Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1146

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Players soon discovered that turning “Black Soul” into the “who is the undercover” of the reasoning game is nothing more than a small gameplay in the huge system of “Oasis 1.0”.

“Oasis” now has 8 modes, and all modes are based on dozens of classic game ip, is to provide all players with a rich enough gaming experience.

For those players who missed some games because of their personal preferences, in “Oasis”, they are randomly arranged in a certain mode, maybe they can also get some new game experience.

Even for the hardcore fans of Thunderbolt Studio who are experienced in the game, they can also get a lot of surprises in “Oasis”.

“Undercover mode” not only exists in “Dark Souls”, but also has made corresponding gameplay in “Bloodborne”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “God of War” and other games.

Players are delving into the different play styles of this mode for adventurer and undercover, apart from this, and more game modes are waiting for players to dig.

The single-player adventure mode and multi-player adventure mode require players to clear a certain level. The game itself may be based on any action or horror game. The monsters and game values ​​in the game will be greatly adjusted to allow players to get new Gaming experience.

Among them, the multiplayer adventure mode also needs to consider collaborating with teammates. For example, in the world of “Silent Hill” where the script is completely changed, how do you complete the adventure?

Is it going to follow a great god who looks very reliable, or split up and act independently so as not to be given a nest by the monster?

In the multiplayer adventure mode, if one person clears the customs, the whole team can get the clearance income. It’s just that when you act alone in a horror game, everyone knows the consequences…

In survival mode, all players have to do is to make every effort to find an optimal defensive position, and then survive the waves of monsters.

For example, in the multiplayer survival mode of “The Last of Us”, players must initially assassinate a safe area on a huge map, and strictly guard the safe area.

Of course, you can also shoot in the early stage, but if you take responsibility for the consequences, if you trigger a zombie tide, you can only pray for your marksmanship to be accurate.

After finding the safe area, players will face wave after wave of zombie, which can kill zombie with silent weapons such as bows, arrows, bricks, and daggers, and can also shoot in emergencies, but just do it in advance Attracted the preparation of a large number of followers.

“Uncharted” also has a similar survival mode, except that the enemy is not a zombie but a large number of mercenaries with live ammunition.

Moreover, the player has to continuously climb the rock wall, constantly looking for bunkers in the complicated terrain, and choose the position that is most beneficial to his battle.

The resources in the survival mode are strictly calculated, and the matching system is determined according to the player’s past performance, in order to determine the game difficulty and game settlement rewards.

In addition, some very special scenes have been incorporated into the survival mode, the most popular of which is the Seaside Mansion scene.

In the survival mode of Seaside Mansion, several players, Nuannuan, and Doge are trapped in the mansion, and must rely on the mansion to fight against the continuously enemies: the many fishmen and large crabs crawling out of the sea.

Players can use firearms, and Airdrop will regularly land on the beach, and they need to take risks to pick them up.

The monster’s attack methods are becoming more and more diversified. The crab is equivalent to a meat shield. It is easy to solve in the early stage. In the middle and late stages, their carapace becomes very hard, and they must use large-caliber bullets or even armor-piercing bullets.

The murlocs are complex, with harpoons assaulting, remote units that can throw 3 lances, murloc wise men who can buff all murlocs, and murloc mages who release spells.

The firearms that the players have are also very diverse. They have powerful heavy machine guns, a deadly sniper rifle, a 10000-gold semi-automatic rifle, mines and fragmented grenades…

Of course, the reason why this mode is popular is not because of these, but because players will fight side by side with Nuannuan in the very familiar scene of Seaside Mansion. This feeling seems to be inexplicably in Guarding Athena…

Of course, Nuannuan and Doge are not two npcs that only shiver coldly, these two are sometimes even more fierce than the players.

After all, it’s Battlemaster Nuannuan, often rushing into the monster heap without saying a word. Dragon Boxing beat the elite fishman leader in an attack badly with many teeth knocked out; Doge’s role is equally important, it can be when the player is dying When you come to pull the player up, you can also find out the fishmen barking in the defense and bark for warning. You can even cooperate with the player to kill some crispy fishmen.

So many players will be confused when they look at the fierce Nuannuan and Doge. Is this what we are protecting her or she is protecting us…

apart from this, Seaside Mansion scenes have also appeared in many different game modes, such as the survival scenes in horror mode.

In this horror mode scene, Seaside Mansion becomes a haunted house filled with at least ten more ghosts and ghosts.

Players must spend the night in the midnight thriller Seaside Mansion (2 hours in reality), and use their ingenuity to survive successfully.

In this scene, Nuannuan is a dead ghost, she is wearing a beautiful skirt and clothes, but her face is as pale as a dead man, and her lips are smeared with blood.

Li Gui Nuannuan will like the last player. If you make good use of it, she will be the key to players’ clearance. But note that Li Gui Nuanuan likes you after death…

And the most irritating thing is that the style of Li Gui Nuannuan was taken to the Nuannuan wardrobe and sold separately. The price is very conscience, but who dares to buy it is a problem, because there is a line of small characters on the prop description: “Wearing this dress will have You may see the ghost of Nuannuan in any game scene.”

There is also a competitive battlefield mode, which may be single-player or multiplayer.

There are many weapons available to players, some are cold weapon combat, some can use hot weapons, this feeling is more like the movie version of “Battle Royale”, maybe you got a fruit knife, and your opponent got it A submachine gun…

Of course, don’t be discouraged when you get a fruit knife, because there are a lot of materials and resources in the game that can be collected and used to make weapons or traps.

For example, in the competitive mode of “Monster Hunter”, learning how to properly use the habits of various monsters in the jungle will be of great benefit to your battle.

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