Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1143

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2 players have been destroyed seventeen-eighteen times in Kudat Teacher, so that they began to wonder if they entered the White Fog Sect in the wrong posture.

This Kudat’s IQ is too high, right? It feels a bit like a dead model…

These two people can be considered to have used the power of feeding, and it was not so difficult when they wanted to open up “Dark Souls”!

Knight said that the useless man was miserable.

In the case where Mudun is very rubbish, and Guda Teacher is very aimed at him, this is basically impossible to play…

He finally understood it now. It turns out that the useless people used to play so comfortably, but the Guda Teacher did not target him…

These two people were used to any obscure tricks that were forced later, and the spirit of the two people was highly concentrated.

“Is it still okay, is this game so hardcore now, what about the casual game?”

2 players walked inside while vomiting.

Fortunately, after coming out of Kudat, the two players no longer encountered any major obstacles, and came to the fire-sacrifice field smoothly along the way.

“How should there be only one fireproof elder sister?”

“I’ll plug in the spiral sword first, you can look at the merchant’s item and the like first.”

These 2 players started wandering around in the fire-festival ritual, and wanted to see if there is any entertainment element in the fire-festival ritual in this entertainment mode.

As a result, when a player was walking up the road and wanted to see Rudolph, he suddenly fell on the ground.

Player: “???”

With a look of instability, how can you still fall on the ground?

He glanced suspiciously at the side of the persuasion brother who was thinking about life: “Did you just stretch your legs and trip me?”

The persuaded brother glanced at him, it means you are a pen, I trip you to the ball.

The player scratched his head, feeling that he might have blamed the npc, so he continued to walk up.

After looking at it, it seems that there is not much change in the fire sacrificial field.

“Don’t change, let’s make a bonfire and continue to the city wall of Losrik.” another player shouted.

Players who were still chatting with Rudolph immediately went down, and as a result, they went to the persuasion brother and fell again.

“Sun, I saw it this time. What are you doing?”

The player was so angry at that time. Now that the world is in the dark and the people are unpopular, how come even npc has a bad heart?

The most annoying thing is that I was tripped by you when I walked up, and you turned out to be innocent, and deceived me?

Oscar owes you a little gold man!

As a result, I saw Brother Persuasion standing up and inserting the sword on his back to the front: “Yeah, do you have an opinion?”

The two players were startled at that time. What happened? How did the npcbig brother say something with an accent?

As a result, the two were forced to stay at the same place, and the brother was persuaded to quit, and continued to say: “What are you looking at?”

“His…” These two players started to have toothache at that time. Why did this persuade brother have a taunt skill?

The Knight player dragged the useless person’s broken pants, and whispered: “Forget it, there is still a task to persuade Brother, don’t follow him lower oneself to somebody’s level……”

The useless player thinks the same thing. It’s estimated that it’s necessary to delete the number and retrain with the persuaded brother. Not only can this spur be completely impossible, but it is not necessarily impossible to fight it.

How much has passed the cute newbie of Kudat Teacher because he accidentally touched the persuaded brother and was really dismissed. This is a bloody lesson…

So these 2 guys are preparing to submit to humiliation, even if the persuaded brother is left unmoved in these 100 kinds of provocations, he directly leaves with the spiral sword Teleport.

2 people continued to push forward a few strange, before looking at the ice dog door.

If these two people add up, then according to the difficulty of Kudat, is the ice dog harder to beat…

I feel like I can take a bonfire and go back to the fire-sacrifice ritual to take a break, clear the burden on my body, don’t when the time comes always die, if the burden is gone, you will lose blood.

As a result, the two of them felt like something was wrong as soon as they returned.

“Hey? What about the fire girl?”

“Hey? What about old woman?”

“Hey Fuck, how come the blacksmith is gone??”

These two people were instantly dumbfounded, this npc is gone, where is this soul going?

Those profiteers are gone, and even the fire girl is gone, how can I upgrade?

In a huge fire-sacrifice sacrificial place, there was only one persuaded brother sitting still thinking about life.

“Hiss… what should I do, or should I ask?”

Knight players who say this are not sure of themselves. After all, this dissuasive brother who comes with ridicule is really too friendly. 10000 Once asked in the past, this persuaded brother will say another sentence, “What are you looking at?” What about?

The useless player doesn’t give up, and wants to follow the blacksmith’s path. As a result, just after 2 steps, he started shouting: “Hey Fuck, I found those npc!”

Knight players gathered around and looked at: “What’s special…”

I saw that the napps of fired woman, old woman and blacksmith were all squeezed into a small cave under the bridge. These three npcs were also dumbfounded.

“How did you… move house…” The two players were fascinated at the time, no, the location of this npc station can be changed casually??

Forget it, it may be that the npc here has more personality…

These 2 players just wanted to find a fireproof girl upgrade, and a silhouette dropping from the sky was directly blocked in the hole.

2 players: “???”

Seeing that the brother who persuaded to put the big sword in front of him, he blocked the entrance of this small cave like a hen.

“What kind of operation is this?”

The two players were fascinated at the time, no, what on earth did you want to do?

3 people with big eyes staring at small eyes, and the result dissuaded brother to say straightforwardly: “What are you looking at?”

The useless player urinates at the time, why am I looking at it, don’t you have a point in your heart?

What are you doing? Let me find a fireproof girl to upgrade!

Otherwise, I have so much burden on me, where to spend……

“How do I feel that there is a problem with this npc? It seems to have deliberately made us?”

“Hehe, I also think…”

The two players reached a consensus, there is no problem with this npc too special… Even if artificial intelligence is no matter how Awesome, it seems that this operation can not be done?

What is the situation when all other npcs are removed…

These two players can make up the picture with their brains: Taking advantage of the opportunity of the two people to the high wall of Losrik, they persuaded the brother to stand up from the steps, sneaking up the fire girl into the hole, Then pick up the old woman and put it in the hole, then pick up the blacksmith…

This picture is too beautiful, too spicy eyes…

Knight secretly held the long sword in his hand, and the useless person also held the broad sword that he had just changed. Two people looked at each other, loudly shouted: “Look at you!”

After 3 minutes, 2 people were revived at the campfire.

“There is definitely a problem with this npc! There is absolutely something wrong!!”

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