Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1139

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In addition to these relatively normal game items, there are also many very demon moth items. After playing, I feel like a mentally retarded kind.

such as:

Hatching Hippogryph: Players can spend 2 gold coins to experience the peculiar feeling of hatching Hippogryph. Just hold an Hippogryph egg and hold for 5 minutes to hatch a cute Hippogryph baby and take it back as a memorial, but Hippogryph baby’s coat is completely Randomly, whether you can hatch a high face value depends on the character of the player.

If it’s pure green… I’m sorry you can’t throw it, but you can spend 4 gold coins to hatch another one.

Tadpole Marching: Players will escort these little tadpoles all the way from one end of Mount Hyjal to the other. There will be various animals in the midst of trying to eat these cute tadpoles. Players can’t hurt these animals yet, they can only hug them and throw them as far as possible. After these tadpoles reach their destinations, the fish people will be very touched and give the players some gifts.

A box of matches: You will receive a box of matches from the NPC. After using it, you will ignite yourself, and then insist on seeing who can burn longer.

In addition to the gameplay of these moths, there are also many interesting entertainment scenes. Basically, in the map of Mount Hyjal, every step of the walk will encounter an interesting gameplay, and players are looking at it.

This seems to be fun.

That seems to be fun too.

Hey, why are there so many people there, hurry and see.

This is a grand carnival. At this time, all the servers of “World of Warcraft” are actively participating. Any previous holiday event is less common than this time.

Moreover, there are some small rewards from time to time, such as small pets, special transformation props, ribbon fireworks and the like, which are very attractive to the players of “World of Warcraft”.

The players are all playing hi so much that time passes by one minute and one second without knowing it.

Zou Zhuo They have come under the World Tree. This is a huge open space. Below the World Tree is the Well of Eternity, but the surroundings have been surrounded by lush flowers, and players can’t get through it.

The lanterns on the entire World Tree are also cheerful.

The ground is full of flowers, red, yellow, pink, purple… a variety of different flowers are paved into a vast sea of ​​flowers, and the breeze is blowing, and this sea of ​​flowers also waves, nothing more beautiful can be imagined.

At one o’clock in the morning, there was a burst of exclamation in the crowd.

Zou Zhuo looked up and saw that the city of magnificent appeared above Mount Hyjal, the towers of each and everyone in the city stood proudly, and there was a strong magical wave around.

“That’s… Dalaran?!”

Everyone looked at the magnificent city-state above them, and all were speechless in surprise.

This magic city is not yet open, but all players know its name. Because there are still Dalaran pits in the old continent, players have basically been there for sightseeing.

Below Dalaran was originally mud and rock, like a hanging mountain, but now it is also covered with flowers, and even on the tall minaret, festive ribbons and lanterns can be seen.

Several mages suddenly appeared, drawing a Teleport array in the center of the open space.

Players who are closer to the game immediately rushed over and, upon stepping on the Teleport array, were directly Teleport to Dalaran’s city.

Lin Xue and Zou Zhuo are also desperately squeezing towards the Teleport array. After Teleport, they went directly to the legendary magic city.

“Quick! I want to see Rhonin! I want to see the male god! And his wife Veressa Windrunner!” Lin Xue yelled and ran to the Violet Castle.

Dalaran is also very lively, but it is not the kind of carnival atmosphere. After all, the masters are cultural people, and they are also polite to celebrate.

When players in “World of Warcraft” were immersed in a carnival atmosphere, they did not find that the Time Flow Speed ​​in the game cabin has been automatically changed to a normal flow rate, which is 1:1 time.

In this way, on the major Live Stream websites and Live Stream Room, those viewers can also watch this grand event in real time.

While the players were still visiting Dalaran and Mount Hyjal, the crowd exclaimed again.

A dark shadow passed by like a dark cloud, it was a giant guardian giant dragon, red dragon Alextrasza.

This huge red dragon flapped its wings over Dalaran. I saw that Rhonin in Dalaran walked out slowly with a group of Kirin-Tor mages to pay tribute to the guardian giant dragon.

Soon, more guardian giant dragons arrived, the blue dragon Kalecgos, the green dragon Ysera, the bronze dragon Nozdormu, and the Black Dragon Neltharion, also known as deathwing the Destroyer.

It’s just obvious that the relationship between Deathwing the Destroyer and the other 4 giant dragons is not very good. From the station position, you can see that 4 other giant dragons are full of vigilance against it.

However, Deathwing the Destroyer did not at all make any extraordinary moves. On this special occasion, he must also be obedient and not dare to make trouble.

Players can be said to be very shocked. This big scene has never been seen in Continent of Azeroth.

Archmage Rhonin and other Kirin-Tor mage slowly came to the center of the city of Dalaran, they released a powerful spell, attached a buff to all players, so that they can temporarily levitate in the air.

Players immediately floated into the sky excitedly, like swimming. The bustling crowd originally on the ground began to spread to different heights, but there was one after another transparent magic barrier around the guardian giant dragon, they could not fly past.

Players are hoping to find a good position. In the direction of the five guardian giant dragons, rows of gorgeous seats begin to appear. They are arranged in a ring like the layout of the stadium, and players have sat up.

The World Tree was instantly filled with people. Those players still playing in the Horde camp and Night Elves village were also brought over by Teleport, and they automatically arranged chairs to sit down.

Pieces of white clouds gathered around the guardian giant dragon and formed a Platform of neither too big nor too small. A red carpet flew straight from the clouds and fell all the way to Dalaran’s city.

There are many more seats around Dalaran. Unlike the players’ seats, these seats appear larger and are obviously divided into many different areas. Some of them are covered with Alliance’s battle flags. After Jaina released the group Teleport , Alliance leaders such as Duke Bolvar, King Anduin, Turalyon, Muradin Bronzebeard, High Tinker Geblin, Tyrande, etc., all appeared on the seats.

apart from this In Alliance there is also a leader with a scar on his face, that is Varian Wrynn.

The Horde camp is equally luxurious, with Thrall, Grom, Hellscream, Durotan, Cairn Bloodhoof, Vol’jin, Sylvanas, etc., sitting opposite the Alliance leaders.

However, these guests are only a small part, and there are more Renowned characters, who have not yet arrived.

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