Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1153

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Alert rings.

Chen Mo took one shot and turned it off accurately.

“It turned out to be a nightmare. The system suddenly turned into a big boss and enslaved all mankind. As a result, I led mankind to struggle hard…”

“What a special plot is too vulgar. I must have wanted to be the Terminator last night. I think about it every day and dream about it at night…”

Chen Mo yawned, took the cup at the head of the bed, and drank.

The curtains opened automatically and the dazzling sunlight entered, and Jarvis began to broadcast today’s weather with a very calm voice.

“Capital City’s weather is fine today, with a maximum temperature of 33 degrees, a minimum temperature of 25 degrees, a somatosensory temperature of 47 degrees, air quality: excellent, humidity 43%, Dongfeng Level 2, strong UV, heat index: hot into a dog.”

Chen Mo sat up reluctantly: “Why as a local tyrant, I have to go out in this weather? Who can tell me?”

He looked at the side, Li Jingsi had already awoke long ago, and is probably making breakfast.

Jarvis replied: “Probably because…you hosted the final game today?”

Chen Mo’s expression of mmp: “Stop talking, just talk more.”

Jarvis was very wronged: “You asked first.”

Chen Mo: “…I think it is necessary to study a version 2.0 of artificial intelligence. What do you think of it as Kivis.”

Jarvis: “(=´口`=)”

After washing and going to the restaurant, the breakfast was ready.

Chen Mo casually ate 2 slices of bread and looked at his watch: “I’m leaving.”

Li Jingsi frowned: “So early? Who will decide the time of this pit father.”

Chen Mo: “…myself.”

Li Jingsi: “…”

Chen Mo said helplessly: “The sweat that goes out on such a hot day, think about it is the water that my brain entered.”

Li Jingsi laughed and asked while drinking coffee: “So, should I comment on the finals today? It seems that the theme of this competition is a horror game?”

Chen Mo nodded: “Yes, it’s a horror game. But the last time I saw the demo of the contestants, it seemed that there was nothing that really caught my eye.”

Li Jingsi laughed: “It’s too demanding to make your eyes shine.”

Chen Mo was full and drank, and stood up: “I’m out of the house, I can only come back at night, I don’t have to wait for me for lunch.”

As soon as I went out, I felt that Jarvis said that the body temperature of 47 degrees is not a false report.

Fortunately, the front foot went out, and the rear foot entered the car. The heating time was less than one minute.

Came to the headquarters of Thunderbolt Studio, took the employee elevator directly from the underground parking lot to the inside, then bumped the head of the staff, prepared it, and went to the main venue.

The main venue of the Game Design contest is at the headquarters of Thunderbolt Studio. This Game Design contest has delivered a lot of excellent Designers to Thunderbolt Studio. Many Designers are already participating in the research and development of “Oasis”.

For many youngsters who are interested in entering the game industry, this Game Design contest has become the most important thing every year, even exceeding the recruitment fairs of all multinational companies.

The Game Design competition hosted by Thunderbolt Studio is held twice a year, and is aimed at fresh students and outstanding Designers with professional experience, adopting different assessment standards.

This design competition is for the corresponding students, which is the graduation season in July. I have to say that the weather at this time reminded Chen Mo of the afternoon he had just graduated from the Game Design competition many years ago.

Chen Mo suddenly remembered why he set the time so early, it turned out that he was afraid of heat…

At that time, I thought that if the opening time of the design competition was set at 8 o’clock in the morning, it would not be as hot as before.

Now think about it, this idea is really stupid.

As for why Chen Mo made this kind of mistake? Obviously because his work for a long time was 10 Points before going to work, I don’t know that in Capital City, 8 is also so hot…

Now that the design competition has entered the final stage, these fresh graduates, or prospective designers, have been busy preparing for the final works for a week.

During this week, they all stayed in hotels in the vicinity. During the day, they came to the competition venue specially prepared by Thunderbolt Studio headquarters to make their own games with officially prepared editors and materials.

Today is the time for the awards to be announced. Whether or not they will be favored by the judges of the design competition will directly determine whether these prospective designers can step into the game industry and obtain a high starting point.

Some particularly excellent Designers even have the opportunity to join the development of “Oasis”, which is a thing that can be played for a lifetime for everyone.

game introduction.

Audience demo.

Jury comment.

The theme of this Game Design contest is a horror game, so the official preparation materials are mainly horror games.

Various face looks sinister’s deformed rare beast, ghosts, scary scenes, a lot of plasma, and many music sound effects that can make people’s san value crazy for a long time…

Designers are free to use.

This is the same for every design competition, and the art materials are very rich. Designers don’t need to worry about hitting the art from the art library. The range of options is very wide.

Such an effect is also immediate. Today’s design contest finals, it feels obvious that the number of spectators on the scene is less than a half…

The large screen is introducing the works of various participating Designers. The location of the material is also myriad, including schools, hospitals, cemeteries, ghost houses, waste capital, etc. As a result, the audience on the scene was scared to the point of shivering, and I don’t know what to experience. The game is ready.

The type of game is still the traditional form of vr game, which is the kind of consciousness signal. There is no need to prepare so many bulky vr game cabins, just use the latest Matrix Glasses to experience it.

Although there is no somatosensory and neural connection is the disadvantage of traditional vr, but for the players on the scene, this should be considered a good thing.

Entering the experience stage of the audience, I heard the screams of the audience one after another. Many audiences took off their helmets after playing for a while, and they were obviously frightened.

Chen Mo is also wearing a helmet experience, silently starting from the first game, get all the entries through.

Then there is the stage of player voting, data analysis and judge evaluation.

Player evaluation and voting are mainly in two aspects, one is the startle index of this game, and 2 is how the quality of this game is.

The data analysis is based on the data collected by Matrix Glasses to perform Support analysis, such as: the average length of the player in the game, the startle index, the change in mood swings, and so on.

Whether the horror game is good or not, a very important factor is the creation of the atmosphere and the control of the player’s emotions, which can be shown through the data.

In other words, players have no pressure to play from beginning to end, or players are scared away as soon as they come in. This is not a good horror game.

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