Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1134

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Many players said in a ridiculous tone: “The series of God of War is deceiving! In fact, the first three parts of God of War are Kratos, and the fourth part of God of War is a son! This is a word game !The player simply acts as a fake God of War!”

There are also some players who sadly suggested: “10000000 Don’t choose the highest difficulty! Melee creeps only need 3 knives to kill Kratos, and remote creeps only need 2 hits! Played for 2 days forcibly turning God of War into God of God. Dare to believe? The most common tactic is to lift the shield and wait for the son to kill all the enemies in the corner, or wait for the enemy to jump across the pit and kick him! This is not so difficult for the Black Soul 7 Weeks!”

Of course, the reason why the players are so emotional is mainly because “God of War 3” to “God of War 4” are seamlessly connected. Everyone is not mentally prepared. I thought it was still like “God of War 3” In that way, gods block then kill gods if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas, and suddenly turned into a burning wife and baby with ashes, this psychological gap is not so big.

However, this change did not at all make the reputation of “God of War 4” avalanche, but when most players mentioned the series of games of God of War, “God of War 4” and the previous three have also been very good. High praise.

Even a lot of professional game evaluation media feel a bit at a loss for this, because the effect of the series of “God of War” is relatively fragmented, “God of War 1” to “God of War 3” and “God of War 4” “In fact, there are obvious differences.

How to score this?

But no matter how you look, these two styles are equally exciting!

For “God of War” by Trilogy in Greece, this is a refreshing game for players to farming, but it is by no means a crude and superficial game.

Because the whole Trilogy has shaped a huge and reconstructed world view, the gods are blackened, and Demi-God Kratos pushes directly to Mount Olympus, killing all kinds of gods, each god has its own unique appearance, skills and The boss battle style makes the ip of this game stand out, even in the super ip developed by Thunderbolt Studio.

Moreover, in the battle of the Greek chapter, the neat fighting, the dazzling bloody scenes, and the visually impactful battle scenes under QTE are simply intoxicating each male creature; in addition, there are also very rich solutions in the game. Mysterious elements and interesting props, such as Medusa’s head, Sun God flashlight, etc., Kratos often encounters some difficulties from the level, which must be solved with these special props.

The Nordic version of “God of War 4” uses a completely different way to make a new interpretation of “God of War”. Relatively speaking, those game media are more interested in “God of War 4” and spend a lot of pen and ink analysis.

After the score of “God of War” was released, players all said that there was no fluctuation in their hearts, and they even wanted to laugh.

Full score again, carry away, next!

In the TGN evaluation system, it is clear that “God of War” has become a new work with the “SILENT label” printed on it. In the evaluation, it does not hesitate to any word of beauty.

“This is a sudden surprise. No one thought that SILENT would offer us a 3A masterpiece at this time point, but after playing the “God of War” series, I have to admit that this is another masterpiece. This is a perfect piece.”

“It is particularly surprising that “God of War 4” not at all continues the previous story, and even makes people feel that the story of the Greek god of killing that is as long as the previous story is not just to enable players to It’s more fun to play, maybe also to be a foreshadowing, everything is to highlight the perfection of “God of War 4″.”

“Kratos in “God of War 4” is no longer a single character in the previous game, but has become a complex character. He is both a father and a warrior, and can also be said to be an executioner. Kratos is hard to say is a good person, but in “God of War 4”, his changes are obvious to everyone. Such a change of God of War makes the game world full of human care, it can be said that “God of War 4″ is The most exciting and memorable work in the entire series, it creates an unforgettable adventure.”

“Rating: 10 points (God-level masterpiece)”



At the top of Nine Realms’ highest mountain, Atreus took out his mother’s ashes and handed it to Kratos.

The father and son together, throwing the ashes in the bag into the air.

Both father and son had very complex emotions on their faces, tears in Atreus’ eyes, and faint reflections in Kratos’ eyes.

Indeed, they experienced too much along the way to get here. On this way, Kratos is trying to teach his son how to be a god, and Brato is teaching Kratos how to be a person.

The chattering Badr finally died, and in the Nordic mythology, it was precisely because of the death of this goods that All Gods turn to Dusk was turned on.

In other words, the story of “God of War” is not over yet. This old and small God of War has to kill Heaven and Earth turning upside down in Northern Europe.

Lin Xue was also sighed with 10000 1000. As a result, when he saw the barrage, the atmosphere disappeared instantly.

“End Samah!!”

“Look, your mother’s ashes!”

“Finished ashes!”

“Finally, assholes are fucking, it’s not easy!”

Lin Xue covered his face with black lines: “You’re too much! Why did Sam come out at the end?! Wait, what did Brat just say? Is he Rocky??”

The amount of information in this final plot is too great. Brat is Rocky. The name Atreus is derived from the name of a Spartan warrior… With the death of Badr, All Gods turn to Dusk began…

At the end of the game, a few years later, Kratos and his son were in the hut, and Thunderbolt was outside the house.

A burly robust man stood outside the door, and a black cloak covered his face.

Kratos asked loudly, “Who are you?!”

The stranger didn’t speak, just flicked his cloak back, and on his waist, the Warhammer was emitting dim-blue light.

At this point, the game came to an abrupt end.

A barrage drifted slowly through the Live Stream Room: “Kratos: The hammer is good, but the next one is mine.”

Lin Xue, who was shocked at the start, laughed instantly when he saw the barrage.

“Hey hey hey, don’t go too far, I’m still brewing emotions! Waiting for me to shove this game, does that mean, Kratos came to Northern Europe and gave birth to a son named Loki, the two killed together Light God Badr opened All Gods turn to Dusk, and then the next one is to fight Thor Thor… Wait, next one?”

“What happened from “God of War 1” to “God of War 4”, and the next one?! After making such a long game in one breath, it still broke chapters??

“I have served, Chen Mo, this is really a master of chapters! The world has 10000 things to break!!”

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