Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1144

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The two players are wondering, and they see a line of play tips in the upper right corner of the field of view.

“Entertainment Mode: Who is Undercover”

“Each entertainment mode will have 3 players participating, 2 playing adventurer and one undercover. The adventurer needs to follow the game flow to take risks. Undercover can switch between monster and npc at will.”

“Adventurer winning conditions (choose one of 2): Find and kill the undercover once; at the end of the 40-minute game time, the number of deaths is less than 30 and defeat 3 bosses.”

“Undercover winning conditions (choose one of 2): the adventurer died more than 40 times at the end of the 30-minute game time; or the adventurer failed to defeat 3 bosses during the game time.”

“Undercover can choose to possess boss monsters or npcs in the process in non-combat state. Each boss or npc can only be possessed once. Once killed, the game fails.”

Two players looked at this gameplay description, and there were only two ideas in their minds.

The first one is, “Who is undercover! Who can’t be a serious name?”

The second one is, why did you introduce such a key gameplay to you? Is it poisonous!!

If we knew that Kudah might be played by players, do we die so many times at the first boss…

The two players immediately figured it out. This Kudat and the persuaded brother really had problems. It turned out that the same turtle and grandson were in control…

No wonder he also knows to move all the npc away, what’s so special…

Think carefully, this time is quite reasonable.

Although most players start playing Black Soul very slowly, in fact, if they just think about killing 3 bosses, 40 minutes is enough.

To know that many great gods use the parkour flow rate to kill all bosses, it only takes one hour to start, 40 minutes to kill 3 bosses, or 2 players to kill together, this time has been considered ample.

The key is how to achieve this goal under the interference of the undercover.

The sum of 2 players must not meet force with force.

No wonder they won Kudat, not because they 2 became stronger, but because the undercover took the initiative to change from Kudak to persuaded brother…

And now this product controls the body of the persuaded brother, which is even more powerful than Kudah. ​​The main Kudat can’t roll, but the persuaded brother can roll casually, it’s not stiff, and he can drink fruit orange to make blood, how to fight .

Knight players thought for a while: “We can completely avoid meeting force with force with him! Now that we have killed Kudat, as long as we kill Ice Dogs and Dancers, don’t we just win?”

The useless player beat his thigh: “Yeah, won’t you win if you kill the ice dog and the dancer? Wait, is the dancer the third boss? I haven’t played this game for a long time. Don’t lie to me…”

Knight player scratched his head: “Really, I remembered wrong? That should be the second one?”

The useless player squinted: “I seriously doubt that you are a gang with an undercover player, giving me the feeling of playing Landlord and meeting a black shop…”

Knight player: “ah ha ha ha, how could it be… mainly you watch the videos of the great gods on the Internet, the second boss beats the dancing girl, the third boss hits Monster King, and then uses the Little Pi shield to kill the hero Guda , Then you can change the disc and directly use the +2 weapon to cut the ice dog…”

The useless players are all startled: “Shente is using +10 weapon to cut the ice dog, you are poisonous!”

The two players took a little bit of consideration and decided not to go to the Fire Sacrificial Venue to upgrade, and pushed back the game flow directly.

Although it is slow to push without upgrading or strengthening equipment, it is 2 people after all. This game is especially difficult to play when playing the boss undercover. The other mobs and bosses are also normal difficulty.

And the player plays the boss is not act wilfully, because all bosses are big, there are certain attack blind spots, once the player knows that the boss is played undercover, their style of play will definitely change, when the time comes to give the boss to Torture may also be.

2 players went directly to the ice dog.

Old Qin was sitting in the fire-fighting sacrificial venue, waiting for the left and right, and those 2 players were stunned.

“Look like this, they went to ice dogs. Fuck, it’s not very good, they were beaten by them.”

Looking at the grayed-out boss names on the panel, Old Qin is a little square. He has accumulated great advantages before. As a result, after these 2 players know the specific rules of the game, it seems that they are not so interesting in an instant.

If you want to go on like this, the two players will cooperate closely and it is estimated that the big tree will be beaten soon. When the time comes, they will lose directly.

“No, I can’t hold my body to persuade my brother again, I have to change one.”

There is also a bad thing about possessing npc, that is, it is not possible to take the initiative to play with players and other npc, otherwise Old Qin will not spend so much time provoking these two players.

As a result, the two players now do not come to the Fire Sacrificial Ground at all, and Old Qin can only change the strategy.

“The old lady possessed, don’t give them the small ring flag of Loslik? Fuck can’t do it, 10000. What should I do if they cut me to death with 2 knives, they can’t fight back…”

“Well, there is.”

Old Qin made up his mind and left directly from the persuaded brother.

Encouraging brother looked at the fire girl and blacksmith who was blocked in the hole by himself, scratching his head, and looked dumbfounded.


The 2 players killed the ice dog with no suspense and arrived at the undead settlement.

In front of the gate of the undead settlement, everything is as usual. Several dead souls are wandering in front of the gate and want to enter. According to the normal process, the gate will open as soon as the player comes over, and the hospitable residents of the Undead Street will release 3 dog pairs. Players are warmly welcomed.

As a result, 2 players came over and found, what seems wrong?

Why, the gate is not open…

2 Individuals solved several fragile wandering souls at the door and felt the atmosphere was a little weird.

When I looked into the gate, the three dogs were also forced.

2 people 3 dogs big eyes staring at small eyes across the gate, as if to say:

“Come out!”

“Then you open the door!”

“It should be that you open the door over there, sha!”

As a result, looking at the villager who was supposed to open the door, standing in front of the gate mechanism, it might be a bug, and there was no intention of opening the door at all.

“It’s okay, we can drive here.”

Knight player walked to the mechanism outside the door, pulled hard, and the gate rose.

As a result, the two players just thought about it, and they saw the villagers inside the gates pull the organs inside the door, and the door closed again…

2 players: “???”

The Knight player froze for 5 seconds and immediately responded: “Fuck! That thing is undercover! He came out of the persuasion brother! Fuck him! Fuck him and we won!”

The useless player is also very excited: “Okay! Do him! The question is…how to do it across the gate…”

Knight player: “…”

It seems… really helpless…

Every time a Knight player pulls a mechanism here to open the gate, Old Qin pulls the mechanism there again, and the door closes again…

The three players started to hide in front of a gate and saw the gate rise! It came down again. Raised! Lowered again…

The pitiful thing is that the three dogs are completely in a state of confusion.

As soon as the door opens, wow you can bite!

Hey, why closed again?

As soon as the door opens, wow you can bite!

Hey, why closed again…

Every time 3 dogs contorts one’s face in agony poses a fierce face and wants to kill the 2 intruders, the gate will silently close again…

A dog scratched his head with his paw, how to fat 4??

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