Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1136

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Looking at the Continuously Merriment Value and Resentment Value, Chen Mo had no fluctuations in his heart, and even almost laughed out loud.

Although they can’t see the players’ faces, Chen Mo can still feel their struggles and pains.

“In order to appease everyone’s hurt hearts, it’s almost double eleven, and almost a wave of half-price activities will be launched, and the plan will pass.” Chen Mo smiled. “No need to thank me, please call me**.”

I have to say that the collection of Resentment Value in “World of Warcraft” is outstanding.

The previous 3A masterpieces were only collected one by one, and the efficiency was too low. And hardcore games like “Dark Souls”, many players are thrown there after hi +1, don’t play at all, and even for those who pass the level, the higher the threshold of suffering, the slower the later. Slowly, there is no Resentment Value collected.

But as soon as “World of Warcraft” came out, it was very diametrical.

The Resentment Value of 40 players can be collected in one fell swoop, and as long as this game is played for a long time, it is always impossible to participate in team activities and not play team books? Just hit it, then the proper Resentment Value is taken.

Even if some players really don’t play team, then you have to brush the battlefield, right? Even if you don’t brush the battlefield and encounter missions in the wild, you still need PVP?

Not only that, but characters like “3 Season Rice” are continuously appearing in “World of Warcraft”. When slaughtering smurf, they were never soft, making outstanding contributions to Chen Mo’s career in collecting Resentment Value.

However, Chen Mo does not intend to really pull the whole time of “World of Warcraft” so long.

If it really grows, the 60 version can last for one year, and the 70 version will come for another year. When the players hit the witch king, it must be more than 2 years later.

This time span is too long.

It must be said that some of the bosses of the original “World of Warcraft” have relatively high combat intensity. Many bosses, such as Oro, Cthune, Mulu, etc., were simply beaten when they were first designed, and some teams simply I won’t fight around, and after Blizzard weakened many bosses, the players succeeded.

It can’t be beaten without being weakened. It can be seen that some bosses have a high difficulty design.

For Chen Mo, the reason why he wants to release version by version is not to lengthen the player’s game time, mainly to allow players to get a consistent game experience and to be able to experience “World of Warcraft” as completely as possible Part of the game. Otherwise, “Wrath of the Lich King” will come out, who will do the opening mission of Ahn’Qiraj.

However, this does not mean that the longer the version lasts, the better.

This World’s “World of Warcraft” players have a very large base from the very beginning, and with the help of sleep mode, their game time can be guaranteed, plus a more reasonable team copy difficulty, basically a few Within a month, they can play through the current mainstream team.

Although the original “World of Warcraft” is a classic, but as a time-paid game, there are still some content in it that deliberately burns time, and many gameplays are mainly based on brushing. These are not really pleasant games. Experience.

Many of the more livery gameplays, such as prestige, are essentially the same as the stupid running ring gameplay of the domestically inferior Handheld Game. They are all repetitive labor. In this regard, Chen Mo also intends to “lighten the load” for players, try to let them experience the most exciting aspect of the game, and make every one minute of the card worth the money.

Of course, most players are now using monthly cards.

apart from this, there is another very important thing.

That’s Double 11.

Oh, that’s wrong, it’s not actually Double 11 but a new event that will be launched during Double 11.

In addition to the daily half-price promotion and other activities, there is also a milestone event for Chen Mo, that is, the “Oasis 1.0” version, which will be officially launched.

In November of last year, the “Oasis Project” was officially launched, and more than 11 independent Game Designers joined the Oasis Project to contribute to this epoch-making game.

They obtained many resources inside Thunderbolt Studio, including the art resource library, the Physics Engine built by Pangu Engine, the latest artificial intelligence system, etc., and obtained the use rights of countless super large IPs inside Thunderbolt Studio, just to create a huge, Complex and closely connected parallel universes also exert their imagination and creativity day and night.

During this year, each Designer has to develop an independent game unit for the Oasis project, at which time players can freely enter more than 200 game units to experience different games.

A year later the results are gratifying, the total number of game units reached 319. Of course, there are many game units in which the capacity is very small, and the duration of the game may be only a few hours. Not all game units can provide players with more than 20 hours of game experience like a new game.

But in any case, the preliminary game content already exists, and the “Oasis 1.0” version can be launched for preliminary testing.

Although “Oasis” has existed for a long time, strictly speaking is not really Oasis, it is just a prototype, so until this version, it can not be regarded as the official version.

If the current goal of Chen Mo is used to measure the current “Oasis 1.0”, it is still very naive, but for players, this should be quite a novel game experience.

“Oasis 1.0” version has 8 modes by default, very balanced.

They are single-player adventure mode, multi-player adventure mode, single-player survival mode, multi-player survival mode, competitive battlefield mode, unfair competitive mode, free exploration mode, entertainment mode, each mode has 20 to 40 Game unit.

Among them, the adventure mode is equivalent to traditional stand-alone games; the survival mode is equivalent to escape, and it is necessary to avoid the pursuit of AI as much as possible; the unfair competitive mode is that different camps have different battle strengths, and the weak camps need to cooperate closely; entertainment mode It is a game unit with some big brains.

Of course, these game units are different from stand-alone games.

Single-player games basically ensure that players have more than 20 hours of game time, and players can play it intermittently; and these game units are basically controlled at about 2 to 6 hours. Some long-time game units, if in single player mode It can be archived. In multiplayer mode, it is necessary to check with the player in advance whether the game time is appropriate.

apart from this, in order to avoid the duplication of game units and allow players to quickly get through the clearance tips, all game units have been dynamically processed.

Under the role of advanced AI, these game units will be different every time they enter the script, such as the opening position, NPC IQ and character, prop position and function, etc., all will have a relatively big difference, even if the player passes a certain level many times. This game script still needs to use the brain when entering again, it is very easy to overturn the gutter.

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