Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1150

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The Fordring Lord is also the Old Acquaintance of the players.

This Legendary Paladin was exiled by his motherland because of his friendship with an Orc warrior. When talking with his son Taelan, he said that well-known sentence: “Race does not represent Honor, people should not judge lightly about their different existence.”

The old Fordring was hiding in the plagueland and was feeding on the scavengers. He saw his son Tyran joined the Scarlet Crusade, and gradually lost himself, hoping to use some souvenirs to wake up the son who has become a puppet and make him heavy Burn Paladin’s will.

When the players brought the paintings of the Toy Warhammer, the glorious battle flag of the Silver Hand, love and family to Tyran, the lord of the Scarlet Crusade read Fordring’s autograph and burst into tears.

However, Tyran was killed by Ethan Lien on the way out, and the Fordring, who lost his beloved son, was completely restored by the Holy Light Power lost due to the Eitrigg incident. He vowed to bring a new order to Lordaeron.

In the battle of the Holy Light Hope Chapel, Witch King ordered Death Knight Lord Darion Mograine to lead the Acherus Death Knight regiment and the Scourge Legion to attack the chapel, attempting to obtain the remains of 3000 Paladin heroes under the chapel. It turned into Undead forces.

At the time of crisis, Darian threw the fallen Ashbringer to Fordring. With the help of the 3000 Paladin heroes under the chapel, Fordring used Holy Light Power to purify the fallen weapon, and the legendary weapon Ashbringer was reborn.

At this point, the Silver Hand and Argent Dawn merged to form the Silver Northern Expeditionary Force, Fordring became the lord, and also became the true leader of the Witch King.

In biting-cold wind in Northrend, the players battled together with the Silver Northern Expeditionary Army. Starting from the keel wilderness, the players recalled the entire process of Arthas’ depravity, participated in the trials of the Crusader, and finally entered the ashes Icecrown Citadel, all the way through the thorns, finally came to Witch King.

Grass snake gray line, ambushing 1000 miles.

The battle with Witch King’s Peak started its layout as early as ten years ago, and the clues throughout “Warcraft” and “World of Warcraft” have always been there. The heroes of each and everyone finally hit the most intense spark on Frozen Throne. .


“Warriors, attack!!”

Lord Tirion · Fordring waved Ashbringer and rushed up, but the next second, he was frozen in the ice grave by Witch King.

For this scene, Zou Zhuo, they have seen the strange, not wasteland, Witch King countless times, the old Fordring has also been frozen countless times.

Players began to skillfully follow the established strategy to start the battle with Witch King.

Although it has been experienced in numerous copies of the team, but to defeat the powerful Witch King, it still requires a long wasteland and unremitting efforts.

25 people completed their tasks in an orderly manner. The tank focused on the mobs that were about to be refreshed, outputting occupations in the heart, meditation output loops, and hitting higher second injuries as much as possible. The treatment occupation focused on the bloodline of the whole group and teammates. Various debuffs on the body.

“Death gangrene, run to the scared beast, ready to disperse!”

“Parasitic! Discipline animal husbandry prepares a shield!”

“It’s time for a turn! After leaving the Central Region, everyone seized the time to find their place, the mirror was brushed, and the speed was pulled away!”

“Slightly spread the position to reduce the tortured damage… Hurry up and stop the ice ball, don’t let it come close!”

“3rd Stage, ready to fight Valkyrie! Catch people, save the mage first! Give control, ok, turn the fire!”

“There is still 3 seconds of black liquid! Fast, scattered, and the black liquid’s rocket shoes sprint, hurry up. Ok, very nice, it’s time to gather.”

“Be careful of the soul harvest, immediately change the taunt! Open the skill hard top, heal the skills, give me milk!”

“Okay, the fourth stage is very smooth, ready to enter the Fifth Rank section, speed is the priority to deal with evil souls! dk open the army, Knight open invincible and knock me off!”

“The bloodline of the whole regiment takes time to lift it up! Continue to pay close attention in close combat!”

“At the last stage, don’t care about anything, just dry the boss! Don’t care about anything, output the boss hard!”

“Oh, beautiful!”

Players are still desperately outputting, but it is already a happy laughter and cheerful voices.

“It’s over, Awesome !!”

“Wow, it’s not easy! We Guild finally got rid of Witch King!”

“Ha ha ha ha, too strong!”

However, at this moment Witch King lifted Frostmourne and killed the whole team.

A few players looked dumbfounded: “What happened to Fuck? The group is gone?”

The conductor explained: “No, it’s a normal plot, just watch the show.”

Witch King came to the center of Frozen Throne: “You trained them very well, Fordring, you brought the most powerful warriors in the world to me, this is just to my liking! Your silent sacrifice, you will get My testimonial!”

Frostmourne’s power began to erode the corpses of every player: “See it with your own eyes, I will change them from corpses to warriors of the Scourge Legion. !”

“I will enjoy this irony!”

But at this moment, the Fordring trapped in the ice grave suddenly loudly shouted: “Supreme’s holy light! Please bless me! Give me strength and help me break through these yoke!”

Fordring suddenly burst into infinite Holy Light Power, and instantly broke the ice grave. Ashbringer in his hand cut off Frostmourne directly!

Witch King looked at Frostmourne in his hand: “This…impossible…”

Lord Tirion · Fordring shouted: “It’s over, Arthas! Your life of cruelty is over today!”

Terenas Menethil shouted: “Finally free! It’s over, my son, it’s time to liquidate! Holy light warriors, get together!”

Players stood up again and launched their final attack on Witch King. Witch King, who lost Frostmourne, was fragile surrounded by countless injustices.

Witch King shouted in pain: “I’m like a lion in front of a flock, but they don’t fear me!”

At the moment Witch King fell down, 2 huge achievement panels popped up in everyone’s field of vision:

[The Frozen Throne (25 player)]!

[The fall of Monster King (25 players)]!

At the same time, a row of achievements popped up on the Guild channel to complete the screen refresh, and other Guild members also sent congratulations.

“Wow! Kill Witch King? Awesome Awesome!”

“Seriously, the wasteland has been destroyed for so long!”

Arthas fell to the ground, his helmet rolled away, and the broken Frostmourne lost his strength.

The familiar melody sounded, it was a sad elegy.

Arthas desperately wants to stand up, but everything is in vain, the soul of the old king Terenas comes to him, the blue rays of light in Arthas eyes gradually disperse…

“Father, is everything… is it over?” Arthas asked, looking at his father’s soul.

The old king said quietly: “The kingship has no eternity, my son.”

Arthas’ eyes were filled with confusion and despair: “My eyes are only… a dark…”

Old King Terenas closed his eyes for Arthas and said to Fordring: “Without the control of Witch King, the Scourge Legion will be more crazy and unstoppable. You must maintain control of them, so there must be one, Witch King…”

Watching the old king’s dissipated soul, Fordring picked up the Witch King helmet on the ground.

“This heavy burden, let me carry it… No one is better than me…”

At this moment, a voice shouted: “Tirion! You are holding a cruel destiny, but that does not belong to you!”

Fordring looked back in amazement. He found that Duke Bolvar, who was constantly tortured by Witch King, had become unrecognizable. The fire of the giant dragon was burning his body continuously, but he was still alive.

“The world of the living has disgusted me, put the crown on my head, this curse will be guarded by me!”

“Tirion! You, these heroes, and your own destiny, and this last mission will be done by me!”

Fordring looks complex: “History will always remember you, brother.”

Duke Bolvar shook his head: “No! If the world wants to be reborn in destruction, everything that happened today must be forgotten!”

Fordring’s face was full of pain, and he put Witch King’s crown on Duke Bolvar’s head.

Frost rose, freezing Duke Bolvar in the ice grave.

“Tell them, Witch King is dead! Perval Futagan perish with them!”

“Go, leave here and never come back!”

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