Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1137

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If the biggest flaw of “Oasis 1.0” is that the connection between the games is not so close.

Players can get some improvement in their characters after clearing each script, and bring some special skills to other scripts, but there is not a particularly perfect system that can put all scripts into a whole.

Of course, in the final analysis, there are still too few game units. More than 300 games are still not enough. In the future, we will continue to develop new game units, which may be up to a few thousand, and we need to continuously update and iterate. Platform like Matrix shopping mall, closely linked the whole Oasis.

However, that is the goal of “Oasis 2.0”, which currently looks relatively distant.

The computer screen next to it lights up and Jarvis says: “If the invitation list is confirmed, it can now be sent.”

Chen Mo nodded: “Okay, send it.”

Jarvis hesitated: “The content is a bit simple. Are you sure about such a big thing, don’t you write a few more words?”

Chen Mo laughed: “No, we are both afraid of trouble.”



“It’s time to prepare for Guild activities again. It’s harder than going to work every day.”

“Ah, it’s Double 11 again, must couldn’t hold back…”

“But speaking of which, why is there no promotion for Double 11 this year, or the old traditions are all discounted, and I have not heard of any special events, which is not like the style of SILENT.”

The Tauren warrior of Zou Zhuo woke up from the hotel, thinking in pieces.

He yawned, turned over a glass of ice milk from his backpack, drank his stomach, then went to the first floor of the hotel and asked Boss for a glass of rum. While drinking, he took out the adventure manual and began to see what else he could go Task.

The Guild activity only started at 2am, and it is only 12pm now. Zou Zhuo has a long time to spend.

There can be many arrangements during this time, such as doing low-level tasks, going to Auction House for reselling, practicing professional skills, etc.

Or simply he he wine in the hotel, and blowing Awesome with the girl next to Troll is also very good.

In fact, the usual Guild activity time is 1 am, but today’s day is special, just double 11.

Players have basically forgotten that the original meaning of this day was Singles Day, but they all remembered that the games of Double 11Thunderbolt Studio must be fancy discounted, which is an extremely dangerous day.

If you don’t pay attention, you can believe it without you.

Guild must also consider that many players today will go crazy after 0 o’clock, so the time of the Guild event is adjusted backwards, so that when the time comes, everyone asks for leave, and the organization is even more troublesome.

Suddenly, Zou Zhuo noticed a new email alert at the edge of his field of vision.

“Unread mail, from…Chen Mo? Ha?”

Zou Zhuo’s face was dumbfounded, and when he looked at the other players in the hotel, they all reacted similarly.

“Bulk mail? And the sender is Chen Mo, what the hell!”

Zou Zhuo got off the seat in front of the bar and walked towards the mailbox at the entrance of the hotel. He is Tauren, with long legs, 3 steps and 2 steps to the front of the mailbox. The huge body blocks the mailbox, and the Undead and Orc behind the buttocks are very opinionated.

“Take the letter and go quickly, a little bit of quality!” someone yelled behind.

Zou Zhuo flicked his cow tail and expressed disdain to him, but still took out the letter and squeezed it out of the crowd.

In just a few minutes, a large number of players have squeezed into the mailbox, and the other mailboxes in the entire Orgrimmar city are basically occupied by the players. The VR version of “World of Warcraft” has a very real collision volume, so if the mailbox is blocked by a few big guys, others can’t really touch it.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. They can drag the guy who blocked the road…

Fortunately, everyone is a qualified person. Some players start to line up spontaneously. Although the team is out of the elders, but everyone took the letter and left, so everything is still in order.

Zou Zhuo was in the hotel, so he was the first to get the letter. He opened the mail while walking outside.

“Huh??? Wedding invitation?????”

More than 100 and 10000 question marks popped up on Little Fatty’s head, because the letter he received was different from those ordinary letters. It was a very beautiful invitation. The workmanship and the pattern on it were very beautiful. What a legendary prop, the name of the props are all in orange font.

On the front of the invitation are the two emblems of Alliance & Horde, and the color scheme is also half red and half blue, but the overall color scheme is obviously exquisite, and will not feel cut and abrupt.

The back of the invitation is the emblem of many other organizations, including Cenarion Circle, Argent Dawn, Darkmoon Faire, Keepers of Time, Goblin, Bloodsail Buccaneers, Thorium Brotherhood, Keepers of Time…

These emblems do not occupy much space, but basically all the neutral forces in Azeroth are included, arranged on the back of the invitation, family neat and tidy.

Zou Zhuo opened the invitation with 3 simple words on it:

Groom: Chen Mo

Bride: Li Jingsi

We warmly invite you to visit!

Zou Zhuo froze for a moment: “Oh, it turned out to be Chen Mo’s wedding invitation.”

“En? Wait, Chen Mo’s wedding invitation???”

Little Fatty suddenly cried out: “I’m leaning, what the hell is wedding invitation!!!”


All “World of Warcraft” players of all world received an email from Chen Mo at the same time.

Moreover, this is a legendary prop, and there is a special effect after using it: Teleport the caster to Mount Hyjal.

The news spread like an explosion in an instant. Obviously its impact was not limited to only a few 10000000 million Warcraft players, but spread to the Internet and various players at a rapid rate.

“Fuck? Chen Mo is going to get married? Are all invitations sent to all players?”

“Today is not April Fools’ Day, but today is the Double 11! What does Chen Mo mean, or where should I sprinkle dog food on this special day?”

“It looks like it’s time to sprinkle dog food! This is so special, so shameless!”

“After all, SILENT is going to get married sooner or later, I just don’t know who this Li Jingsi is?”

“But I haven’t heard that they are going to have a wedding in reality. There is no wind at all!”

“Fuck! SILENT is really unjustified!!!”

“Why are you upstairs so excited, what’s wrong, do you want to marry Chen Mo?”

“Fart, I’m a man! I’m very emotional. I basically played games made by Chen Mo from college. Then my classmates got married after graduation. I always comfort myself. It’s okay. Chen Mo makes so much money. Didn’t you get married? As a result, even he abandoned me now! As a single dog, I felt 10,000,000 crit damage!”

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