Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1148

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Outside the window are blossoming white clouds, and the sky is blue as washed.

The plane flew very smoothly, and the red wine on the table was only slightly oscillating, and the ripples at the starting point did not have to worry about spilling.

Li Jingsi took a nap in the seat opposite, the sun shining on her soft side face, and her eyelashes were beautiful.

Chen Mo is looking at the screen of his virtual bracelet, not knowing what he is thinking.

Suddenly, the mobile phone on the table turned on, and Chen Mo picked it up and read it, a message from Little Fatty Zou Zhuo.

“Store Manager, you guys! Okay, let me arrange a character in “World of Warcraft”, how did you run away!”

Chen Mo has some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, replying: “When I said to arrange a role for you, it must be arranged, when did I SILENT pass by.”

Zou Zhuo: “You touch your conscience first when you speak…”

Chen Mo hehe smiled: “Relax, your character has been arranged for a long time, it is called Zhou Zhuo, it is a Pandaren, it will appear in the follow-up version of “World of Warcraft”, it will be a very important npc. And the players must like it especially You, I am definitely not lying.”

Zou Zhuo will be suspicious: “Is it true? Then I will wait for your good news Store Manager! Having said that, what are you doing going out?”

Chen Mo replied: “A honeymoon, it’s very reasonable to get married and go abroad for a honeymoon. Didn’t you expect?”

Zou Zhuo: “Fuck, really didn’t expect! Once again wish you a happy wedding! What time is the plane?”

Chen Mo took a picture of Zou Zhuo’s outside cloud: “Already on the plane.”

Zou Zhuo was shocked: “Fuck, can I still play mobile phones on the plane? And there are signals?”

Chen Mo: “This is the wifi that comes with the plane.”

Zou Zhuo was even more shocked: “Fuck, so Awesome? Which airline is this, and the air ticket is expensive? WiFi is available for everyone in the plane, or is it only available in first class?”

Chen Mo: “A whole plane can be used, I am a private plane.”

Zou Zhuo: “…can’t talk anymore, goodbye!”

Little Fatty’s chat avatar instantly changed to a “do not disturb” state, which was obviously a very heavy blow…

Chen Mo laughed, continue looking towards the virtual screen of the bracelet.

The technology point has reached the 5th floor, and the emergence of deep sleep mode has caused a qualitative change in the Matrix game cabin, and also made “World of Warcraft” such a real time charging mmorpg game being reborn.

There are still 6 technology points on the 3th floor, but starting from the 6th floor, the difficulty of unlocking these technology points has increased exponentially. Even Chen Mo estimates that it will take a year or two to activate every time.

It’s also reasonable to think about it. Chen Mo is now almost at the top of the world’s gaming industry, and he can’t even find an opponent.

Every technological point in the future will be a major disruption to the game world of parallel world.

The 7 science and technology points on the 3th floor are described in 4 words, which is probably “horrible”.

[Virtual reality technology] Deep sleep mode (advanced version): The maximum time ratio in sleep mode is adjusted to 1:4, and the recommended game time in sleep mode is 6 hours.

Unlocking requirements: The total number of VR devices with neural connection technology reaches 1100000000 million.

[Artificial Intelligence Technology] Advanced artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence that fully surpasses human intelligence in the game world. At the same time, it comes with a portable smart system that every player can use freely.

Unlock demand: 50000 lottery opportunities.

[Hardware technology] Ultra-portable virtual reality device terminal: ultra-mini virtual reality device terminal, players can use this to freely shuttle the virtual world.

Unlock requirement: Activate deep sleep mode (advanced version) and use 150000 lottery opportunities in total.

Chen Mo was shocked, and he counted the following 0s carefully.

I’m not afraid to tease me…

1100000000 game cabins, need to consume 510000 lottery opportunities, cumulative use of 1510000 lottery opportunities…

Chen Mo felt like a big head…

What is the concept of 1100000000 game cabins, basically means that it will soon be closer to the popularity of personal computers and private cars.

The problem is that both computers and cars have practical uses, and they are basically a must-have for office and travel; the game cabin is pure entertainment equipment.

The lottery frequency also made Chen Mo look very big. This was 500 and 1000 before, and it jumped directly to the level of 510000 1010000…

Moreover, this is not the end of the technology tree, there is a 7th floor below…

Of course, too expensive is too expensive. In fact, these three technology points are really terrifying.

The advanced version of deep sleep mode, Time Flow Speed ​​of 1:4, the recommended sleep time of 6 hours per day, what does this mean?

This means that every day, every player can get an additional 24 hours of game time.

In other words, the player is almost experiencing 2 different lives. In the real 24 hours, normal work, rest, and handling household chores; in the virtual 24 hours, you can play anyone and complete any adventure.

Even for many players, the 24 hours in the virtual world will be more attractive, or they may think that the virtual world is the reality they want?

The advanced artificial intelligence technology provides technical support for Chen Mo to create a larger virtual world.

This advanced artificial intelligence technology can be regarded as “Heavenly Dao”, or a world rule. There are advanced artificial intelligence to manage, which can minimize the accidental errors of this World to the minimum, accidental unknown bugs can also be quickly repaired.

Under the management of advanced artificial intelligence, you can minimize the uncontrollable conditions that may occur in the virtual world. If there is a player breakthrough rule and you want to soar, you must first cross the tribulation here with advanced artificial intelligence.

The ultra-portable virtual reality terminal means that people can get rid of the huge game cabin, they can enter the virtual world at any free time and complete a short adventure.

For example, when taking the bus, taking the subway, taking a break at noon, etc., you can start a shorter virtual reality adventure.

Coupled with the portable intelligent system that comes with artificial intelligence, people’s lives will undergo changes in Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Of course, to unlock these technology points, it may be difficult to complete within 2 to 3 years.

Chen Mo also needs to continue to reduce the price of Matrix game cabin, increase sales, and create new games to collect more Merriment Value and Resentment Value, in order to promote the continuous rise of the technology tree.

“There is a long way to go.”

Chen Mo leaned on the seat and stretched. It seems that in the next few years, there are still things to be busy.

However, Chen Mo’s gaze unconsciously looked towards the last technology point.

The 7th floor has only one technology point, and it is currently locked. It is impossible to view the content within the body.

“What could it be?”

Chen Mo is also curious.

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