Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1152

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In the internal employee lounge, an interview with station c is playing on the TV screen.

“Lin Xue is an anchor on the Moyu Streaming Platform. For her, who has studied at a first-class university in China and is a schoolmaster through through childhood, choosing such a career makes many people feel incredible.”

“To this day, she has worked hard in the Live Stream industry for more than ten years, and many young anchors have to honor her as Senior. Live Stream, which she hosts, has several millions of people online every day, which can already be called Is a network leader that cannot be ignored.”

“However, Lin Xue always believes that as a host, she should infect players with positive energy. In Live Stream, she insists on using civilized language and will never make any behavior that will mislead the audience. Sometimes she will also act as an intimate elder. sister, to interpret the emotional issues for the players who wrote the letter.”

“As a clear stream in the Live Stream world, Lin Xue also has her own views on the development of the Live Stream industry. In an exclusive interview ten years ago, she believed that billowing waves washing the sand and good content would definitely stand out, and now, She is step by step to achieve her goal, using her Live Stream to move more audiences…”

Outside the Chairman’s office, Han Lu was nervously reciting the outline of the interview, and secretly wondered while carrying his back: “Strange, no matter how many times Chen Mo is interviewed, how can there be an ominous hunch every time…”

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the hall, and many players gathered around.

An unknown player crowded into the crowd and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Someone explained: “You didn’t watch those 2 big anchors, is Grandpa Qin playing against the old p? Everyone is watching on the Live Stream Platform, we are watching it on the spot, but this is the real live stream!”

Unknown players are puzzled: “Fuck, what are they comparing?”

The passerby explained: “They are in the game, they randomly enter 2 game cabins, and then randomly choose a Thunderbolt Studio game, which is faster than the half-hour who’s clearance! If you lose, hey, see the table over there Are those 2 boxes of beer lost? Blow one bottle at a time…”

Players sucked in a breath of cold air: “Fuck, are big anchors with heads and faces, as for this fight…”

The passer-by hehe smiled: “They only drank 5 6 bottles of beer in total, and have already received at least 2 rockets… Poverty limits your imagination!”



The Nexus burst and two characters “Victory” appeared on the screen.

A 2-year-old baby doll clapped his hands with a smile, and took the phone to show Li Jingsi, as if to show off his record.

Li Jingsi smiled and hugged her: “The baby is so good! Won again!”

Chen Mo scratched his head very badly. He was already able to play “Honor of Kings” at the age of two and a half. What’s so special about growing up?

Having said that, I really never know who your teammate in “Honor of Kings” is…

Although it’s nice to have a girl, it’s a girl who loves to play games, so she’s grown up and doesn’t want to wash the entire anchor circle…

Suddenly, the phone on the table was lit up, a message from Little Fatty.

“Store Manager! Okay, my character! What about my Pandaren Zhou Zhuo? I have waited for 3 years! When you promised me, I haven’t even played Nefarian, and now Witch King has been beaten by me. It’s working!!”

Chen Mo hehe smiled: “Don’t worry, there will be 2 more versions.”

Zou Zhuo was shocked at the time: “Fuck, 3 years and 3 years, 3 years and 3 years, how long do I have to wait!”

Chen Mo: “Hehe, what’s this, after all, it’s a custom character, as far as we are friends, I definitely can’t just make a role for you, right, I have to make you a whole Pandaria continent, you think, make one The entire expansion piece plus a whole continent, which can be done by saying that.”

Zou Zhuo was silent for a long time: “It seems to make sense. Okay, then I will be patient and so on.”

Chen Mo suddenly thought of something: “Hey, isn’t it today on Wednesday 3, you are not on Live Stream…you are a pigeon again???”

Zou Zhuo: “cough cough, only 2 pigeons from Monday to now. It is completely within the psychological tolerance of my audience. Rest assured.”

Chen Mo was shocked by Little Fatty’s shameless: “Monday to now, you have had 3 pigeons in 2 days, which is still within the audience’s psychological tolerance? Your audience probably gives you incense?”

Zou Zhuo: “Aiya, my wife is about to give birth and I’m going to the hospital. Let’s talk back! By the way, let’s talk about the team first, and wait for my child’s life to come out, whether it is a boy or a girl, you and your baby team Teams play games!”

Chen Mo said: “Then I can’t promise you, when the time comes I have to ask my daughter what she meant, 10000 if she dislikes your baby too much?”

Zou Zhuo: “mmp! Goodbye!”

Seeing the baby open another game, Li Jingsi took the next magazine: “Where is the latest issue of Time Weekly?”

Chen Mo waved his hand: “Isn’t it just taking another cover character, it’s all basic operation, throw it away.”

“That won’t work, I’ll put it away for you.”

Li Jingsi finished, holding this latest issue of Time Weekly, I don’t know where to save it.

Chen Mo laughed, looked towards his left hand virtual bracelet.

After three years of development, Matrix’s game cabin sales have been increasing, and the continuous expansion of the player group and the continuous extension of the player’s game time have also given him more and more lottery opportunities.

The 6 technology points of the 3th floor have all been unlocked.

There is only one technology point on the 7th floor, and Chen Mo clicked silently to display specific instructions.

Memory blocker: When the player enters the virtual reality device, he can block his memory in the real world, and automatically write the memory planned by the program in the virtual world.

Chen Mo was stunned for a moment. The technology point of his didn’t expect 7th floor turned out to be this.

The memory mask means that after entering the virtual world, the player will completely forget all his memories in real life, and then believe that he is an aboriginal living in the virtual world.

Obviously, this is the last step of the immersive improvement of the immersion of the virtual world. It will allow players to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world without having to worry about any troubles in reality.

Take a5 as an example. After entering the game, players will consider themselves to be Mike. Once a thief, they are now retired and are experiencing a middle-aged crisis.

In “Silent Hill”, players will think of themselves as James and must find his wife Mary.

Of course, if you want to make good use of this technology point, you also need to make many restrictions on the gameplay, such as the player will be forced to wake up under certain circumstances, and so on.

However, these are not what Chen Mo has to consider now, because the unlocking condition of this thing is: the total number of Matrix game cabin players reaches 30100000000.

“It’s a very nonsense unlocking condition…” Chen Mo shook the head very speechlessly.

At this moment, he blinked, wondering if he had seen something wrong.

When I clicked on the 7th floor technology point just now, he vaguely saw that there was a slightly untraceable line leading to the bottom.

There are hidden, more advanced technology points?

But if you look closely, the line seems to be missing again, and the 7th floor is the last layer of technology.

At this moment, assistant Lin Xiao knocked on the door and said: “President Chen, Thunderbolt Studio’s documentary has been cut almost, but the director said that it seems that there are still shortcomings in the end, and I want you to finally tell the players 2 sentences to the end. “


Chen Mo followed Lin Xiao to the studio inside the headquarters, changed formal clothes, put on makeup, and sat in front of the camera.


Chen Mo looked at the camera and was at a loss.

1000 words and 10000 words are in your mouth, but you can’t say a word.

Others were obviously stunned. Didn’t expect the silly SILENT, who has always been a clever tongue, even would be poor in front of the camera.

Silence for a moment.

Chen Mo lifts the head, said with a faint smile: “Thank you guys, come and play my game.”

(The main story line is over, and this speech will be completed later)

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