Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1151

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Start with a hero and end with a hero.

No one thought of the final outcome. It was Duke Bolvar who took over the burden from Fordring.

Everyone didn’t expect this Old Friend, but he will usher in such a cruel fate.

He used to be the Regent King of Stormwind City, the Grand Duke, the chief of the fearless expeditionary army, and the commander of the Alliance Seventh Army.

He was in danger, assisted by Prince Anduin, who succeeded to the throne, but was also fooled by Onyxia. It was not until the appearance of Marshal Windsor that he woke up and launched an expedition to the Black Dragon Princess.

He led the fearless expeditionary army without hesitation, embarking on the journey of the gate of condemnation, but was defeated by ambush.

Witch King brought the surviving Duke Bolvar back to Icecrown Citadel and wanted to transform him into Death Knight. However, Bolvar’s firm will never tortured him anymore.

In the end, he took the helmet of Witch King. He can no longer be the leader that everyone follows, but he is destined to become an immortal hero, remembered by all players.

At this point, the story of Witch King finally ushered in the final call.



Three years have passed since the launch of “World of Warcraft”, and this game has also been loved by 3 million players.

This unprecedented work is almost unknowable and known to everyone. From the beginning, it has been in a state of continuous update, and the new content that is constantly being launched, let players always dream of the soul, Excited.

For such a game, there is no need for any rating or evaluation. It is regarded as the Peak’s Peak Designer Chen Mo’s work. Perhaps in many years to come, even Chen Mo himself, it will be difficult to develop beyond this. game.

After all, how many games did Chen Mo spend ten years laying on?

But this does not mean that players have no new expectations, because “Oasis 2.0” will be online soon.

In the new Oasis world, players will be able to obtain a huge virtual Earth, which is created based on the actual Earth in the New World.

With this as the center, players can freely shuttle between different parallel universes to embark on a single or multiplayer adventure.

So far, there are more than 5000 different game units in “Oasis”, and it is still continuously increasing.

For many players, they may not be able to play all the games in Oasis for the rest of their lives.

Moreover, with the advanced by leaps and bounds of virtual reality technology, people’s lives are undergoing changes in Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

After continuous discounts and price reductions, the price of the Matrix game cabin has been reduced to an unprecedented 2 yuan, and the time ratio of sleep mode has changed from 10000:1 to 2:1.

In other words, each player can use the 6 hours of sleep time in reality to switch to 24 hours of game time.

Every player has 2 lives.

It is also because of the low price and ultra-high cost-effective sleep mode that the Matrix game cabin has become a necessity for almost every family, with global sales breaking 500010000, breaking 1100000000 million, and quickly moving towards 2100000000.

Even for many families who are not wealthy, the demand for Matrix game cabin has already been ranked in front of personal computers and private cars.

For the rich, the Matrix game cabin is no longer a symbol of wealth, and they have begun to pursue a new virtual reality device: the latest Matrix Glasses.

Matrix Glasses are becoming more and more compact, but the functions are getting more and more abundant. Some people even speculate that in the near future, Matrix Glasses can replace the Matrix game cabin, and have both vr and ar2 functions, taking players to enjoy the mixed reality game world.

Even at that time, it is hard to say whether Matrix Glasses is Glass or not. Maybe it will become a small circle. As long as it is posted on its temple, it can be shuttled to different fantasy worlds at will.

Games are profoundly changing the social structure of the entire world, and are also changing many deep-rooted concepts.

More and more people begin to think of games as a special way of life, as another world, another reality, rather than just some kind of entertainment.

More and more people regard the content of the game as a chat after dinner.

More and more people have gained another status besides the status of students, freelancers, code farmers, teachers, workers, etc.: gamers.

Last year, there were already 3 Thunderbolt Studio theme parks in Shanghai, Neon, and Beacon countries. Although more and more people prefer to venture in the virtual world, there are also many big cities in the whole world who hope to pass this large-scale Theme park to enhance their appeal to tourists.

The role of each and everyone on the Thunderbolt Gaming Platform has become a cultural symbol and is deeply embedded in the hearts of every player in the world.

The headquarters of Thunderbolt Studio will soon become the Holy Land of players in mind. Everyday will welcome a large number of tourists to visit.

Many teenagers come to the headquarters of Thunderbolt Studio, just like the first time they came to the amusement park, so dizzy that they don’t know where to look.

On the first floor of the hall, a middle age person with divine poise and sagelike features is holding the hand of a tourist very kindly and wants to tell her fortune: “This big sister, what thing are you?”

“Hey, big sister, I will tell you what you are doing, kick me? Security, security!”

Several tourists are taking pictures of the statues of various game characters in the hall, and they are still asking how they can be sold.

Jia Peng, Wen Lingwei and Chang Xiuya are around a twister in the hall.

Wen Lingwei is very speechless: “How many times do you have to try to realize that you are really a non-chief?”

Jia Peng said without hesitation: “This gashapon machine is newly bought, I really still have a chance, you believe me!”

A player sitting on the sofa resting on the phone suddenly rang. He was shivered and immediately took out his phone to start a crazy operation.

After one minute, the player yelled: “Fuck, it’s gone in the blink of an eye again? Zhou Jiangping your uncle’s!! Your women’s promise is not even counted, ah??”

In the office, Su Jinyu was throwing Thunderbolt at several executives: “I said that buying fruit is for you to buy a mobile phone for fruit. Who asked you to buy me the company?”

An executive tried to struggle: “Well, the fruit company is a newly emerging company. We all agree that it has good development prospects in the mobile phone industry, and didn’t expect you just want to buy a mobile phone… President Chen, isn’t he satisfied with the acquisition…”

Su Jinyu glared: “You can’t cover your mistakes when you move out! Go back and pass me 3 times the new horror game “Resident Evil”, let your personal artificial intelligence record and report to me!”

A young female assistant was outside the Conference Hall. She wanted to come in, but after seeing this battle, she decided to slip away, and was immediately stopped by Su Jinyu.

“Don’t leave first, has the plan been changed?”

The female assistant came in timidly and handed the plan to Su Jinyu.

Su Jinyu flipped through it quickly: “Well, it’s well written. But it has to be rewritten.”

Female assistant: “???”

In another office, Qian Kun was screaming very helplessly: “Why are you scolding me again! This top up money event is clearly requested by the Store Manager himself! Why don’t these players listen to me explain?”

“Okay, don’t blame me against the real against society. I will add ten more games at half price this week, no, 30! I want to see how many hands you can still chop, hum…”

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