Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1142

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Many people are still wondering why the ceremony is so simple, but after seeing the gorgeous Teleport door open, the players were instantly calm.

The new “Oasis”? !

Under the watch of the whole world, open this New World together, obviously this is the highlight!

This SILENT really does not stop, the highlight of the wedding turned out to be a brand new game world!

Chen Mo and Li Jingsi two people walked into that colorful world, countless stars are like welcoming their arrival, sending out touching rays of light, continuously blinking.

At this time, all players receive a system notification.

[The new version of Oasis has been opened, welcome everyone to the new game world! 】

In an instant, countless fireworks exploded in the sky. Over the player, countless ribbons and flowers fluttered in the air. In the general cheers of mountain cry out and sea howl, the atmosphere between the scenes became more fiery!

This is a carnival shared by all world players!

After the ceremony ended, the players did not leave immediately. They wanted to take a group photo with those camp leaders. Some players returned to Horde base and Night Elves village to continue to complete the activities to get those special rewards.

Guild leaders of the major Guild saw this situation and knew that the event tonight would not need to be considered anymore, and they simply canceled it.

And those players who have watched Live Stream on the Thunderbolt Gaming Platform are surprised to find that the game is discounted again???

And this time it is completely crazy and ridiculous. On the basis of the original 5% off, another 9% off, symbolizing a long time.

Not only that, there are several special packages in online games like “League of Legends”.

The first one is [SILENT’s Red Envelope], all players can receive it for free once, and some props and game currency rewards can be randomly provided, and players can offer the best reward of 9999 game currency, which is equivalent to nearly 1000 RMB.

The second one is [sincere blessing], after spending 2 yuan to buy this package, you can write a blessing to Chen Mo, and then you can randomly choose a reward.

The rewards are varied, it may be a hero in “League of Legends”, it may be a piece of equipment in “World of Warcraft” or a small pet, or it may be a game.

As long as there is something on the Thunderbolt Gaming Platform, this blessing package can be drawn, of course, the key depends on the character.

Of course, even the Matrix game cabin can be drawn, but this probability is no different from the lottery.

But there is one advantage, that this thing does not exist any black box operation, nor any internal personnel, the players are drawn based on ability, don’t be jealous of anyone.

The players were all shocked. SILENT Your conscience was eaten by dogs?!

People get money when they get married. Why do you want to make money when you get married?

What about the face?!

Hehe, don’t say anything, my fucking krypton!

This thing is just like scratch music, anyway, it is 10 yuan, the reward is not important, the important thing is the feeling of lottery…

Many local tyrant players directly throw 1000 gold, and a few 1000 to 10000 lands in. After all, there are too many local tyrants who can afford the Matrix game cabin. This kind of activity not only looks very cost-effective, but also sends blessings to Chen Mo. A good color head.

Some players are very excited to enter the new version of Oasis world, want to see what has changed in this place.


“With so many modes, I just care about what this entertainment mode is.”

Old Qin was thinking about it while choosing to enter the entertainment mode.

“Also match? Oh, the second is in. It seems that this mode is also played with other players.”

After entering the game, Old Qin found that the surrounding scene seemed a bit familiar.

“Why are you so familiar? Isn’t this a special thing at the entrance of the Passing Fire Sacrificial Field? It seems to be from Kudah? Hey, how can I not move.

Old Qin found that his body didn’t listen, and except for the eyeballs that could move slightly, the other parts were frozen.

As a result, the eyeball turned down and saw exactly the spiral sword inserted in his chest.

“I depend, what do you mean, I am Kudat? I am Kudat??”

Old Qin was completely utterly dumbfounded and taught by Kudat Teacher so many times, now it’s his turn to play Kudat Teacher???

Why… inexplicably still a little excited…

Old Qin was trying to roll his eyes 4 times, and he saw two undead walk in.

The two people talked while walking in.

“Dark Souls” in two-player mode, is this too simple? All the little monsters are unable to withstand a single blow.”

“That’s for sure. It’s much simpler for two people to play than one person. As long as one person attracts firepower, the other person just needs to poke the chrysanthemum behind the monster. The entertainment mode is really simple.”

“But this entertainment mode will not let us play “Dark Souls” from the beginning again?”

“I don’t think it’s enough. It should be finished after winning a few specific bosses?”

2 people said that they came to Old Qin. One of the players just reached out to pull the spiral sword, but they suddenly saw something and jumped back.

His action also startled another player.

“Fuck, what are you, frightened and flustered.”

The previous player carefully looked at Kudat’s face: “I feel like something is wrong, how did the Kudat Teacher’s eyeball just turn around?”

Another player was snort disdainfully about this: “Who are you frightening here? The spiral sword hasn’t been pulled out yet. How can the eyeballs turn, don’t make trouble.”

The previous player took a closer look at the Kudat Teacher’s face: “It seems that it really didn’t turn, that might be my mistake. Okay, I pulled the spiral sword.”

The player pulled out the spiral sword little by little, and Old Qin felt that his body was continuously regaining strength, and could not help but squeeze the long halberd in his hand.

“It’s started! I stood on his front and bounced back. You are going to poke him behind his buttocks.”

Knight up ahead held the shield high, and the other player went around behind Old Qin.

Old Qin coldly smiled, suddenly turned around, long halberd shot down, directly shot the player behind him on the ground!

Knight, who was up ahead, was still holding up his shield, and he was so embarrassed at that time. What do you mean?

Why doesn’t the Kudat Teacher play according to the routine?

The player on the filmed floor wanted to run after a roll. As a result, the long halberd of Kudah Teacher immediately followed, and he stabbed him exactly after the roll for 3 consecutive times.

The Knight player was dumbfounded. He held up his shield and was very confused about his situation.

What happened? My companion was given a second by Guda Teacher?

This what the hell, the Kudat Teacher doesn’t play according to the routine!

Not only that, how does it feel… this Kudat Teacher is a bit like a player, this artificial intelligence has done a great job right??

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