Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1138

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This invitation instantly caused an uproar, mainly because everyone was not prepared!

There are frypots in “World of Warcraft”, the Guild channel, the integrated channel, the world channel are discussing this matter everywhere, and the players tried to use this invitation, and it was really Teleport to Mount Hyjal!

Some Guild groups are opening up wasteland in a frenzy. The leader is patiently explaining how to play the boss. As a result, he saw the Guild channel frantically brushing the screen. At that time, he decided not to play this.

A large number of players with “fugitive” debuffs immediately appeared beside the battlefield officers, and the battlefield was not brushed.

Some smurf hearthstones in the wild are still on the CD, and they are desperately running to the town. The main reason is that this version does not have a personal mailbox. It is really not convenient to receive an email.

Many other players who are not playing “World of Warcraft” have heard about it, and quickly quit from other games, go to “World of Warcraft”, find the mailbox to receive invitations.

Those players who are not playing games in the Matrix game cabin are basically not sleeping, because today is Double 11 and this is just after 12 o’clock. Everyone is busy shopping for various +1 games on the Thunderbolt Gaming Platform. What.

As a result, it was found that there was an additional Live Stream entrance on the Thunderbolt Gaming Platform. Click to open it, which happened to be the scene of Mount Hyjal.

The anchors were also shocked. The top-ranked Live Stream on the Live Stream website instantly changed to the scene of Mount Hyjal, neatly and uniformly, and there was a feeling of how to change channels from 7 to 1 o’clock.

Click on the Live Stream Room on the Live Stream website, all are Mount Hyjal.


Zou Zhuo Teleport went to Mount Hyjal and found that it was already a vast crowd.

For players without other servers, the scene of Mount Hyjal is very large, but the players who hold an entire server are already full, and even some very large servers may have to be diverted slightly.

Not only that, there are many players coming over Teleport continuously, and as one after another rays of light flashes, more and more players with a look of dullness are looking at the scene in front of them with very novel eyes.

A large number of Orc, Troll, Undead and Tauren get together and look at this World like a rare treasure.

“Isn’t it a wedding? Where is the wedding?”

“There are so many Fuck people, hey there are Alliance dogs over there, fuck them! Oh, can’t do it.”

“Trouble, let me, I want to go up there and see…”

“Hey, this turned out to be a Horde base. There are too many people. The merchants are blocked… And there are people who sell wine? The trouble makes me want to have a drink…”

Zou Zhuo Their location is an Orc base, but here is not at all what with swords drawn and bows bent atmosphere, even Orc guards are wearing flowers on their chests, when they talk, they will show fangs and smile at you, you can say It was very enjoyable.

Players have never been to Mount Hyjal because Mount Hyjal in the 60s is an unopened scene.

But everyone is no stranger to this place name, because in the story, Illidan took a small bottle of well water from the Well of Eternity and created another “well of Eternity”. The World Tree is located on the top of Mount Hyjal. It grew up in the lake.

World Tree Nordrassil continues to grow and played a crucial role in saving Azeroth many centuries later: when Burning Legion invaded and launched the Battle of Mount Hyjal, they used World Tree as their target, but World Tree was mixed. With all the energy of the Azeroth mortal race, it eventually blew up the demonic leader Archimonde and rescued the world from the demonic threat.

It can be said that Hyjal Holy Mountain has an extremely important historical position throughout the history of Azeroth.

At this time, as long as Zou Zhuo and the others looked up, they could see the canopy of World Tree Nordrassil towering into the distance.

“That’s World Tree? Really tall.” Tauren of Zou Zhuo is struggling to lift his neck.

“Small fat!”

Zou Zhuo turned his head and saw that Lin Xue and several Guild friends had also come. In this very lively scene, it was not easy to find a friend accurately. Fortunately, there was a mark on the map .

“I heard there are human camps and Night Elves villages over there. Would you like to check them out?” Lin Xue suggested.

Many people just came to Mount Hyjal to find weddings in 4 places, but not at all found. Asking NPC to know that it has not started yet, it has to wait until 1 o’clock. Obviously this is to take care of many players who are still writing or doing tasks. So that they have enough time to catch up with this grand ceremony.

However, although there is no wedding to see, it does not mean that these players have nothing to do, they can happily take a day trip to Mount Hyjal.

Mount Hyjal also has Alliance Camp, Horde Camp and Night Elves Village, as a foothold for different players to come in Teleport. In addition to the ordinary NPC guards in each camp, there are camp leaders, such as Jaina, Thrall, Tyrande, Malfurion, etc.

Usually players in hostile camps want to see these leaders, but it is very difficult.

However, in Mount Hyjal, Alliance & Horde players can move around at will, and the default is peaceful, and they can’t do it at all. There are already a lot of Horde players taking pictures with Grandma Thai and Jaina. The only regret is that Sylvanas hasn’t come yet and can’t have a Peak matchup on face value.

Zou Zhuo They were also curiously wandering around the human camp, watching farmers logging, watching Alliance soldiers patrolling, and even going to Alliance’s hotel to have a drink.

This can be considered a spectacle. In a human hotel, a group of Dwarf and a group of Tauren are fighting wine, and no one will serve anyone.

Of course, language barrier is still an unsolvable problem. Players can’t enjoy the kind of Thrall and Jaina cross-ethnic exchange treatment, so Zou Zhuo can only use moo moo moo while competing with a Dwarf player. Fortunately, only 3 fingers does not affect his playing rock-paper-scissors.

But drinking and punching will not work. This is a natural disability. Like 5 leaders, 6 6 6 ah, brothers and the like, they can’t speak any language, and punching is even worse. Zou Zhuo is a big disadvantage.

In addition to these, there are a variety of entertainment activities on the open ground, so Lin Xue they are almost dazzling.

The sky over the fireworks display was dark, and gorgeous fireworks burst continuously in the sky;

Darkmoon Faire specializes in a venue to perform circus, players can also get involved freely, and even can experience many very demon moth games such as human cannons;

There are a lot of peddlers selling roses, and if you accept it, you can add a love buff to both of them;

There are also a large number of players around the battlefield of small pets. Although the players cannot play, they can watch the small pets battle between NPCs, and they can also deposit coins, but only bet 10 gold coins at most, and they can only guess the win or lose;

In the distance, there is a small vendor selling a Frost Impact Gun. Players can use 50 Silver Coins to buy snow fights;

There are also small vendors who do not know how to write dead words. Before selling the boyfriend and the girlfriend dummy, after use, a wooden stake will appear to allow you to practice DPS. Zou Zhuo watched this small vendor selling for less than ten minutes. I was dragged to Xiaohei’s house by 2 guards

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