Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1149

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Witch King Arthas sits on top of Frozen Throne, while the Platform below, wearing gold armor and holding Ashbringer’s Elderly Fordring, has a firm look. In the eyes of all players, his image has never been so tall.

“I have been waiting for this day for a long time, playing piano for me. Are you and your allies ready to sanction Witch King? As long as you order, we will launch a charge to end the natural disaster Legion, and the entire Azeroth Nocturne! “

Zou Zhuo, wearing heavy armor, stood in front of Fordring: “We are ready, Lord! Let us fight for the fate of Azeroth world! For the light of dawn!”

Fordring held Ashbringer and walked towards Witch King step by step on Frozen Throne.

Everyone in the 25-person team feels that their heart is jumping straight in peng peng. This legendary level battle is about to begin. After so long, they finally came to Witch King.

Strangely speaking, these players have never experienced such an exciting feeling in real life or in games.

You know, Chen Mo has also produced a lot of magnificent and exciting masterpieces. The various big scenes are just like ordinary meals, with a variety of patterns and eye-catching.

But this time is different than ever.

Because of this battle, Chen Mo has been paving for too long and too long, and players have been waiting for too long and too long.

Ten years ago, “Warcraft” was born and Azeroth world appeared in front of players for the first time.

At the end of the game, Illidan and Arthas confronted Frozen Throne, and finally Arthas boarded Frozen Throne, which became 2 with Witch King.

Three years ago, “World of Warcraft” swept the world with unstoppable momentum, creating a miracle in the history of games.

This type of game that many people think has been eliminated by the times has revived in sleep mode and is regarded by many as another way of life.

Work and play as usual in the true world during the day, and enter the world of Azeroth at night to experience thrilling adventures again and again.

For ten years, players’ love for Azeroth has never declined, but the love has become deeper and deeper.

In the 3 years since the official launch of “World of Warcraft”, players have left too many beautiful memories in Azeroth world.

They once went deep into the heart of the molten fire, and the warriors went crazy for Thunderbolt’s wrath, the blessing sword of the wind chaser.

They once stepped into the Black Wings nest and had a deadly battle with Nefarian. Some people no longer have a brother because of a sword of brotherhood.

Alliance & Horde once worked together to open the door of the beetle, experienced the most unforgettable world event in the history of “World of Warcraft”, and then went deep into the temple of Ahn’Qiraj to experience the horror of the ancient god Kshun in a glance.

Afterwards, the Undead Scourge invaded, and the whole Azeroth was shrouded in the shadow of Naxxramas. Players worked hard to complete each and everyone’s almost impossible task, defeating The Four Horsemen, defeating Frost Wrym, and defeating Kel’Thuzad.

Every hunter remembers that the epic mission of this profession was to be completed at that time. This almost impossible task made many hunters crazy, but also let the hunters at that time practice the extremely skilled kite technology. .

For pastors, the epic task of this profession is also unforgettable. In the process of the task, it also needs to experience countless self-doubts and encouragement. In the mission, the priests have to play their natural duties of saving lives and helping the wounded, which is a major test of the treatment methods.

The epic staff obtained at the end can be switched freely in the two forms of sacred “Blessing” and Shadow “Curse”, which is not the same as “The Light Will Not Tell You” written by Shadow Priest Orest “Things” has also become a topic talked about by pastors.

“Burning Crusade” opened, the players crossed Beyond the Dark Portal for the first time and came to the world outside of Azeroth.

When they first stepped on the Hellfire Peninsula and entered the Hellfire Citadel, what they got was an unprecedented novelty.

The addition of two new races, Delaney and Blood Elves, changed the demographic structure of Alliance & Horde, but the players’ adventures will never change.

They came to the picturesque Nagrand and to Orc’s hometown; they also set foot on Blade’s Edge Mountain and Shadowmoon Valley, and Illidan was waiting for them in the Dark God Palace.

For many players, Karazhan is an unforgettable experience. This 10-player copy allows overwhelming majority players to experience the unique boss gameplay of the war horse, opera house and chess dropped by the hunter Atumen, which allows many players Relish.

In Panya Reservoir, players crossed the invisible bridge and came to Ms. Vashj. Another hero in Warcraft fell under the sword of the foot men.

Players defeated Kael’thas, defeated Illidan, who was transformed into a demon, and conquered Storm Fortress and Dark God Palace.

Kael’thas’s Anivia and Illidan’s Azzinoth have become the reasons for players to fight in the game day after day.

With the opening of “Wrath of the Lich King”, the story of “World of Warcraft” finally reached Peak.

Why are players so excited when they step on Frozen Throne?

Probably because they waited for this day and really waited too long.

From the moment you set foot in Northrend, the blood that has been deposited in the players for ten years has been awakened again. Every unremarkable corner of this place can remind players of the past that was once unforgettable.

In the story at first, Alliance & Horde’s coalition forces suffered a setback at the Gate of Condemnation. Two leaders, Horde’s Saurfang Jr. and Alliance’s Duke Bolvar, were killed in battle and one was captured. Alliance & Horde suspected each other. In the face of the powerful Witch King, it seems that the defeat is set.

However, everything went wrong when the gang of Knights trained by Witch King tried to attack the Holy Light Chapel.

Witch King, Frostmourne.

Fordring, Ashbringer.

These names, which make players familiar with each other, come together to become an immortal Legendary.

At this time, the players finally understood the meaning of the stories that took years to lay.

Players saw the entire birth process of Ashbringer in the Old Hillsbrad Foothills of the Caverns of Time.

Players know that the original Ashbringer was betrayed by his son and became a Death Knight. Falbanks, who witnessed the truth, was also imprisoned in the Dao Academy of Scarlet Cult.

After defeating The Four Horsemen to obtain the fallen Ashbringer, players can enter the Dao Academy of Scarlet and see the efforts of Darian Mograine to save the soul of father.

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