Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1135

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For many players, “God of War” is a relatively pleasant episode. It can be said that it is a pleasant thing for people to experience the journey of Kratos killing God in the journey of “World of Warcraft”.

However, the journey of “World of Warcraft” continues, and it will obviously continue for many years.

During this time, Guild’s wasteland development activities for the copy of the “World of Warcraft” team gradually entered the right track, and this wasteland development activity was actually very long.

The difficulty of the previous team copy is mainly to run in. In front of the high attribute boss, the cooperation of all members is required. Any player’s wrong behavior may induce group destruction, especially in front of some bosses with special mechanisms, which may be in front. Dozens of deaths and hundreds of deaths are just trial and error.

After all, the current wasteland trade unions are considered to be the earliest players in the game. There are no ready-made strategies for reference. In many cases, even the group is destroyed, they can’t figure out how to destroy them. A group of people must read the battle record together to see the clue .

The team design of “World of Warcraft” is the essence of the whole game, and this genius design has been very common in the 60s, so this game can only have accumulated in the version of “Wrath of the Lich King” knowledge and deliver it slowly.

In the copies of the 60s, Molten Heart, Blackwing Nest, Onyxia, Ahn’Qiraj, Naxxramas, each has its own characteristics, and was selected as the most creative boss of “World of Warcraft” “There will also be a large number of 60s team bosses selected.

For example: the first boss of the wild Razorg that needs to be controlled, the first twin Gemini boss Ahn’Qiraj twin emperor, the first fierce stakes battle against Parvic, the first F4The Four Horsemen, and Ragnaros, Nefarian, Cthune, Kel’Thuzad… all of these bosses have their own characteristics, leaving a very deep impression on the players.


At this time, a large number of teams, at the entrance of the fallen Valastaz, were hovered between life and death.

There is already Guild because the boss of the wasteland, commonly known as the “Little Red Dragon”, has repeatedly disappeared at 1%, resulting in a crack in Guild, and even the entire Guild has come to the edge of dissolution…

Even in many Guilds, when the leader yelled to fight the Little Red Dragon, the entire Guild was absolutely silent for a moment, no one took the trouble…

Many players think that after a week of suffering from the melting heart of the door god, they have already produced corresponding antibodies to this game and will not be so vulnerable.

However… this is obviously too optimistic, the water of this game is much deeper than they think…

At this time, the main group of the sacred dawn Guild is preparing to open the wasteland Little Red Dragon, and the well-equipped group members are listening to the leader’s training.

“I emphasize again, this skill of burning stimulation will make your skills instantaneous, but continue to reduce the upper limit of life. After 20 seconds of death, when exploding, it will cause 10000 range damage, every 15 seconds against the first The hate target is released once, 2 long-range and then a melee. This is a skill that we must pay special attention to. The other Red Dragon essence, Fire Nova, and Cleave are familiar to everyone. I won’t say more.”

“Then I will talk about the handover of our team…”

The head of the group spoke tirelessly in the front, and the remaining 39 members all sat on the ground to listen. From time to time, they were crazy nodded, like a pupil who listened carefully.

If there is something that you don’t understand, some members will raise their hands to signal. At this time, the head will have to explain it again. Must ensure that everyone can understand.

No way, as long as there is a person in this boss who does not understand how to fight, it is possible to pull the whole group together to take gold coins.

After this period of wasteland development, the Little Red Dragon has obtained a very domineering title: “”World of Warcraft” gold coin recycling machine”, also known as “group destroying engine” and “Guild demolition.”

Because according to official statistics, the little red dragon is the boss that kills the most players, and the continuous group extermination causes a large number of players to have to take out a lot of gold coins to repair equipment, so it will be called a “gold coin recycling machine”.

Of course, Guild, who has passed the Little Red Dragon in the future, will certainly not be less. If it is difficult, it is still far worse than Ke Suen and 4DK.

But the key is that it is the second boss of the Blackwing Nest, and its difficulty increases instantaneously compared to the first boss. It is a very deadly hurdle for many white Guilds. In the past, the Guild members may have to go to the big Guild and run their own things.

The little red dragon is a very characteristic boss. Before the battle, it had only 30% of the blood, and it will give the whole group a buff called “Red Dragon Essence” to restore anger, energy and magic value for all players. That is to say, all output professions can be cool within these 3 minutes, but if the boss has not been killed after 3 minutes, you can basically wash and sleep.

Moreover, the red dragon’s flame nova is an aoe skill for the whole group, which has a great pressure on the healing profession, and the two skills of igniting and slashing are determined. As long as one player has a problem, it may cause a group The result of extinction.

The head of the group also explained the booth at earnest and well-meant advised, and also took everyone to review together.

“Okay, I’m lying on the ground. Suppose I’m a boss now. Let’s stand around me now. Let me see if you are standing right. Soldier, you can stand here a little more, yes, that priest, you go a little bit behind. . Well, if the mage is now lit, where should you go? Show me a demonstration…”

The main tank pulled the tap, and the thieves and other soldiers attacked on the left rear of the boss. The left side was the healer of the melee class, and the right side of the boss was the long-range class and the healer. If ignited, the main tank died directly in front of the boss and was replaced by the second tank. The others ran to the open ground in a counterclockwise direction and waited for death.

This is the most perfect position that the head of the group has racked his brain after many times.

Seeing that everyone has already remembered this place, the leader finally ordered, brush the buff, and start playing!

Nor can it be said that the leader is too cautious, mainly because when the boss of the wasteland is opened, any one person’s mistake will cause the group to destroy.

Because this boss is immune to ridicule, 3 tanks are required to keep their hatred in the first 2 positions. After the mortal ignited in the mt, the second tank must quickly come from the melee heap to the boss and take the hatred live.

It sounds not difficult, but don’t forget the buff of the essence of Red Dragon.

Those thieves are basically free to use their skills under this buff, and the damage is naturally leveraged, especially some thieves with better output methods. 10000 Once the hatred is out of control, when the main tank dies, the boss turns his head directly at the thief A straight cut, almost all GG in close combat, directly to destroy the group again.

If the second tank runs slowly and eats a smooth split before leaving the crowd, it will still be destroyed.

And after the player hits the ignition, if you run slowly, the instant burst of 10000 damage for death is basically instantaneous for other people.

If you have ignited 2 treatment professions in succession, then let’s do it again, because the treatment is not enough, you can’t get aoes from the boss.

So in order to fight with the treatment, the long-distance profession output hard, and as a result accidentally ot, the boss turned his head to the long-distance profession… or was destroyed.

The main force of Holy Dawn Guild rushed up with confidence.

Six hours later, the head of the group ate bread while saying, “Come here today and continue tomorrow…”

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