Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1147

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In addition, the response of the unfair competition model in the player group is also extremely enthusiastic.

The so-called unfair competition mode is actually like “dawn murderous intention”. The game itself is pvpppp, which is single-to-multiplayer, but single-player has obvious advantages in battle strength or Games Console system.

Chen Mo has already put “Dawn murderous intention” on the R&D alternative project, but it has not yet started.

In general, this unfair competition mode can be applied to many games, and for players, this game mode has a very unique attraction.

For example, in competitive games such as “League of Legends” and “Overwatch”, an unfair competitive mode can be opened. When a player controls the sledgehammer, the damage of blood volume, attack power, and e skills are greatly increased, while other players play Ordinary heroes, trying to escape from the hands of the sledgehammer, and trying to activate the map mechanism.

Of course, this mode must have a matching game map and gameplay mechanism to ensure the balance of this mode as much as possible, otherwise it is easy to cause the situation of “Butcher Player-1”.

The free exploration mode hides the specific winning conditions of the game in this game, and the player explores spontaneously.

For example, the same horror game “Outlast”, the player’s winning goal is no longer to follow the previously established route, but to find key clues in the huge giant mountain mental hospital.

If the player still plays the game according to the original route, he may find that there is a wandering fatty on his way, or the plot that should have been triggered is not triggered at all, and even the layout of the mental hospital has changed…

In a limited time, the player not only has to survive, but also enters into unknown rooms deadly, endures many terrifying door-opening kills, just to get a small note from the drawer or shelf, and tells the next step Clues.

Only if the player uses this clue to explore the next area with a purpose, can he finally find an exit from this area.

Of course, there are not so scary free exploration modes, such as “Assassin’s Creed” also has an exploration mode. Players do not need to be scared, but there are relatively high requirements for stealth and assassination skills. They must be stolen in a lot of Knights Templar enemies. Take key props, assassination by the way, in multiplayer mode also have to complete different mission goals.

The free exploration mode is the mode with the highest degree of freedom. Although it may not be as obvious as other modes, it is expensive enough to be loaded.

The last mode, the entertainment mode, is even more brain-opening. In addition to the mode of arranging players to play undercover, there are many game modes that will make players think “you mental illness”.

For example, the multiplayer “Getting Over It”, the biggest difference with the single player mode is that the player can use the sledgehammer to hook other players, and when the two connected players use the sledgehammer to exert force, the game will be unique The physics engine performs calculations and produces a series of uncontrollable consequences.

For example, if the first player hooks the cliff, and the second player hooks the first player, then the result of the first player throwing the sledgehammer may be to throw the second player out, or it may be the second player. Players dragged down…

As a result, “Getting Over It” instantly changed from a suffering game to an entertainment game. Players can collaborate with each other to clear customs more easily, or they can drag each other very shamelessly…

There is also a true God of War experience based on “God of War 4”, which can be attached to the son to experience how abnormal the bloodless mode is.

Of course, the most talked about player is the “out of sync mode” of “Assassin’s Creed”.

According to the setting of “Assassin’s Creed”, when the protagonist and the ancestor’s synchronization rate in reality is insufficient, a series of strange phenomena will appear, such as heaven, ground entry, soaring, ghost animals, taxiing, flat fall, crocodile walking upright, air Swimming, spiral flying, etc…

When players experience the asynchronous mode of “Assassin’s Creed”, no one knows what will happen to this strange world…

Some players are stunned, isn’t this a game bug?

But soon enthusiastic players explained: “No, this is of course not a bug! This is a game mode that SILENT deliberately made, and there are corresponding settings in the plot! It can be seen that these bugs are made intentionally, Visible SILENT like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies imagination!”

After many players have experienced the “go up to heaven or down to Hades Jackdaw”, they have said, SILENT, when will you come up with a fun naval battle game? The best is the kind that ships can go to heaven!

Flying Dutchman to understand?

Chen Mo happily said: “It’s easy to say, “Pirates of the Caribbean” has been added to the research and development plan…”


Players will soon be immersed in the new Oasis world, and they are full of praise for these brain-opening game modes.

In fact, this updated version of Oasis 1.0 is not only an integration of these super IPs in the past, but also an exploration of the multi-game world.

For players, they have never had such a gaming experience, so they all feel very novel.

It can be said that each of these big IPs is Pang Great World with a high degree of completion. It is a waste to just use them to show a story.

The classic characters and classic settings in it can actually be interpreted and interpreted repeatedly. When the classic ip and the new gameplay collide together, they will often shine a brilliant spark.

Integrate countless huge game worlds, let players play as each and everyone adventurer that shuttles time and space, turn Earth’s world into the main universe, and other game worlds into parallel universes around Earth, let the real world Can be highly integrated with the game world.

Even one day, it can make all players forget that these are games, and make them think that they are real things, so that the boundary between the real world and the game world is constantly blurred…

At that time, the game was considered to be the ultimate, which is what Chen Mo has been pursuing, and the future development direction of the game.

From the current point of view, “Oasis 1.0” is just a Platform that integrates various games, but in the near future, it will become a highly unified game world.

Players can shuttle through each and everyone Small World through Oasis, gain special abilities in these Small World, and make themselves into a unique and unmatched character, with unique combat capability.

Different players can cooperate with each other to complete each and everyone scripts by matching systems, and can even hold a ring game to determine the strongest players and set foot on the pinnacle of the entire game world.

For Chen Mo, this is not an empty fantasy, but a future within reach.

Maybe by that time, Oasis should be renamed the main god world?

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