Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1141

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And surprisingly, this is far from all the characters of the game made by Chen Mo.

Take “God of War” for example. With so many characters and gods in the four books, only Kratos and Atreus came. No way, the seats on the spot are limited, it is not easy to ensure that the protagonists of various games can find a place to sit.

If you really find all the characters in all games, then this scene will be uncontrollable.

In the present situation, the entire Holy Mountain in Hyjal is already crowded with people, so he almost sat on the canopy of World Tree Nocidal.

Not to mention, there are really players who try to climb the World Tree to get a better perspective. After a Pokemon on the Fruit Tree comes over, he will be pushed down directly.

Many players understand why Chen Mo doesn’t plan to hold a wedding in reality. How can the real wedding invite these people…

Chen Mo really thinks so. The wedding in reality is too boring. Even with a big venue, how many people can come on site? A few 1000 people and 10000 people will die. Can’t we get the wedding to the bird’s nest? That’s not funny.

This kind of extravagance and waste does not conform to the core values.

But when it is held in Mount Hyjal, all the game characters can be gathered together, and all Matrix game cabin players can participate on the scene, which is much more than the actual wedding.

Matrix game cabin has more than 2 1000 and 10000 players, these people are equivalent to being in person, even more how and the major Live Stream Platform is synchronizing Live Stream, the number of players who are watching this wedding all over the world is 100000000.

This kind of ostentation meets the identity of SILENT.

What is a grand wedding? Pack a castle? How many yachts and planes to rent? Looking for a top star to be a best man or a bridesmaid? Buy a sky-high wedding dress and another sky-high diamond ring? Use a limited edition of luxury cars to form a fleet?

Vulgar, too vulgar, and vulgar.

There are many rich people who can play like this in the whole world, but there is only one SILENT.

For Chen Mo, the most precious are the games, each and everyone is a classic character that penetrates into the heart of the player, is the support and love of the players, and is the virtual game world that is going to be built in the future to be infinitely close to reality. .

Suddenly, the five guardian giant dragons in the sky erupted together, and five beams of light of different colors converged. Then, behind Dalaran, behind the Platform constructed by the swirling cloud, they condensed into a huge screen.

At the same time, multi-colored fireworks in Dalaran’s city began to bloom and burst into the air.

Two silhouettes appeared at the lower end of the red carpet, walking towards the red carpet arm in arm, moving towards the white cloud at the highest point.

“Chen Mo! Chen Mo is out!”

“Fireworks are so beautiful!”

“Gosh, why do I have to watch the big screen in the game? Really… Boss, do you have an infield ticket? I want to sit next to Sylvanas!!”

“Look at the 2 dresses they wear!”

I don’t know who shouted it. Players all saw the dresses worn by Chen Mo and Li Jingsi on the big screen.

Although it is a wedding dress and wedding dress, the design is completely different from the real dress.

There are many blue elements on Chen Mo’s dress and a striking Alliance emblem; Li Jingsi’s wedding dress has many red elements. The main body is still pure white, but after being embellished with red, it looks more vivid, and The relative position of Chen Mo has a striking Horde emblem.

“Is the marriage of Alliance & Horde this? This is my real name on behalf of Jaina and Thrall to support this family matter!”

“He he he, does this mean that Horde is going to be crushed by Alliance forever?”

“Alliance dogs, you guys think too much, who might be the best!”


The big screen is the picture of Chen Mo and Li Jingsi walking towards the cloud arm in arm. The expressions of the two people are not serious, and they can even be said to be very relaxed.

Or rejoicing.

“The bride is so beautiful! Envy!!”

“I want to know who is the bride? Is it a certain star? Why don’t you seem to have seen it?”

“This is not a star, but a great god… It’s not better to play games than SILENT, but it’s not much worse…”

“Fuck, it’s really fake…then if these two have a baby, this game innate talent can’t be defeated??”

“How about both parents? Shouldn’t father take the daughter and give it to the groom?”

“Look, you have a lot of trouble… This wedding has a tradition of tangling a yarn in the game. What is the use of so many imaginary forms, I feel like this.”

“Yes, I feel a bit like Napoleon’s coronation.”

“How to say?”

“When Napoleon was crowned, according to tradition, the pope should wear the crown for the emperor, but Napoleon put the crown on himself, because he said: I am the emperor of the referendum. My power comes from myself, so I have to Crown yourself.”


The fireworks continued to bloom, and in the surrounding mountain cry out and sea howl cheers and melodious background melody, Chen Mo and Li Jingsi came to the cloud.

Chen Mo smiled under one-knee kneels, and his right hand appeared out of thin air with a dazzling ring.

Li Jingsi also smiled and reached over to let Chen Mo put the ring on her ring finger.

Another cheer like mountain cry out and sea howl!

There is no lengthy confession, nor a nasty VCR. Since it is just a ceremony, then the two people only need to identify each other, a simple look is enough.

Others sighed with emotion: “The one who can make SILENT kneel can also be said to be the only one in the whole world. Envy…”

Many female players were moved to tears, and some sisters pinched their boyfriends: “When will SILENT open this wedding scene? I want to have a wedding here…”

The boyfriend next to him was very happy: “Okay, I raised my hands and feet to support! How cheap it is to do…”

Of course, driven by a strong desire to survive, he not at all said the second half…

Chen Mo stood up, smiling and extending the hand, together with Li Jingsi’s right hand.

A brilliant rays of light broke out in the middle of their hands, and the rays of light of the 2 wedding rings shone even more, as if there was a special space generated continuously, like a new world was opening.

Behind two people, a huge Teleport door opened, like a smooth mirror surface, dotted with stars, as if every star was a new world.

Chen Mo smiled and said to everyone: “Thank you for coming to my wedding. As a thank you, the new “Oasis” world, for you!!”

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