” should not be called “God of War”, but should be called “God of War and his aging old father”, so as to avoid misunderstanding that Kratos is God of War.

So, a vigorous sentence-making contest began.

“God of War and his old illiterate father”

“God of War and the old father with a shield who can’t stand it 2 times”

“God of War and his old climber”

“God of War and his shameful old father”

“God of War and his old water delivery father”

Of course, there is a comparison before and after playing “God of War 4”.

Before playing “God of War 4”:

Kratos: The bald head of the king, the roar of Sparta, son, don’t move your father to tear a god to show you, old but still strong muscles, your God of War is back! ! !

Atreus: non-mainstream hairstyles, timid eyes, so tightly wrapped, there is no imposing manner of your dad, son, you can output it remotely, don’t disturb your dad’s repeated moves, how to protect the child’s settings, hope this pig teammate does not Affect me to kill monsters.

After playing “God of War 4”:

Kratos: Big bald without culture, incapable of anger (actually shouting that son come and save me), don’t tear the gods, hit Martial Goddess first, let’s talk, it looks burly and strong, it is actually crisp, God of War is old Old father.

Atreus: The King’s noble hairstyle, true God of War eyes that despise mortals, knowledgeable, and blood bars are as tough as being beaten by a big monster, but the same as nothing, many times to save himself. Among them, ADcarry, the real God of War! ! !

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