Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1145

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The gate moves up and down, Knight players are almost speechless, this mode has bugs!

Undercover has been stuck at this door. How can we continue to fight back?

Old Qin was proud for a while: “As the famous anchor of “Dark Souls”, I can’t arrange you two? What is this? This is the crush of IQ! This is all due to my level design of the game “Dark Souls” Understand thoroughly!”

At this moment, the useless player gathered close to the Knight player and whispered 2 sentences.

Old Qin hehe smiled: “Why? You want to give up? It’s okay, you can still go back and go dance as a dancer, there is still a chance.”

That being said, everyone knows what the consequences of using this junk equipment to beat the dancing lady.

Even if these two people pass back the Fire Sacrificial Field to upgrade and get equipment, it is still difficult to fight.

As a result, these two people did not all go, and Knight went to pull the mechanism that controlled the gate again.

Old Qin smiled disdainfully: “Hey, I thought you have any good ideas, but you still have to hide this gate with me? Tell you, this is meaningless behavior… Hey Fuck ???”

Old Qin saw that the Knight player pulled the control lever, and he pulled it on his own side. The result was a closer look. The Knight player did not pull the control lever down at all, so he made a slight pull down action, and then pushed it up. !

As a result, the outside organ was equivalent to not activated. Old Qin pulled the inside organ down and the gate opened…

It’s impossible to close again, because each organ is independent. If the same organ is pulled down, you can only wait for the gate to fully open and then pull it for the second time…

“Hahahahaha, fuck him!!”

The two players ignored the three dogs and rushed towards Old Qin directly.

These 2 players are very clear that this ordinary villager is undercover, as long as he rushed up and directly hacked this villager to death, he won!

As for the few dogs that don’t care, the player will die a dozen times, but the game will be over once.

Old Qin panicked in an instant, because he is not in control of Kudat or persuaded brother, but an ordinary villager…

Although there is a lantern and a hatchet in his hand, but there is too little blood, just give these two goods one man one blade directly.

Old Qin was decisive.

As soon as the 2 players rolled over the gate, they saw this very scary villager turn around and ran!

2 players: “…”

What’s so special…

“You stand for me!”

The two players are chasing directly behind the buttocks. According to system rules, the distance between the player and the undercover will be determined to be in a combat state within a certain range. Undercover can not be changed to other monsters in this case.

2 players finally caught this rare opportunity of 1000 years, how could it be missed?

Regardless of the three dogs behind him, the two players directly rushed in like crazy dogs, and the result was too many villagers.

“You follow him, I will clean up the mobs behind!” said the useless man.

The 2 people were also very clever in their division of labor and cooperation. Knight chased and thought of taking a short cut to stop Old Qin. The useless people would kill these dogs and ordinary villagers behind to prevent the train from dying here.

The attributes of these monsters are not high, but it takes a little time for the useless people to clear these monsters, and finally they chased down to the campfire square in the village.

As a result, Knight was stared at the gate of the square.

The useless person frowned: “What are you doing? Lost him?”

Knight shook the head: “Not lost.”

Useless person: “What about others?”

Knight pointed a group of villagers in front of him: “In there…”

The useless man’s face was dumbfounded: “Huh? Which one?”

Knight turned his head and looked at him: “How do I know, how can you tell?”

The useless person took a closer look and sucked in a breath of cold air: “His…it’s all the same…”

From this point of view, the past is really indistinguishable. Most of the villagers look like they are wearing black clothed clothes, with lanterns and machetes in their hands…

Nonsense, the model is reused, can the length be different…

Knight thought for a while: “It’s okay, it’s all here, we can just clear this up? Is there any flame pot? Directly explode all the explosion barrels here.”

The useless person took out a flame pot from the 4th-dimensional chrysanthemum and walked over to the dynamite bucket. As a result, a villager in the monster pile silently threw the lantern in his hand onto the dynamite bucket…

“Fuck ??”

The useless person hasn’t reacted yet, and was instantly blown away by an explosion…

He just wanted to drink the elemental bottle to return to the blood, and he saw that the villager who threw the lantern in his hand turned his head and ran…

The useless man still wanted to chase, and Knight stopped him: “Forget it, don’t chase… What kind of player are we meeting? This is…”

The useless people look at the current situation and know that it is not easy to chase, because the more they blame, the more they blame, and there are too many forks. It is estimated that they will not be able to chase the goods.

The main reason is that they didn’t expect to be able to run so fast as a villager, and as firm as a player…

No shame…

2 people decided to go back to the Fire Sacrificial Rite to rest for a while and then came back. As soon as they entered the door, they saw Brother Kuai sitting on the steps, and the blacksmith sat on the steps next to him, thinking about life.

2 people did not dare to go directly, whispering at the door.

“This product is possessed by the blacksmith again??”

“I don’t know, it seems that it is normal to persuade Brother. System says that each npc can only be attached once?”

“Um… but why is this blacksmith sitting next to the persuaded brother, a very evil door, is he deliberately possessing the blacksmith and not letting us strengthen the equipment?”

“Want to hack to death?”

“Fuck, think about the consequences…”

2 people are still negotiating, but they did not find that behind them, the Fire Girl was crept to prepare to hide herself in a place they could not find…



Many players lined up in this very entertaining mode, and they were very surprised to find that this Black Soul can still play like this??

forcibly turns a Casual Game into an inference game…

Those undercover players began to try their best to pretend to be doing things, and the other two players were attentively trying to get him out.

And this gameplay is not limited to the first three bosses. Some games start directly from the middle. Of course, players who play adventurer in this game can get better equipment as soon as they come up to ensure the balance of game values.

And there is still a matching mechanism in this mode, which will automatically determine what kind of enemy you will match based on the game record of the Black Soul on the player’s account…

A good stand-alone suffering game, forcibly is transformed into an intriguing pvp game, and there is no one…

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