Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1140

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The leaders of Alliance & Horde have just sat down, and more leaders have arrived.

However, there are a lot of strange faces in it, and players also observe their names through the call-out interface UI to know what these people are called.

As a result, players were instantly shockless.

“Fuck, Archmage Khadgar?? But this product doesn’t seem to have a beard, why is that herbal medicine called Khadgar’s beard?”

“Malfurion Stormrage! This uncle birdman is also coming, not sleeping anymore? Ah, he sat next to Tyrande, and the single dog was hit again!”

“Huh, isn’t that Elderly Fordring in the Plaguelands?”

“Who is that female Orc? Garona? Who is that? Eitrigg?”

“That crow… Emma is Medivh!”

And farther away, familiar faces of each and everyone appeared.

“Fuck, isn’t that Baleroc? And Deathwing the Destroyer…the fuck bosses are here…”

“Who is there over there? I’ll go, Illidan!!”

Farther away, Illidan, Vashj, Kael’thas, a group of Blood Elves, and the Naga tribe have all arrived, but these goods have no seats and can only stand.

Illidan still has a very high reputation in the player community, so many players are stretching their necks to see what Illidan looks like in “World of Warcraft”.

But Illidan completely ignored the boiling players, but looked far away from the Alliance leaders, with Tyrande in his eyes.

Farther away, the Scourge Legion appeared, Arthas, Frost Wrym, Kel’Thuzad, The Four Horsemen… The Scourge Legion, which cast a shadow on the entire Azeroth world, was also sitting peacefully in the distance, although it seemed Full of reluctance.

Farther away, Burning Legion also appeared, the fallen Titan Sargeras, Archimonde, Kil’jaeden…

But this is not over. In the further distance, you can vaguely see the giants of each and everyone, those who are members of Pantheon, Highfather of the Pantheon Aman’Thul, The Moon Goddess Elune, Eonar the Lifebinder, Khaz’Goroth the Shaper , Norgannon the Dreamweaver, Argus the Unmaker…

Players are already overwhelmed, looking at a lot of legendary NPC, do not know who to watch.

However, there are a lot of seats that are facing the players. When players are wondering who these seats are for, the characters familiar to each and everyone begin to enter.

This time there was even greater cheers from the player community because that was the overwhelming majority protagonist in the game made by Chen Mo so far.

At the front is a dumb Pea Shooter, still moving towards the audience vomiting peas; followed by MT; then “Wulin Legend” Dongfang Weiming, “Onmyoji” Seimei, “Diablo” Tyrael, ” Wilson, the protagonist of Don’t Starve, Steve of Minecraft…

There are also the legendary heroes of “League of Legends”: The Might of Demacia Garen and The Hand of Noxus Darius. Players have also accurately found the dog-like happy wind man Yasuo among many heroes, and a burst of boos broke out in the audience instantly. However, Yasuo flashed quickly and vividly expressed “As long as I e fast enough, the question mark of my teammates cannot catch up with me.”

Behind him, Bennett Foddy, whose lower body was in the jar, sledgehammered while following the footsteps of everyone in the front.

Then there are the heroes of “Overwatch”, including Reinhardt of tall and mighty, Xiaomei, Brother Tian of the island, and Ao Wei, the dragon girl.

Then the Red Hat Super Mario with Bitch Princess ahead, stepping hat Cappy playin fancy somersaults; wearing a green hat Warrior Princess Zelda Link arm go behind-meter small elder sister and the other three souls appear There was a burst of cheers in the auditorium.

Then there was a very low-key fireless ash, this useless man holding a wooden shield in his left hand and a chicken leg, but ushered in a greater cheer.

Behind his buttocks are the despicable foreigners. These two brothers and brothers received the cheers of mountain cry out and sea howl, making them two face dumbfounded. I don’t know why their popularity was so high.

Next is Alex of “Prototype”; there is also a guy obviously from “PUBG” who wears Level 3 on his head and frying pan on his hand, which is very eye-catching; then Nathan Drake of “Uncharted” Brought his wife, daughter, good brother Sam and good friend Sullivan, dressed in formal attire, courteous like a gentleman; Joel of “The Last of Us” arrived with Alice, and Little Luoli also gained Wave cheers.

Then there are the elves of “Pokemon World”, the first yellow skin mouse Pikachu caused a scream as soon as he appeared, and there were hunters begin to stir to try to catch pets; then Assassin’s Creed The protagonists of the past, Altaïr, Ezio, Connor, Aveline, Edward, Shay, Jarno, Frye’s younger brother, Bayek…neat and tidy’s thorny customer service handsome break the sky.

Then came the 2 protagonists of the horror game, the reporter Myers in “Outlast” and James in “Silent Hill”. These two brothers and brothers were scared into dogs in the game, but here they are very sunny, You can also wave to the audience.

Then there are the hunters in “Monster Hunter”, but unfortunately not at all on the spot to leave a seat for the double ponytail, so those monsters can’t participate; behind are the three protagonists of “Detroit: Become Human”, talk about Collapse expert Connor Sauce followed his good partner Hank Vice Captain, Cara still led her little girl Alice, and Marcus pushed the old painter Karl, and Noce went with him.

Behind are the three good friends in the GTA, Franklin, Trevor and Mike. Mike came with his wife and a pair of children and behaved very gentleman. However, Trevor made a very indecent gesture to the audience and triggered There was a burst of laughter in the auditorium.

Batman & Joker came together, the clown jumped up and down to provoke Batman 100 times, Batman remained unmoved; and then Iron Man came with Little Pepper, and slammed the female players at the scene.

But at the end came Kratos and his son Atreus. Atreus obviously hadn’t seen such a big scene. He unconsciously drilled behind Kratos. Kratos had seen too many big scenes. No fluctuations.

However, when the audience burst out into the general cry of mountain cry out and sea howl, he was still taken aback, almost subconsciously holding the axe behind him.

With the appearance of these protagonists, the scene is already full. The NPCs are basically surrounding the magical city of Dalaran, with 5 guardian giant dragons in the center and Alliance, Horde, and neutral camps on the periphery. Leaders and other protagonists who have “traversed” from other games are players, and to the players are the natural disasters Legion, Burning Legion and various Titans as background walls.

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